Pandora Interrupted

Pandora Interrupted

By:  Christine Black   Completed
Language: English
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Meet Pandora or Hera, she is an assassin for the extreme elite and is a very blunt, no nonsense kind of lady. She's also a five hundred plus year old vampire. Her cruel father has huge ambitious ideals and expects her to go along with him, she doesn't. Along her journey of hits and family complications, she meets two other unique assassin's. She must conquer her hurdles, deal with unwanted male attention, discover who she truly is and finally find the everlasting love of a soulmate she's always secretly hoped for.

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41 Chapters
Chapter 1
I cross my black nylon clad legs and gaze out of the limos tinted window watching the sun set once again on a long dull typical day. I chew on the peppermint gum in my mouth as I listen to my target drone on and on about how much they despise so-and-so and how much his wife complains about performing certain sexual acts on him. Hence the reason I dressed myself like a hooker, dumbass, I think to myself. His driver had pulled the car into an empty lot, how fortunate for me. I rolled my steel gray eyes and ran my red painted fingernails through my platinum blonde hair. I glanced over at the man and watched his jowls quiver as he spoke. He smelled of sweat, cheap bourbon and cigarettes, it nauseated me. I pulled my cell phone out of my leather jacket pocket and scrolled through my music playlists. Finding one that would be ideal, I slipped in my wireless earbuds and hit play. The music vibrates through my entire body and drowns out the filthy pig's b
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Chapter 2
Preparing for a human infant and moreI woke up the next day not rested. I had tossed and turned most of the night thinking about someone's blue eyes, so annoying. I frowned as I entered my kitchen to see Flora putting groceries away. "Do you have any idea how to raise human babies," I Inquired and she eyed me questionably. "I think you just feed and diaper them like any regular child, don't you?" I rolled my eyes and shrugged as I headed for a cup of coffee. "Why, are you pregnant, miss," she asked me. I looked at her like she was daft."No Flora, I don't even have a male friend. Truth is I will be leaving tomorrow and will return with a human infant that I'll need to figure out what to do with," I mumbled bitterly and
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Chapter 3
I've got a tail, but not the wagging kindTwo in the morning several weeks later and I'm dressed in a black cat suit and barefoot. I slunk around the large country estate searching for my two targets. I jumped up onto the balcony on the second floor of the house and checked the door if it was unlocked. I kneeled and picked the lock. It opened easily. I slipped inside and my mouth is covered by a large hand and I'm pressed against a warm body."Don't scream, it's me, Cassian, this house is bugged and full of booby traps," he whispered harshly."Did you follow me here," I mumbled sourly and turned with my face pressed against his firm chest. I breathed in deeply and was impressed with his manly scent. "No, I followed Everett who apparently has been tailing you. Who is your hit,"
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Chapter 4
What and whom to believe "What happened," I mumbled softly. Everett laughed and paced the branch. "Nothing really, they listened to what I asked and stood in line as I had my fill of blood," he told me with a gleam in his eye and a smirk on his mouth. I swallowed uncomfortably. "And Megan," I asked him, gritting my teeth in my anger. "With her parents, I presume, she had the sweetest taste," he chuckled and I jumped up and slashed the side of his face. His green eyes landed on me and a snarl broke from deep within him. "You want to play now little bitch," he growled forcefully and reached out for my ankle. I pulled it back, making him grab air. The only way to kill a vampire is to remove his heart or head, I think and look for an opportunity. My talons extended to their full length and I gouged them into his gut, unfortunately he caught me too. I coughed up blood and pushed my hand up into his chest cavity trying to locate his beating organ. I looked up at hi
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Chapter 5
Assassin's team upAfter our brief hug, Cassian suggested that I pack a bag with some clothes since we would be traveling a lot. "Grab your passport and identification as well," he shouted after me."Will do, my sweet little bluebell," I answered back sarcastically. I chuckled internally hearing him groan in annoyance. When I finished I stood before him as he messed with his cell. He looked down at me and smiled."Want to join me for a job," he asked casually. I chewed my lip."Will there be children and will I get to also sink my talons," I asked him back. He grinned and nodded."Yes to both but I will listen to you and not harm the children," he said softly and brushed my chin. I smile
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Chapter 6
Working together on a hit I saved Flora's new number, smiling to myself as Cassian headed to his office for information about the hit we were both going to do together. I looked up at him closing his office door and smiled at him. His eyes started to glow and I chuckled internally. "You should control that or it will get us caught," I stated firmly and he looked at me and tapped the side of his eye and pointed at me. "Maybe use your own advice," he mumbled and asked if I was ready. I checked my pocket for my earbuds and cell. "I'm ready and raring to feed," I said simply and he nodded offering me his hand. He pulled me to his side and we headed out into the night. He escorted me down to a parking garage and I eyed him curiously. "I'm
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Chapter 7
A night with the competition I waited as Cassian paid, he of course was apologizing for my behavior. I glanced over at the waitress and read her name tag, Melissa. I rolled my eyes as she told him that it was okay. She knew that she wasn't pretty or young, blah, blah, poor, full of bullshit, waitress. She was fishing for sympathy and Cassian glanced over at me and I flipped him off. I turned away from his stare as I crossed my arms and pretended to look at my fingernails. I glanced over at the pair a couple times and when he pecked her cheek I ground my molars together. I thought why the fuck am I angry at the man for having a side piece. "I got issues," I growled softly to myself and headed outside to wait. I shivered slightly, it had chilled a bit or I had meat sweats, could
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Chapter 8
My father is a bigger asshole than I thought including a vampire murderer Everett explained that my father sent me to the Eastern clans to snare the clan leader Ezra. My father bragged to all the clans of my unique beauty and whoever wed me would also rule the northern clans because he would willingly step to the side. I screamed bullshit because he would never do that willingly. Everett nodded, agreeing with me. "And that's why he had your lover killed, sorry Cassian but my father, killed yours, I overheard Mikhail and him talking about your father," he said sadly."Does he have his amulet, do you know," Cassian asked and Everett shrugged."That I don't know but if he did it'd be in our safe and I can check it for you," he said sincerely and Cassian nodded his thanks. I
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Chapter 9
Three men are not better than none We all boarded the plane and I had to sit between the two assholes because of their courting bullshit.  "Maybe I just like you both because you remind me of my older brother my father killed," I mumbled rudely and sat in my seat. I put in my earbuds and cranked my Pandora app playing Imagine Dragons. I closed my eyes as the music vibrated through me. Both boys were looking at me and shaking their heads. I felt Everett elbow me to get my attention and pulled out an earbud. It was pretty loud so I paused my music and looked up at him. "Your dad really killed his own flesh and blood," he asked me. I said yes then explained that he did because he'd been late to his birthday party. Everett's eyes were full of horror. "Maybe he really wasn't his son, alth
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Chapter 10
Stuck in the middle of testosterone hellThe ride to the motel was a nightmare. Rogue questioned Cassian to find out who he was and laughed finding out he was not part of a clan. They knew each other more than they let on."I knew your father, he was strong and a fair leader, " Rogue stated and Cassian said he was my dead mate. Rogue looked down at me and nodded. "Ezra was a good man and worthy of your love, Hera," he said softly and I shrugged."I know that, not that your opinions matter but thanks for that anyway," I mumbled softly."There's no need for us to meet with Zafferi, Rogue knows who bred with the queen and can verify your lineage Hera," Everett stated firmly and Rogue glanced at me. He was clutching the headrest behind Everett's
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