I Love The Way You Lie

I Love The Way You Lie

By:  Kate Granada  Completed
Language: English
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What can a mother do for the sake of her daughter? " Take it off, your suit!", Asher summoned Max when he accidentally splash water on her uniform. "What?---I---ahhh--", she stuttered. Max has no escape. How can she do it if she's not a guy? Read to find out more.

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70 chapters
1. Sleep little baby
The cold breeze ruined my hair while I and my daughter Taly crossed the bridge away from our home. My husband Greg died because of drunkness. He falls on this bridge while going home. He left us with nothing but his huge debt from two lending companies. Taly was only one year old and the only thing that covered her body was the thick jacket I bought one year ago.   I cough with colds and my legs and arms feel numb with these winter days. Taly started crying and I don't know what to do. I had one backpack with me and I forgot to get her milk on the table when they started pushing and destroying our things. I ran as fast as I can to save my daughter.The heaven became darker and creepier. I didn't realize we made it to the town of Dallas with my feet only. My poor Taly, she fell asleep while crying.I felt relieved that we arrived here safe and sound. I roamed my eyes around to find a new place to settle. I sigh with frustra
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2. A good samaritan
I don't know how to thank this guy with a pure heart for helping us without asking anything in return. While he carried my daughter from her bed, I can see through his eyes the eagerness to help us. I'm so grateful that aside from being poor, God sent a good Samaritan to help bring my daughter to the nearest hospital from our place.  While he was driving, I saw him snatching glances at me. I sometimes bent my head down my lap checking Taly to escape from his fascinating eyes.  Call me acting like a teenager but it's a bit awkward for me to have someone staring at me the whole time because I'm now a mom, actually a single mom. It's my first time in my life again to experience this type of chilling moment.  "Hey, are you afraid that I might hurt both of you?", finally, the good guy asked me.  I quickly shook my head. " No, I was jus
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3. My only chance to survive
I was excited to go outside for job hunting but every time I showed them my resume, they change their decision to hire me.  It's my tenth interview with a fabric company as a sewing maker. I waited patiently after receiving a number thirty number tag. I didn't even have a proper meal since I don't want to waste any time until I didn't get any job. My stomach is now rumbling inside but I just ignored it and just drink the last drop of my bottled water.  "Max Lopez?", I heard my name.  " It's me, ma'am!", I quickly stood up and answered her.  She's the one who handles all the applicants. She's old and serious. I took a deep breath for an interview.  "Follow me." She said and I gladly came to the consultation room with her.  "Good luck!", she said before leaving me inside.  
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4. In disguise
Max woke up early for a job interview at Ace Company. Her daughter Taly had no idea what she has in mind for this job. She didn't try to wake her because she's sleeping soundly. I made my way to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast first and I have to go to the market to find a cheap man's suit and shoes since we left our old house with nothing but a backpack alone.  I just wash my face with cold water from the sink and rolled my hair into a bun. I ate one piece of bread and drink a cup of coffee as my early breakfast. I brush my teeth and decided to just apply a little make-up after. I'm all set.    After twenty minutes...   I finally found a suitable outfit for my interview. I'm a bit anxious and doubtful about this plan of mine but there's no turning back. My decision is final and this is my only chance to have a decent job. It
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5. You're hired!
Max POV   After hearing about our sudden task, I didn't know what to do. I felt my legs started to trembled and my hands keeps fidgeting with my hair. This is my mannerism if I'm nervous. I had no idea that it's part of the interview. Sweat started to roll down from my forehead as we are waiting for their surprise task.    I am not a professional dress designer especially for men because I didn't finish my course when Ethan pregnant me. I was in the second year of my course when I became a mother at a young age.    We all know looked up when the CEO spoke.   " I will base my preference on your resume and the outcome of your given task for you to be hired by me.", Mr. Aragon informed us while his staff took the materials to be recycled by us.    I am trying to avoid eye contact with him since I am a girl who hides under this man's wigs, a male tuxedo, and a fake bea
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6. The troublemaker
Lorraine del Fuente came unannounced at Asher Aragon's firm, Ace Company. She was rumored to be one of the famous fashion designers in the business industry and she referred her son for an interview yesterday but he failed the exam and actual performance.  "Get out in my way!", she yelled at them while she's approaching his office.  Asher's men who looked like James bond in their pair of black suits, shades, and magician hats tried to stop her but she cast them away from her using her long red umbrella. She was like Tomb Raider in her outfit and she was so brave to fight them all.     She's one of the living human dragons that exist in this industry.    "Where is your boss? I need to talk to him!", she almost gets out of her skin because of anger.    All of them stared at one another with no expressions on their faces as she keeps nagging them. They took a deep br
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7. New Adjustments
  One day earlier Max went home happily. Before she navigated the way to their small apartment, she search an alley where no one was there. She immediately took off her wigs, men's suits, and men's shoes. She place it inside her backpack and then took a deep breath.  "Just wait, baby, our life will change tonight." She mumbled and put a wide smile on her face.  She bounce her feet while walking on the aisle when someone called behind her.  "Max, is that you?", it's a male voice and when she turned around, she almost had a heart attack when that guy was Russ.  She's lucky that she quickly replaced her men's clothes into her formal attire which are baggy pants and a plain white t-shirt.  " Oh, my, you startled me! What are---hmm I mean you're the guy who help me right?", she asked Russ in her soft voice.  She had to act like Max before and not Max who works now as a head designer of ACE
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8. Almost
"Sir, what do you mean by these?", Max asked his boss after giving her the key. Asher sneered. " This is one of the company's car keys and I let you borrow this while you're working here so no traffic jam and no more late, okay?", he said to her and Max was a bit stunned about it. On the other side of her, she felt relieved after she find out that her boss wasn't mad at her for being late and he instead offered her a new car. Max bowed to him but Asher told her not to be so formal in front of him. "It's okay but make sure to use this wisely and I hate people who came late. Anyway, I'll be going on vacation for two days so I hope I can trust you with our new summer collection right?", Asher said making sure that he's right of choosing him to be the next Micheal.Max just nod her head and decided to leave his office. She quickly went inside the restroom to check how her face turned pale and her heart started beati
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9. A fresh start
                        Max decided to move to a bigger house after her boss offered her a bonus which was far from her expectation. She and Taly is now the residence of Almira Homes in Dallas. All of their neighbors in that squatter area felt jealous because of their sudden fortune. Max heard a rumor that they backstabbed her for being like Pepito Manaloto in a Philippines drama where he won a huge amount of money in the lottery and some said that she found a foreigner who helped them to have a luxury like this.  Her boss took two days off and while he's away, she used her extra time for them to move so quickly. And because it's her day off and Russ told her that he will take shoulders everything about their designs while she's on her rest day.  "Honey, how do you like your house?", she asked her cute d
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10. Knowing her CEO
Max and Tally stop when there's a car park in front of them. She holds her daughter tightly on her shoulders as the car window rolled down.  A young beautiful and hot man appeared and Max didn't know what to do when it was her boss Asher. She felt like her heartbeat pumps thrice than her normal beats. She tightened her jaws trying not to get caught. She must behave like she didn't know him.  " Hi, I'm the guy inside beside your seat. Ahhh hm..is your house far from here? I can take you home and your daughter." He offers them a ride.  His smile made her melt and can turn her legs like jellies. She couldn't deny the fact that Mr. Aragon was one of the guys you wanna date with and can be a dream husband too but for Max, marrying and finding another man is not an option. She's done with them. She experiences too much trouble and misery from her husband who died while getting drunk on the bridge and she didn't want to have someone that might hurt he
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