The Alpha Dragon’s Prisoner

The Alpha Dragon’s Prisoner

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Tika They delivered me to him on a silver platter. Four years ago I was an ordinary girl with a privileged life. After killing the only family I have left, they call this my penance. As I watch the man they call a monster from underneath my lashes, the handcuffs burn on my wrist. The orange jump suit makes sweat drip down my ample bosom as he growls at me. “Mate” he roars. The others around us freeze as we are lead in line. His eyes never leave me as he gives orders while others call him Alpha. With a snap of his fingers I watch as one of his men shreds himself apart to turn into a hideous beast. As I meet his golden gaze and my world starts to tilt, only one thing is clear. I just became the prisoner of a monster. ~ Xander When I imagined my mate, I saw a woman of strength and great beauty. When I met her eyes for the first time she wasn’t in chains. She wasn’t a prisoner facing persecution for a crime. I find the sweet scent of her to be contradicting. The way my cock hardens behind my robe as she looks at me from underneath her lashes, lets me know that she is a very bad girl indeed. In that moment I decided, since I always bring out the best in people…..this time, I want to bring out the worst.

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The World of love is all that I know. The very word lies at the heart of my strength and my weakness. My beast thrives in it and uses it to gain power. The power of love has made me the leader of the dragon clan The power of love has been the very answer to how my clan would now survive in a world where the humans have locked us away.When they put us here they didn't even make sure we had proper shelter. They didn't care if we had food. If it weren't for my parents, my clan Scarlet Light would have been lost without me. the other clans may have also perished without our donations. After thirteen years of being place here, our people now thrive. Our fields and livestock now can sustain our people and many more, now that we know how many of us there are. Many other dragons who deserve the home and privileges we have made.The life of privilege is one that I have always known. Born from an egg, I woke up in a loving home. My mother was a professor at the local college. She focused her t
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Arrival Day-Xander
After two long weeks, the day that we have all been waiting for is here. As I finish the reports of the day on my computer, my leg bounces with anticipation of what is to come. A smile graces my face as I try to picture what my mate will look like. I wonder if she will be tiny like Maximus' mate Emily. I imagine that since I am even large than him the anatomy of putting our bodies together would be quite difficult. As I have the thought the laughter of my dragon rings out in my head.You honestly think that you would have a problem with the size of our mate. At this point you would be happy with anyone who didn't have male parts. And the best part of all of this you don't even know how the parts work."You know you could learn to be a bit more supportive. This is going to be your mate too. Do you even know what you want in a mate" I ask him.His golden face appears in my mind and I can see his pensive expression clearly. I remove my fingers from the keys of the keyboard and
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Caged Bird-Tika
As the horn sounds for us to wake up I rise from my cot and bang a fist against the bed above me. Rising from the bed I stretch as I walk over to the sink to brush my teeth and was my face before leaving the cell. My cell mate Nona groans as her body cracks in all places from such horrible arrangements. With a grimace I place the toothbrush in my mouth and brush my teeth as quickly as I can.Even after being in here for four years I still can't stand the toothpaste. It's supposed to be healthy because it contains baking soda. They definitely tried to cover the amount of salt with the barest hint of mint. The first couple of months I spent using it I almost threw up from the overwhelming taste of salt. Now that I have been here for so long it is just another part of the day that I hate. I move away from the sink allowing Nona to prepare for her morning also as I change into the only other set of close I have. A white t-shirt and another jump suit. Everyone wears the same uniform. Wear
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A Worser Fate-Tika
I am jerked out of the sleep I have fallen into when a weight shifts my seat on the bus. I jerk so hard that I hit my head on the window that I was leaning against. Turning toward my intruder I turn and press my back against it as I see the guard in my face once more.I look at him warily as his gaze sweeps over my body. I quickly look down to make sure that all my clothes are intact and sigh with relief when I see that they are. Looking back at him I roll my eyes at the smile on his face. Knowing him he was probably thinking that I wanted my clothes off or something. "You might want to keep those little looks to yourself princess. I have already seen what you have underneath that jumpsuit. If you want it removed then all you have to do is say so" he says as he licks his lips."I told you once and I will tell you again. I would rather die than have any of you disgusting men touch a single hair on my head" I spit between my teeth. My newfound boldness has me squaring my shoulders agai
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The Big Reveal-Xander
I told you that was a bad idea. There were other ways that we could have shown her what we are. Now you have gone and terrified our mate..."We share the same head you know. You can see what my intention was" I reply.She smells like wildflowers....We love wildflowers. I really hope you know what you are doing with our mate. There is no cheating to the mate bond."I wouldn't necessarily call it cheating. I would much prefer we used the phrase speeding up the potential problems" I offered. You may think that you can avoid all the problems now, but we both know that love is never that easy.With that gentle reminder my dragon fades into the back of my mind with a swish on his long golden tale. I get a better grip on my mate and turn to follow the rest of the prisoners in. As I walk I look down at her face and take in her features more closely. She truly is beautiful. Her skin is a smooth honey and looks to be the smoothest skin I have ever seen. Her lips are plump and pink. Even though
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I feel different. Normally when I wake it is with an overwhelming sense of dread that I know exactly how my day is going to go. For four years I have been wasting away in this prison. I lost hope that first day when they stripped me of everything I owned and threw me away. They gave me a schedule. I was told when I could eat. I was told when I could go outside. I was given limited options on what I could have. I was told that I would no longer have a future. I wasn't a part of society anymore. I believed that I would die there. This time waking up is different. A feeling swirls in my chest and I frown as I try to decipher it. It's warm and fuzzy. Yet, it's something that I haven't felt in years. When my eyes finally open the lights in the room are bright. I blink around automatically knowing that I am in not in the darkness of the prison. The air here isn't stale and stagnant. It smells chemical almost.Suddenly my memory returns and I look around the room to see the giant man as he
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Stolen Alpha-Xander
This truly can't be happening. If she was willing then she should understand how this has to go. We cannot rush the mating process. Nothing good could come from it but her death. There has to be a bond of love before the marking can happen. Why would I be blessed with a mate who doesn't care for the value of her own life? Would being with someone of my kind really be so bad.It was a mistake to show her what we are so soon. Now she doesn't want anything to do with us. Your stupid plan is costing us our mate. You need to do something.Her voice cuts off the demands of my beast and we are both shocked by what she says next. If what she said before was bad then her words now fill me with fear. "if I am to die anyway, then does the process really matter." Her words cause me to feel intense shock and I can't believe what she has just said.What is wrong with our mate. Why is she dying? We cannot lose her Xander."Why are you going to die? Is there something wrong with you? Are you sick?" I
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As I cower against the wall with my eyes squinched tight together, I slowly make myself relax. With a deep breath I release the tension in my body and I stand up straight. I vision the forest on the drive here as my eyelids relax. When the growling stops, I wait for the pain. I wait and I wait. Yet no pain comes.A hand lands on my shoulder and I just in fright as my eyes fly open. They whirl around the room as I search for danger and check my shoulder for a wound. With a frown on my face I turn to see a women in white scrubs who happens to look just as frightened as I do. I look around the room and finally notice that I no longer see the giant blonde man. I don't even see a trace that he was ever here.I would think that I imagined it but it's as if I can still smell him in the room. His scent is sweet like corn but like the corn has been roasted to become tender over a warm fire. The nurse watches me warily as I search the room. "My name is Julia. I'm not here to hurt you. I just wa
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"I have to explain some more things to you before I can answer that. I do just hope that by the end of this conversation that you will want to stay" I tell her honestly. More than anything I want her to choose to stay. I have waited too long for her to just let her go.She is ours. If we must, we will keep her here."I don't want a mate who doesn't want to be here. I refuse to take that from her. If she is to stay then it has to be willingly. We will just have to do the work to convince her" I state to him. As I push him to the back of my mind a sudden idea hits me."Why don't we take this conversation outside. I'm sure that you could use some fresh air right about now. I know that I could" I say as I rise from the chair. A smile breaks across her face at the thought and my heart swells knowing that I am the one to caused it. I walk to the door of the room and watch as she rises from the bed. She finally releases Julia's hand even though she still watches Maximus and I closely. I don
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Feeling Like Crap-Tika
As I watch him walk away quickly I can only stare at the meadow floor. When I saw it at first I thought it was the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. The air was sweet because of the flowers and they were so soft as I ran my hands along him. Now as I stare at the meadow floor, it feels almost as if it is now tarnished. The air now has a bitterness to the sweet aroma.With a deep breath I finally take my eyes from the floor and look around. The man, Maximus, who is able to disappear just looks at me. I can't help my eyes that flicker to his bare upper body. Seeing that he is scarred I quickly look away as I wonder what to do next. Xander told him to take me back to where I would be staying. I guess we will do that now."Uh, why don't you just follow me" he says after clearing his throat. He puts his back to me as he takes the same exit as Xander before and I lift my feet to follow him as I think. How could he just talk to me like that? Did he honestly expect me just to handle
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