My Most Precious Human

My Most Precious Human

By:  MadlainQ  Completed
Language: English
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Lilith spent most of her life running away and hiding in various places. It was the price she paid for her freedom. She dared to be born as a lowly human and was immediately cast out by her family. After years of growing up as an abandoned child, those who cast her away suddenly found out that her body had a value. They thought of her as their slave who could be sold for a good price. That was when she decided to run and fight for a glimpse of a normal life. Unexpectedly, somewhere along her way, she found someone who was ready to protect her and grant her a life she had never even dared to dream of. Someone for whom she is the most precious human on Earth…

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180 Chapters
The day I met Him
It was another rainy day at Sunnybridge Town. I had constantly wondered who the hell gave that pathetic name to a town where it rains for over 160 days a year. I had been there for six months already, and it was time for me to leave. I was only waiting for the end of the month, so I could get my salary from the Bella Donna Café. It was the 28th of September. I remember that date well because it was the day I met HIM for the first time… There weren't any customers at the café, so Janette and I were dying from boredom. I had already cleaned up all the tables and wiped the floor twice. “Maybe Donna let us go early today? Who would want to go out when it rains like that?” Janette asked. “Don't count on it,” I chuckled, mocking her hopes. “Even if no one comes here for a month, she will gladly find us new places to clean, or she will bring the paint and tell us to change the wall color.” Janette glared at me and clicked her tongue. “You're no fun at all, L
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Time to go
I froze and smiled awkwardly at my silver-haired customer. Throughout my life, I had been learned to hide my emotions. I had never let my guard down in front of anyone, especially men. I used to stay unmoved, no matter who that guy was or how he looked, but in front of this person, I felt helpless, as if he could see right through me. I found it terrifying. “I'll get you a coffee then…” I turned around towards the counter, “Espresso-kind black?” I tossed on my way there. “As long as you make it,” he slightly chuckled. “What a flirt,” I muttered annoyed, yet sensing that my face was turning red. I couldn't understand my reactions. I used to ignore anyone whom I would hear such words from. If I had a worse day, I would even quickly make him regret that he dared to say a single word to me, but now… I kept blushing like an idiot! I went to the bar, making sure I was turned around the whole time to avoid my peculiar customer's gaze. For some reason
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I won't give up
I thought I saw a wolf-shaped shade just around the corner. I flinched and ran in the opposite direction. I couldn't believe that the ones who were looking for me got here so fast. It couldn't have been merely the smell of my blood that betrayed my location. They must have known about it for some time. “Could it be that they were sniffing around the town earlier without me knowing?!” I wondered in panic. I had become careless. I had never made such a stupid mistake. I had been fooling them for years, and yet, I got myself in a situation when I was unprepared. “I need to get home fast. I need to take my survival bag, then get to the train station. After that, I need to take the money from the deposit box at the station and get the hell out of here,” I planned in my mind while running. Suddenly, I heard a deep growling sound coming from the alley right in front of me. I stopped. I saw three wolf-shaped shades ominously appearing on the wall of the build
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My knight
I was slowly losing consciousness. I could no longer recognize all the sounds and blurry images. I could only see the rage in Derek's men while ineptly attacking the silver-haired. They ignored me and left me lying on the ground while they all charged at the stranger. I could hear their bones breaking. I could hear their screams and painful howling. There wasn't even an ounce of sympathy in me towards them, but at the same time, I was far from being safe. "Who is this person? He is much stronger than all those wolves… Is he a shapeshifter like them? Why did he say that he is dead? Is he some kind of freaking zombie or something?! Why is he attacking them?! Is he going to kill them?! And… if he does… is he going to kill me too?!" I wondered in panic. The drug flowing in my blood paralyzed me. My awareness was fading. I was terrified and helpless. I didn't want to come back with Derek and his men, but the more I didn't want to die in the hands of some madman. Suddenly,
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Just an accident
I spent the next few years wandering around many places. I hadn't encountered any wolves that were chasing me, but I had never stayed in one spot longer than three months either. Of course, it was harder to earn any money that way. That was why I decided to open an online business that I could run without revealing my true name. What I was selling were investment advices. I have always been good at predicting how the market would respond to certain events. Even my teachers used to call me a genius in that field. Actually, business and the stock market weren't my only areas of expertise. I could easily become the best in any subject. The problem was, my so-called "family" would never allow me to get a decent university diploma… or any university diploma at that. I was only allowed to graduate from St. Anna's College, after graduating from St. Anna's High School, after growing up in St. Anna's orphanage… Yes, the situation between me and my "family" was always a little peculia
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To the rescue
I nervously squeezed the stranger's phone while listening to the waiting signal. Finally, someone took the call. "Master?! Where are you?! Everyone's looking for your highness!" The man's voice feverishly shouted over the phone. "Um… h-hello?" I muttered hesitantly. "Who is this?" The person on the other side of the phone changed his tone, "How did you get Master's phone?" he asked harshly. "Am I talking to… Leo?" I waited for the reply, but the silence made me realize it was a dumb question, "Your… friend, master or… whatever, had a car accident. I found him. He told me not to call an ambulance, and call you instead…" I explained nervously. Leo became quiet for some time. I even checked if he didn't hang up the phone. "H-hello?" I mumbled, impatient for any kind of response. "I tracked the phone. Wait there. We will be there in 20 minutes tops," he stated coldly and ended the call. I wanted to say something, but I mere
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Finding my way
After the rescue team had disappeared, leaving me in the dangerous middle of nowhere, I had to struggle to find my way back home myself. For the first time, I found it fortunate that life had never been easy on me, and I had survived much more difficult situations than this before. Certainly, if I were some fragile princess, I would sit on the ground and cry my eyes out while trembling in fear. Now my current situation made me more furious than desperate. I even thought that it would be kind of fortunate if I met some perverts or aggressive drunkards on my way back since I could take my anger off on them. Nevertheless, I still hoped to meet someone on the road who would be kind enough to give me a ride to a more civilized place, but judging on my luck that day, chances for that to happen were close to none. The road was dark and completely empty. I used my phone as a flashlight while walking back from where I ran, cursing my sense of empathy that was constantly getting me in
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A friend
My new apartment was in a district called Sky Valley. It was a place filled with successful artists, well-paid freelancers, and contractual management specialists. There were a lot of young, talented individuals. Each of the people who lived there was unique, but they all had one thing in common: they were all devoted to their work, and they all minded their own businesses... Well, the majority of them at least. The day I moved in, someone knocked on my door. I was busy unpacking and initially ignored the knocking sound, hoping that whoever it was would give up and go away. Unfortunately, a minute later I heard the doorbell. I figured that it was the same person, and if he or she was still there, then perhaps there was a good reason for it. I opened the door and saw a brightly smiling, short woman with curly brown hair. "Hi! I'm Carla. Can I use your balcony?" she asked, nervously grinning. "Can you use my… what?" I glanced at her, feeling confused.Read more
Her big assignment
Carla had outstanding cooking skills and an amazing imagination when it came to mixing flavors. She couldn't afford to rent a place for a restaurant, so she chose to start a catering company instead. She had rented premises in the building right next to our apartments and created a professional kitchen there. She intended to provide her cuisine at the most expansive events in the city. That could allow her to earn the money she needed to open her dream restaurant in New Argent City… in a few years. I supported that dream of hers with all my heart. Spending time with Carla was refreshing. She was always on the run. She constantly developed new dishes while I had become her lab mouse that had to taste whatever she came up with. She was a perfect distraction from my monotonic work, and a natural excuse to take a break. With her, I could pretend that I was living a normal life. Sometimes I even convinced myself that I could stay in New Argent City forever… I had jus
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That gut feeling
The Diamond Crown Casino was in a 45-story building. The gambling games were placed on two floors, but they were merely a part of the entertainment the Diamond Crown Casino was providing. There was an enormous theatrical part of the building with five stages prepared to accommodate over ten thousand people in the audience seats. The rest of the building was taken by banquet halls, conference rooms, swimming pools, wellness and beauty salons, and, of course, the grand, luxurious hotel. Knowing that it was easy to imagine how much money was running through this place every day. The sum surely had a number of zeros that could make a head spin. Carla met me right outside the building. The casino's crew for the event took all of the dishes out of Carla's truck. She prepared every dish carefully in advance, putting it all on separate, ready-to-serve plates. All of her appetizers, finger sandwiches, and sweets simply needed to be unwrapped and taken by the waitresses. After
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