A Crush To Remember

A Crush To Remember

Oleh:  Aini Wirjosemito  On going
Bahasa: English
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Simone King An innocent, kind, sweet, honest, 19 year old girl. Who has a crush on a boy since she was 15 years old. She always has a smile on her face even though she's broken inside. Her smile would always brighten up your mood. He never noticed her, until one day. Or so she thought. Andrew Knight. A 20 year old badboy. The son of a multi-milionaire. A playboy who changes girls every week like he changes his clothes. Every boy wants to be like him and every girl wants to be with him. He's got the looks every girl dreamed of. But his eyes sets on only one 'weird' girl. What will happen when a good girl's world and a bad boy's world collide? Will they end up thogether? Or will they part ways? Find more about these two.

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Chapter 1 The Crush
 'Simone pov'Second day of school and I already have so much homework. Who does that, like seriously. I guess my school. Ugh...I don't even want to be here.My name is Simone King. I'm 19 years old. I love to read books. I'm a pretty boring girl. But that's who I am. I am myself at least.I always lived comfortable. My parents weren't rich nor poor. So we used to live comfortable. Yes used to live.My parents died in an car accident when I was little. So at the age of six I had no mom and dad. I lived through hell after that day.After my parents died, I lived with my 'aunt' Karen and her daughter Bianca. She wasn't nice
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Chapter 2 The Fight
   'Simone pov'"Look who we have here, the nerd". The girl said. I hate her so much. Amy hates her gut. She's on the popular side. Everybody wants her body. If you know what I mean.Genevra Gonzales, is the name. She can destroy you in just snap of her fingers. Ofcourse she can, her dad owns hotels. So she's one of those snobby rich bitch.Andrew was beside her holding her hand like couples do. Bruh...they ain't even a couple. Maybe she forced him? Haha.But I can't blame him. Because that's his type. Yuck! My heart clenched seeing those two holding hands. But I ignored it.
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Chapter 3 The Fight (2)
 'Simone pov''Beep beep beep...'. I woke up by the sound of my alarm. Whyyyyy do I have to cut my dream off. Stupid alarm.Uhg I had a beautiful dream and the alarm had to ruin it. I dreamed about getting married and having children. It was beautiful but I couldn't see who my husband was. His face was blurry.Stepping out of bed I went to take a shower. A long long shower. A hot one too.After I showered I put on a blue Levi's jeans and a grey hoodie. As usual jeans and hoodie.I went to the kitchen to make breakfast and waited for Amy. 'What's taking her so long?'. I thought.Go
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Chapter 4 The Deal
 'Andrew pov'That day when I saw Simone beside her locker with her bestfriend Amy. I felt something that I never felt before. Something told me to go to her.That's why I walked up to her. Because I wanted to ask her to help me math. Is that the only reason? Yes...I mean no...ugh Idk. I promised my dad, Samuel Knight that I will pass the test.I want a new car that's why I promised my dad. So I have to do what I gotta do. But it didn't turn out good. And i'm not going to give up.My dad Samuel Knight. He owns hotels all over the world. So basically i'm the son of multi-milionaire.Entering the school entrance with my baby, audi r8, I saw t
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Chapter 5 Party Night
 'Andrew pov'The next day I woke up in some room that i find too girly. I felt a hand wrapped around my waist.I looked down and saw Genevra. I started to feel disgust. Not happy after a good fuck? I'm always happy after sex. But not anymore. I don't know what's happening to me the last couple of days.So I did the first thing that came in my mind. Stepping out of bed, I wore my clothes without making any noises. I tried to be as silent as possible.After I wore my clothes I looked around the room. Everything is pink. Ugh too girly for my liking. I like the color black.I went out of the room without making any noises. I step
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Chapter 6 At The Club
 'Andrew pov' I woke up with a hand draped over my waist. I looked to my side to see the girl from last night. I instantly felt disgusting. I just wanted to forget Simone but I can't. The good thing is today is saturday. I felt a hand making patterns on my bare chest. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at her with cold eyes. Stepping out of her bed, I wore my clothes from yesterday. I didn't care if I was naked in front of her. She looked at me angry and was about to say something. But I already walked out the door. Ugh. These days when I'm hailing sex, i'm not satisfied. When I went to my apartment. I remembered the hurt look on Simone. No she's just like any other girl Andrew. Goldigger, after your money.  But something inside me wanted to bring her c
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Chapter 7 He Stood Me Up
'Simone pov'   I woke up with the sound of my phone ringing. I looked at the time and saw it was 7 o'clock.   Who is calling at this time. It's so early in the morning. Answering the phone without looking who it was.   "Hello". I said sleeply.   "Good morning babe". Said a husky voice. I looked at the phone and saw it was a private number. Who is this.   But then no body call me babe but Andrew. Well except Amy ofcourse but duh come on. It's a male's voice. Not so sure if it's really him. So i decided to ask.   "Who is this". I asked totally awake now.   "It's Andrew". He said. Ooh I already know. Wait where did he get my number.   "Oooh. Where did you get my number". I asked curiously.   "I have my ways babe". He said. Rolling my eyes although he can't see me.   "So why did y
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Chapter 8 The Make Up Date
'Simone pov' I am currently looking through my clothes. Debating of what I should wear. I woke up in a good mood today. Hmm I wonder why Simone. I looked at the clock and it was seven o'clock. And I have an hour left to get ready. I looked at my reflection at the mirror. I'm not that ugly nor that beautiful. But i'm beautiful in my own way. That is what my parents always said to me. I was their princess. But they're not here anymore. I miss them so much. I didn't know I was crying untill a tear touched my cheek. Wiping my tears I went on looking for something to wear. Clothes after clothes. I looked back to my bed and saw my bed was stacked with clothes. So I decided to wear a long red dress. It had a slit on the right side that showed a little bit of skin. I told Amy today that i'm going out with Andrew and if she could drop me off at th
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Chapter 9 A Sneak Peak Of The Past
'Simone pov' Today I woke up in a good mood. I was smiling like crazy. Even Amy asked what made me smile like that. But I just smiled at her and shrugged. I really had fun yesterday with Andrew. And the way he acted was so different than he is when he is at school. Like he is showing me the other side of him. I learned more about him.  Yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss he gave me. I know it's just on the cheek but it means so much to me. You know that feeling when you have a crush on somebody for so long and suddenly that person kissed you. Then you feel sparks and butterfly in your stomach. That's what I felt when he kissed me. Right now i'm flipping pancakes and again with a smile on my face. I made shaped pancakes for me and Amy. 
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Chapter 10 The Threat
'Simone pov' I felt someone nudge me I looked to my side and saw it was Amy. I followed her gaze and saw she was looking to where I was looking. I looked back at them I felt my heart clenched. It hurts so much. I thought that he finally noticed me. But I was wrong. For four years i've been longing for his attention. For four years I loved him. But appearently he doesn't feel the same. It's time to stop! I did everything for him to notice me but every time I failed. So I stopped because it was not worth it. "Come on let's go babes". Amy said pulling at my arm. I nodded.  "I thought that he changed by the way you told me how he did yesterday. Kind and sweet. But appearently it doesn't look like that". Amy said. "I tried everything for him to notice me Amy. I don't know anymore what to do. What
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