Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace

Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace

By:  Shadowlord  Ongoing
Language: English
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Shi Tian's soul traveled to the fantasy world and occupied the body of a young body. A world filled of monsters, demons and super strong human, the danger was lurking everywhere. He awakened the sign-in system, and signed in every day and get rewards. He thought he would become an invincible master relying on system while enjoying his easy life, but fate didn't allow it, one after another problems started to appear disturbing his leisure life. ------------------------ Join Discord Server discord.gg/pZVsJWS ------------------------ Release Schedule: 8-12 chapters per week. ------------------------ DISCLAIMER: English isn't my native language, there's bound to be some errors here and there. The cover Is not mine.

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79 Chapters
Another world
"I am standing at the bus stand, where are you?""Just wait five minutes, I'm almost there.""Okay, baby, I'm waiting on the second platform, please come fast! Love you.""I love you, my angel. I am coming!"'Haha today, I'm going to have sex, I will remove the tag of virgin from my head.' A young boy laughed while placing his phone in his pocket as he walked on the street hastily almost running. He looked thrilled.His name was Shi Tian, slightly handsome body with tall and thin body structure, 23 years old, a normal college student.He has a good family, a retired army officer father, mom, three younger siblings, two brothers one sister. He has a beautiful girlfriend as well, her name was Su Mingxia. She lived in his neighborhood, and she was a beautiful and intelligent girl, both of them grow up together went to the same college to study.Today was a special day, today they were going to sex for the first time. Until now, Shi Tian
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Profound Spirit World and Cultivation
"Sigh! What bad luck!" Shi Tian sighed. He thought he was the unfortunate one, but after reading the memories of this world's Shi Tian, he felt his luck was worse than his.The teleportation device teleported them a hundred thousand miles away from the Shi Clan, fortunately, the direction of teleportation could be controlled, so they did teleport in a random direction. Otherwise, if they teleported to some dangerous location...Even after his mother decided to move further than the enemy's reach, after traveling another fifty thousand miles, she finally stopped and decided to hide here for a while.Currently, they were living in the small kingdom, Red Cloud Kingdom. Although the red cloud kingdom was very big but small compared to the Shi Clan.After reading the memories of this boy, Shi Tian gained information about this world. Fortunately, this body likes to read from childhood, gather a vast amount of knowledge.This world was called Profound Sp
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Novice Lucky Reward
Right now, Shi Tian was living in the capital city of the Red Cloud Kingdom with his mother, aunt, sister-in-law, elder sister, and two maids.After sorting out everything related to this world, Shi Tian finally looked at the personal memories of this world's Shi Tian.Shi Tian was very depressed and enraged by the death of his father and other clan members, it was a great blow to his heart, after all, he was only fifteen years old. His pure and kind heart filled with revenge and hatred. He started practice crazily in order to become strong fast, and take revenge.His death was caused by himself, he even started cultivation demonic cultivation techniques to raise his cultivation faster that caused a deviation in his cultivation.If it wasn't for his mother saving his life, he might have died two days before already. Although his mother saved his life, he lost all of his strength and cultivation become a cripple because of Qi deviation.Shi Tian cou
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Goddess Mother and two fairy maids
Shi Tian cursed the previous Shi Tian, this boy dares to neglect such a goddess."Tian'er!" Suddenly a gentle voice appeared as a woman in a red robe entered the room. Coming to his bed, sitting on his right side, she looked at him with affection and gentleness.Shi Tian got another shock this time because of the extraordinary beauty of this woman in red clothes. She was a middle-aged woman. She had an oval face, she doesn't need to put on makeup, her skin was white and tender and was actually not inferior to Xiu Ying. Her black clear eyes it was as if all the beautiful waves in the world were gathered in her eyes, with a perfect facial structure making her look like a stunning goddess from a world-class artist's painting.Her beauty was not lower than Xiu Ying's, but her face was full of the charm of maturity which Xiu Ning lacked right now. The most notable thing about her was her full breast that seeming to burst out her robe, they were very big, F-Size at le
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Aunt and Sister-in-law
In the morning!Xiangyue looked down at her son, who was sleeping soundlessly while burying his head in her bosom. She moved her body to get up, she wanted another medicine potion for her son.Shi Tian woke up when he felt the soft pillows moving away from him, he pushed his head forward into those soft pillows."Tian'er!" Xiangyue softly called out while caressing the back of his head."Mm!" Shi Tian groaned slightly as he woke up from sleep. For a moment, he thought everything was a dream but Xiangyue's sweet voice and soft touch on his face, it was the fact that this was reality."Yes, mother!" Shi Tian lifts the head from the divine ravine of his mother and said while looking up."Mother is going to refine another healing potion for you, Mother will accompany you soon, okay!" Xiangyue gently said. Shi Tian nodded. After giving a light kiss on his forehead, she got up from the bed.Shi Tian looked at the back of his mother, her sli
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Meridian Mending Pill
"Hm! You should throw them in front of the horny demonic boars. Let them taste their own medicine." Duan Mei said cutely."Hmm! This idea is good, I should think about it next time." Shen Xiaoli nodded and said.Shi Tian looked at Duan Mei in horror. How could such an innocent and lovely fairy have such evils ideas?Shi Tian looked at pure Xiu Ying."Young Master, why are you sweating so much? Is your health declining again?" Xiu Ying who was sitting beside Shi Tian saw his sweating face and said worriedly."No, I'm just feeling a little hot!" Shi Tian lightly shook his and make an excuse. While he secretly said in his heart, 'Only my Ying's heart is pure without evil thoughts.'"Hm! The weather is indeed quite hot today." Shi Bingyao nodded. Although this hot weather didn't affect the cultivators, Shi Tian was a mortal right now. For mortals, today's weather was felt hot."Let me help!" Shen Xiaoli said as she released some of her Ic
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Recovering Meridians, System upgrade
"Here, Tian'er, eat this, mother will help you refine it." Xiangyue come to the bed and said.Shi Tian sat down crossed-legged on the bed, his mother sat in front of him. The other four women looked from the sides with anticipation and some worry.Although the Meridian Mending Pill could mend the broken meridians, it didn't have a hundred percent success rate of mending the meridian. It also depends on the condition of the meridians, if they can be recovered or not.Shi Tian shallower the pill directly while his mother placed her hand on his abdomen as she slowly channels her spirit qi into her body, guiding the energy of the pill towards his meridian.When the pill energy moved into the broken meridian, the meridians showed signs of healing.Xiangyue withdraws her hand from his abdomen and lets the medicine work on its own now. Time slowly passed, all the women looked at Shi Tian and prayed for the success in their hearts.At this time, Shi
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Dual Cultivation Technique
Shi Tian was stunned after seeing the status of the women, every one of them has heavenly spiritual roots while sister-in-law and Xiu Ying even have special physiques.Furthermore, Xiu Ying and aunt were both dual-element spiritual roots, which means they can absorb both element energy from heaven and earth.After that, he started reading, his spiritual roots, both cultivation techniques and other things given by the system.He found that his chaotic spiritual roots were very overbearing, it could absorb every type of spiritual qi to cultivate, he was not restricted by any elements.At the beginning of the cosmos, there was nothing but chaos energy. After evaluation of the cosmos, the chaos energy gave birth to many other energies. That's how other elements had born. Shi Tian didn't know if this was true or not, this information was given by the system.Other than that the spiritual qi absorption speed of the chaotic spiritual roots was many times
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Shi Tian started practicing by following the method of Primordial Chaos Sutra, he started absorbing the world's spiritual qi inside his body. When spiritual qi entered his body, Primordial Chaos Sutra began operating, immediately refining this spiritual qi into chaos qi.The refined Chaos Qi began spreading throughout his body to refine his body. Shi Tian could feel warm energy spreading inside his entire body and strengthening his body.Shi Tian felt the speed was too slow, suddenly he remembered something then took out one spirit stone from the system inventory, he held it in his hand and started absorbing spirit qi from the spirit stones. Instantly he felt a huge amount of pure spirit qi started flowing out from the spirit stones, it was many times faster than absorbing the spirit qi from the air.Shi Tian showed a satisfied smile on his face seeing this.If this scene was seen by the outside world, their eyes would pop out from their eye socket. A cul
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Chapter 10: Amazed
"Maybe, I'm not simply cultivating for the first time but rather regaining the previous strength that I lost due to the qi deviation." Shi Tian replied innocently."Hm, this is also true." Shi Bingyao thought a moment and nodded. Shi Tian was already experienced cultivation one time, now he was cultivating again from the start his speed should be faster."Here let your aunt see your meridians." Shi Bingyao took his hand and transpired a bit of her spirit qi inside his body to check his meridians."Good! Your meridians are completely fine now, looks like the meridian mending pill worked perfectly." Shi Bingyao nodded in surprise, then her face frowned a little, "What happened to your spiritual roots, It's not the same as before.""What happened?" Xiangyue also arrived in the hall, when she saw the troubled expression of Bingyao, she asked worriedly, fearing something was wrong with his meridian again."It's his spiritual root, it changed from before
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