La Elora; Vengeance & Lenience

La Elora; Vengeance & Lenience

By:  ZhenNieyx  Completed
Language: English
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The future of the two Great Empires lies in the line. Meredith, Ashriel's grandmother died in the hands of her adopted son. Blinded by her rage, Ashriel formed a Cadre that seeks vengeance and eradicates the Quislings. "All I want is to live a normal life, father." "Ashriel, I'm sorry. But you carry the pride of the family." "Pride... that's the thing that I never dreamed bear." Being the new foundation of the Great Empires, engaged with the person she does not love and a comrade with the person she cares about the most, how will she balance her duty and personal life? Being the youngest grandchild, some nobles of fair façade refused to support her rulership that became a mountain to her path. But a dead resurrected, and the hidden truth behind the Great Revolt and Meredith’s death was revealed. Knowing the weight of farewell, how can she live and love knowing that everything dear to her will come to an end? What happens when Ashriel chooses vengeance? What happens when she chooses Lenience? There is no salvation in rebellion.

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97 Chapters
It was a dark, gloomy Friday, and their hearts beat faster than the ticking of the wall clock. As she calmly took a sip of wild strawberry and rose tea from her dazzling teacup, the aroma filled the air of the Eurus Hall, flying along with tension from the rest. The door burst open, and a woman with chestnut brown hair and dark brown eyes marched inside and took everyone's attention.             "Boss Zi confirmed. They are involved with the kidnapping incident and are part of the Quislings." Handing her the two file-filled envelop, she looked with pity at the two men tied up, kneeling on the high-gloss marble floor, fully aware of their punishment.             "You've heard her, so stop lying.  Spit out your hideout or utter your last words." She commanded. The taller man with a throbbing headache closed his eyes against the dull pain. He tried to reach
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       “Get down!” Nathan shouted. Bullets are flying, grenades are exploding. Cold bodies are lying on the floor as Ashriel and her Cadre executed their plan.            “Boss! I found the hostages!” Raith shouted. Nathan and Natsuki cleared the area as Raith, Xieaniel, and John untied the children and led them outside. Nathan released his last grenade that ceased the fight. The place was cleared, many walls broke down, and sweat and blood were mixed on the old marble floor.            “Boss, one of the traitors is tied here.” Ashriel and Nathan came into a room where Leon was with one woman tied with chains and kneeling on the floor. Her face was covered with her auburn hair. Kate stepped forward and reached for her hair, clearing her face. She opened her light blue eyes and studied them.<
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To fulfill her mission, her primary obligation was to escape and to do that, she must preserve her body and mind. She sat in a corner, pulled her legs up to her chest, and wrapped her arms around her knees. She tried to sleep fitfully. A well-built man in a dark hoodie and mask covering almost his entire face walked towards her cell, alerting her.             “Who are you? You’re not a dungeon guard.” She asked fiercely.             “Your older brother will kill you after the event. You should escape now. Don’t waste any time.” He drew out a silver key from his pocket and opened the gate. “Move faster.” Oriana hesitated for a while before moving her feet out the gate. He gave her a medium size bag and took her hand before running away. His big hands felt familiar.          &nb
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It is obvious that they are prioritizing the First Rank Noble’s objective more than her welfare. Oriana was stung by the injustice of what had happened. She needs to escape, but how? That grumpy man keeps on threatening her.            The room was quite big. The Full XL size bed pushed against the wall left space for a desk, the restroom at the edge. It is the biggest prison room she had ever seen. It is past four in the morning. The Grand party was done, everyone was exhausted. Her eyes are still wide awake, hoping that they will not lock her forever. She leaped to her feet as she remembered that the door was not locked. It had taken her much of the night to calm down after her second encounter with the vicious High Members. This is her perfect time to escape.            Slowly, she opened the door and peaked outside. There is no guard. She slowly wal
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The meeting started at exactly ten in the morning. As Ashriel's spoke man, Nathan called the Head of the Families, Nobles, and Lady Kitori and Lady Octavia as the representatives of the Elders. Still, as expected, Amber did not attend and sent the twins as the representative. Every High Member is present except for Oriana and Leon            “I suppose everyone is here. Shall we start?” Every ear focused on Nathan attentively. Ashriel silently sat on her golden chair, wearing her face mask, black contact lenses, and black wig, for no one can see her face until she reaches legal age.            “I believe that everyone present in this hall is aware of the fallen Atherton family.” He started. “After the Great Revolt of the Quislings, three members of the said family survived, and two of them are here with us.” Nathan shot a q
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Her rapid breathing sounded as her body trembled. Her eyes glued at the woman in her late sixties with chains wrapped around her frail body. The chains dig deeper into the flesh with every move. Her terror mounted with every breathing.                "Zillian, my dear nephew. Observe as your beloved grandmother enjoys the pain she deserves."               "Granny!" Ashriel shouted in terror when Edom slapped Meredith with his gun. Blood flowed out of her nose. She reached her arms and tried to run towards her, but two men pulled her down and stomped her stomach. Shallow spikes from their winter combat pierced through her stomach. Her sharp shackles dug deeper into her skin, making her howl like a wounded animal as blood spurted. Edom laughed eerily.   
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“Pardon me. I can’t hear you, boss. I’ll send the information later.” Olive grinned her teeth listening to the dog named Raith, and the cat named Kate grumbles at the kitchen counter.             “I said, let me do it!” Kate shouted angrily as she reached for the knife, tiptoeing her feet.             “No! I’ll do it!” Raith lifts up the kitchen knife and the meat, making Kate jump from time to time. The chefs and kitchen staff standstill with sweat forming on their foreheads as they silently watched the scene. Kate was about to argue when a loud bang silenced them. Olive was irritated.             “What if I’ll cut the heads of both of you? Will that knock you off?” She retorted, trying to control her tone and her temper, but the chefs and staff flinched.      &nb
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“No. It will be dangerous for Oriana to secretly investigate that syndicate group.” Kate objected. A letter of help came and so, all High Members were present at the Meeting Hall.               “Please, I want to be of assistance to everyone. I’m familiar with the Sei Language, and we once tried to investigate that group. So, among all of us here, I am the one compatible for this mission.” Oriana pleaded, kneeling on the floor.               “I’m against it. What would we do if the worst thing will happen?” Biting her lips, Olive opposed her. Her eyes were filled with anxiousness.               “Do you have any proposal you would like to suggest?” Nathan asked.               “We could
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             “You bastard! Come out!” One man shouted. Kate felt her heart beats faster. She did not bring her gun with her. “I said come out!” She heard their footsteps getting nearer. She scanned her jacket and pockets. Good thing she has her knife. But what can a knife do against a gun? She quickly shifted her position but lost her balance when a strong hand pulled her down. She swayed her hand to stab the person with her knife, but the man quickly grasps her hand, slicing the palm of the man’s hand. Kate’s eyes widened upon seeing the man on top of her.              “R-Rai-“             “Shhh Close your eyes.” Raith shushed her and pin her hands on her side. Kate frowned. This is not the right time to joke around.            “What are you-mph.” Kate gawked when Raith pressed their lips together. It was not gen
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“They run a huge illegal business of Arm trafficking. I heard that they trade contraband arms and ammunition to different places. I also confirmed that they kidnap children and sold them.” Oriana reported. It was past eleven in the evening. But the team gathered at the Meeting Hall with Lady Kitori, unravelling the main root of this case, fully awake. “Frank Edison. That’s the name of their boss.” She continued. Olive frowned upon hearing the name. Leon and John turned their heads towards her, bewildered. “That confirmed it.” Kate blurted out of nowhere. Their eyes shifted from Oriana to Kate who’s sitting still, crossed arms. “What do you mean, Lady Kate?” Oriana asked. “Remember when I followed the three men who left your table?” Oriana paused for a moment, remembering what happened, then nod in confirmation. “I followed them and overheard their conversation with someone from the phone. I heard Sir Frank’s voice, yet I thought I was just imagining t
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