Ravens of Eternity

Ravens of Eternity

By:  CeritusOrbis  Updated just now
Language: English
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A young woman is reborn inside a mecha VRMMO consumed by galactic warfare, and must rise above the failings of her old life or be lost forever. As she ascends, a spreading darkness threatens to tear her galaxy apart. --- Story updates M-F 10am PST (GMT -7) --- Find me on: Instagram, Twitter @CeritusOrbis Discord ceritus#0611 linktr.ee/CeritusOrbis

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395 Chapters
Eva's eyes opened slowly as she woke. Although everything was a haze, something told her that things weren't quite right. Her foggy haze dispersed as she realized that she wasn't in her own bed, or even in her own clothes. She was wearing some sort of skin-tight, pressurized medical suit that covered every inch of her from the neck down. Alarmed, she instinctively jolted upright and BANG!"What the f…"She rubbed her head after having accidentally struck a spotless clear canopy. It felt incredibly solid. In fact, it seemed more like metal than glass.It was curved and covered the top half of whatever bed she was on, while the bottom was a smooth and sturdy metallic shell, but colored white.
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Eva's heart thumped steadily in her chest as she ran towards the nearest lifeboat chamber. Once she got there, she instinctively stopped off to the side to catch her breath. Although her breathing was a bit labored, she realized that she was barely tired. In fact, she had pretty much caught her breath already.That's weird, she thought. I could've sworn I just ran a mile, but I'm not even sweating… What the hell's going on with me?Before she could think much more about what was going on with her, there was a sudden uproar which took her attention. It looked like a couple of people were fighting over a lifeboat. Their argument almost got into blows before on
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"Hey you, with the moves," shouted a crewmember. "Get yer flippy ass in a boat, will ya?"Eva nodded before she dashed over and headed inside one. She swiftly made her way past rows of anxious passengers and secured herself in the only remaining seat up front.Next to her was a teenaged Asian girl, probably no older than thirteen or fourteen. She was small and slender, with long, straight black hair and pale skin. The girl was also wearing the same pressure suit, which indicated that she was also possibly a player."Excuse me," she asked the girl, "do you play Bellum Aeterna?"The girl's eyes widened, then nodded quickly. When she replied, there was a light accent in her voice."I started last month," the girl said. "I enjoye
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Eva shook herself out of her reverie and got back to reality. She switched the live feed to show what was happening back at the station, and what she saw was a grand spectacle.  She quickly decided to analyze the situation and study the battle in greater detail. It oughta be useful to watch how things play out, she thought. I'll probably be in these sorta situations plenty of times down the road. This really could be useful later. The station was surrounded by a handful of cruisers, each accompanied by a few dozen fighters. It didn't look good from any angle. The station looked almost exactly like the game counterpart: a huge rotating disc-like hospital-hab with a doc
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Evasive Maneuvers
Eva grit her teeth as she took command of the lifeboat's control deck. With a few deft movements, she deactivated the autopilot and glanced over its flight capabilities. She quickly tested the maneuvering thrusters with some light movements, but quickly shook her head in disappointment. "Not fast enough," she exclaimed loudly. "The launch thruster already expended all its fuel, and the main thrusters on this thing are garbage! It's like flying a sausage." Instead of sitting idly, she quickly turned the boat away from the cruisers and maxed out the main thrusters. Since only capital ships had jump drives installed on them, they had no choice but to run as fast as they could, the old fashioned way. The lifeboat surged forward, but the acceleration was incredibly short-lived. The thing shuddered slightly, as though
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Critical Save
Eva remained undeterred despite the setback she now faced. She simply took a deep breath, collected herself, and refocused on the task at hand - survival. It didn't matter if she was getting chased by nine or nine hundred, she wasn't going to let anyone get the better of her. Not in this life. She yelled out, "Gimme everything you got!" Inspired by Eva's tenacity, Miko also doubled down on her part. Her hands danced across her display as she tweaked the ship's systems and squeezed out every bit of power possible. Now that the pirates were shooting to kill, she reduced the energy shielding to a minimum and reactivated the life support systems. She gave it just enough power to maintain cabin pressure and cycle oxygen.  Read more
Boat Incoming!
The five aggressive pirate cruisers were steadily advancing on the warship Diomedes' portside flank, their intentions quite clear. They were no doubt preparing to attack the battleship, even though they were technically outgunned. "Time to space some Feds," snarled the lead pirate captain as he rose from his chair. His officers looked at the MFDs before them and reviewed the battlefield that lay right ahead. Various readouts revealed critical information as they scanned for weaknesses to exploit. They all looked like they were itching for a fight, and some were even visibly trembling from the anticipation. "Aye, sir," replied one of the officers. "The railcannon's primed for a full power shot." A sly grin curled up from the captain's lips. Read more
A devastating explosion tore a pirate cruiser in half. Even though it was already beaten, the Diomedes didn’t stop its Diomedes' unrelenting bombardment. Both halves of the cruiser drifted from each other, as smaller fires and explosions continued within them.  To add insult to injury, the Diomedes' continued cannonade tore into the burning wreckage with savage intensity. It was as though their erasure was necessary. Nearby, dozens of pirate fighters were deeply entangled with the Federation fighters, and were losing terribly. Though the pirates had the upper hand in the early stages of the sortie, the Federation fighters had quickly adjusted to their tactics and turned things around.  The chaotic sleight-of-hand strategy they were designed for was of littl
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After the Diomedes rescued the evacuees and captured the neutralized pirate cruiser, it jumped straight to the heart of the Sol Federation - the Earth's solar system. Although in this universe, Earth was instead more appropriately named Gaea. Interestingly enough, it was exactly like the Earth Eva was from, instead of some fictional human homeworld. It was even a version that existed far in its own future, and things had definitely changed.  The biggest difference was that the planet was now home to over forty billion people, and that was an ecological nightmare. Hell, it was a nightmare back in Eva's old life. In that universe, the Earth only had the ability to support two billion people maximum. And yet it had surpassed eight billion. Read more
Excited by the prospect of getting a Digital Intelligence implant, Eva immediately went to the closest cybernetics lab, which was thankfully only a few blocks away. Since she was walking, she took in the sights as she made her way over. Aside from the megacity being fully enclosed within the station, and had a holographic sky, it was exactly as if she was in a city from her old life. It was laid out in an orderly grid, with streets that ran perpendicular to each other. Those streets were littered with people and various personal transports while the sky above them was filled with all manner of mass transit vehicles. People were busy living their lives: talking, laughing, crying, creating, consuming. Same as every generation prior. The blocks themselves were varied in what they housed. There were multi-story offic
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