The Woman He Detests

The Woman He Detests

By:  Ezeogu Ogochukwu  Completed
Language: English
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Is it right to judge your spouse over an evidence without really hearing from them? Ryan and Ava were married for two years, although it was an arranged marriage, they both fell in love at first sight. The thin line between love and hate was broken and Ryan turned his back once Ava, divorcing her and locking her out on a stormy night as they were both oblivious of her pregnancy. Ryan discovers the truth and regrets his actions but most of his decisions come with thin lines that could destroy his life forever.

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44 Chapters
 AVA Three Years Ago  "Can I come in?" I begged as the rain pounded against both the pavement and my skin, making me shiver from the brisk cold feeling that spread throughout my body. My teeth chattered while I stood outside begging him to open the door and at least listen to me.  Ignoring the after effect the rain had on me, I called out to him again. Through the window I could see him sitting on the couch, he was still in the blue three piece suit he had worn to the event we had both attended. "Please, Ryan just listen to me! You're getting it all wrong!" I said, practically yelling at the top of my lungs just so I could be heard over the sound of the rain and thunderstorm. I knew I was nowhere near as loud, but I was sure he heard me  , "Can, you ah-t lee-east o-open the do-or. P-p-l-leease," I said through gritted teeth, as a result of the shiver s
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1-Bundle of Joy
AVA   "Melissa! Melissa!!" I called the name of my two year old daughter as I frantically opened the doors of every room in the house.   I trotted down the stairs as fast as my legs would take me. I walked towards the kitchen to find a small human seated on the floor with her back to me.   "Lissa, you scared Mama" I tsked, approaching her.   She giggled, glancing at me before looking back at what she was doing.    Her magical, dark blue eyes always remind me of Ryan's when I stared into them. Her black hair and pointed nose, however, were mine. She is a perfect combination of Ryan and I.    I peeked over her tiny shoulders, "What are you doing?"    "Dwaing. Mama see." Lissa told me, showing me a paper. The lines were out of place and the drawing was rough but I could still make out what she was trying to draw.  
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                            AVA “Hello Tracy. " I said into the phone. Tracy was my dad's secretary before he passed away last year. When he passed, his company was handed over to me, since then we've gotten pretty close "Good day, Madam." She replied politely. "I'll be coming into town this week. I want to relocate to a place closer to the company." I explained "Would you like me to inform the board?" She asked, trying hard to conceal the excitement in her voice, Most of those that worked with my dad have no idea who I am. I plan to use that, to my advantage. You never can tell how the manager treats his coworkers unless you go a day in their shoes, you know.  Mentally congratulating myself for this mischievous plan of mine, I replied "No, I do not want a si
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3- New ID
AVA I was driving to the place where I could get a new identity. I don't want to gain any form of attention from people just because of my name. Besides, since Ryan hates me so much for no reason, He wouldn't care. I'll rather it remain that way than being taunted by him or his family. Looking at my daughter from the rear view mirror, I noticed how close she had been to falling off the chair, "Lissa, just lie down on the chair if you're feeling sleepy." I told her.  She nodded her head with a little yawn, and did as I said. Soon I heard her soft snores confirming how sleepy she had been. I think I can really give myself an accolade for being the best mom and dad to her.  I drove for thirty minutes straight before I finally arrived at my destination. The compound was vast. The building was a two story building, painted white with beautiful flowers surrounding it. The national flag in front o
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AVA    Melissa has been asking for Ice cream while I drove. It was very, very difficult to concentrate with her persistent whining so I parked my car in the nearest Ice cream parlour and carried her out of the car, walking to the entrance of the parlour.    "Just one Ice cream Lissa, and you promise not to disturb me till we get home?" I asked her while walking, she just nodded her head and pouted. I couldn't help but smile at how adorable she is.    The door of the parlour was opened by a young man who I assumed worked here. He must have noticed how tired I was while carrying Melissa.    I smiled admiring his kind gesture, "Thank you."    He followed us to our seat, standing beside the t
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5- New ID
                             AVA   I've been very moody throughout today, so moody that I think Isabelle noticed.   I was just not in the mood for anything. I didn't even say a word to Melissa, but thanks to Isabelle I didn't have to deal with her much.    "Dinner is served!" Isabelle announced after returning from tucking Lissa into bed.   "Thank you so much Isabelle, you may leave" She just stood there. It looked like she was trying to make her mind up on what I'd said   "Ma, I'll like you to see me as not just your cook but, but I'm -, your friend too, if there's something bothering you, you can let me know." she pleaded with a sad smile.   Hello Miss, just leave her alone, Snapped a voice in my head   She stood there staring intently at me, a smile played
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6-Being the CEO
AVA "I am Ava Ryan Howard. Heiress to Forever Events with Randolph." I announced. The look on Mr. Jayson's face was priceless. I mean who would have expected the nerdy looking job applicant to be the sophisticated heiress of the company. I wouldn't even believe it if I were him but that's who I am, isn't it?  It's take over time, I thought. Taking off my glasses, I dialed Tracy's number while removing the band that held my hair in a tight bun, allowing my black hair fall effortlessly on my shoulder while I watched Jayson cringe in his seat. "Ava." Tracy's voice came up on the phone  "Tracy, can you come to the manager's office with his letter of termination and all the account details from the company to his account within an hour?"  "Sure, I'll be on my way." She answered. I didn't miss the excitement
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                           AVA I've been working restlessly in the company ever since I took responsibility.  The part that annoys me the most is how close the former manager had been to wrecking this company.  I have had to fix so much.  If I hadn't intervened, my dad's sweat would have crumpled in the hands of one of his most trusted staff. Sitting in the office all day, my mind keeps going back to my daughter. These days I barely have time for her and it hurts me so much.  I don't want to be the kind of mother that neglects her daughter because of her work. I want to be actively present in her life, I hate to admit it but I'm almost becoming a workaholic mother. I miss Lissa.  Ever since she came into my life, I've never gone a whole day without her until I start
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RYAN "Hey, Ry." The blonde I came home with last night called me. Why can't most of these ladies understand the meaning behind a one night stand? She was rubbing her hands on my chest, when I peeled them off in disgust. Ever since my divorce with that evil wretch, I have found it hard to feel anything for any woman. I'd go to strip clubs thrice every week and pay for the best among the girls to go home with me.  I'm usually rough with them. There is a reason it's called having sex not making love. The reason behind it was to ease off pent up energy, no strings. I always make it clear to the girls before they come home with me. I don't want them developing useless, worthless, pointless feelings. My attention was brought back to the blonde beside me. She wasn't even that good and here she is acting all lovey-dovey around me. I hate it when they become clin
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AVA   It was Friday today, Isabelle was off duty today and was just about to leave Melissa and I.    I planned on going shopping with Lissa as I noticed she has outgrown most of her clothes. It has been a while since when last we both went out to spend quality time. I don't even remember the last time I took her to the park, I've been so busy with work.   We were in the sitting room, on a couch with her between my legs, watching some kids show as I tried tying her hair up in a bun.    "Mama?"   "Yes, Lissa, Mama's listening," I said, finally succeeding in tying her hair up in a loose bun.   Smiling, she said, "Me want cake!"    I smiled back at her, nodding my head, I understood why she craved it. I rarely baked anything but for her I'm willing to go back to my old self.    I never got the chance t
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