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Is it LOVE? Really? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two brothers separated by fate, and now fate brought them back together. What will happen to them? How do they unlock the questions behind their separation? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Mr. Decha Tongchai has two children, whom he adores so much. His children were the only treasure left by his wife who passed away due to illness. One has been following his steps in the business world and already have a family while the other one was a rebel who cut ties with them to follow his heart and passion through music like his late mother, where he met his wife and have a family. Mr. Tongchai love his sons, even both was opposite, and he always makes sure to keep track of them. Danny his eldest was a responsible man, even though he always makes a stoic face he has a soft heart. He loves his family so much, especially his little brother who he always keeps on reaching out. Dennis the youngest son of Mr. Tongchai was not very fond of luxury things they have and trying to pursue his dreams, although he loves his family so much, he leaves them to start from the scratch. Danny was so proud of his brother's achievements without using their family name, so was
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    20 YEARS LATER...
    ~NEW POV~"Help us! Nathee! Run!" I gasped and woken up by that old nightmare that I have since I was a kid. I sat and lean on the headboard of my bed, as far as I remember I am Thitipoom Tongchai and I have a twin brother Thanapon and a little sister Thalia. I sigh, to regulate my breathing.It was almost 20 years and my memories was so vague that day, all I can remember that it was so dark and we are running for our life. My twin brother and I got separated to our cousin brother. All I hope that I can see them again, does they still know about me? The only memory that left from me was a necklace from our parents who have my name and a picture of me and my twin. I sigh. I ge
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