TCST 1: Secrets Beyond

TCST 1: Secrets Beyond

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The CEO's Secret Trilogy 1: Secret's Beyond Hazel Quin was a struggling journalist who wants to prove herself and rise in the world of newscasting, but her chief editor always dump her on small projects. With this, she resigned as a journalist and prepared herself to be an applicant as CEO Caleb Craige's secretary. Caleb Craige was a perfect figure of a role model for young aspiring businessmen. Kind, spontaneous, and is very helpful especially to women and children. But the question as though what was the reason behind this personality of his was never answered because he was too private. And so, Hazel promised herself that she will find out what it is, and write an article about it that will surely be the key to her success. But as she slowly unravel Caleb's secret, she figured out that she was already falling in love with him, and when she finally completed the article, she finds it hard to publish and let the public see it, she doesn't have the heart to. What was Caleb's secret that makes it hard for her to use it for her success?

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107 Chapters
  "Sir, please. Give the chance this time. Please..."  My chief editor's expression did not change and remained stoic. I've been trying to plead him to give me this project for almost an hour now, but I got nothing.  "Hazel, I said someone was already assigned for this. Just go and focus on your designated work."  I shut my eyes tight and blew out a loud breath. I know exactly what that means, Stephanie, the chairman's daughter was already on this project. Again.  But it's unfair, really unfair. She has been covering this project and trying to make it successful for two years now and yet she got nothing. I tried to volunteer to do this and told them that maybe if the company will send a new journalist to cover this interview, it would be successful.  "Sir, Stephanie has been trying to win this one for two years but still, nothing. Why not try to send a new one and see what will happen?" I suggested. 
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  I looked at my reflection through the mirror one last time, making sure that I will look presentable and professional enough, and perfectly fit for the position I am aiming for.   Yesterday was the cut-off for submitting applicants resume, and tomorrow will be the last day for the interview before Mr. Craige make his decision. I was scheduled for the interview today and because I found out that Mr. Craige was the one who does the interview, I practiced everything to be perfect.   Practicing for my answers in a job interview was not my style, even when I was in my internship as a journalist. I want to answer each question on the spot and honestly, but this one has to be done perfectly.   I need to make sure that I will pass the interview and be chosen to be his secretary. It needs to happen to be able to execute my plans.   The lobby of Craige Inc. was big, it has the usual
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  "Are you sure you are ready?"  I was holding my phone while strapping my sandals to my ankle. I was getting ready for work, and this would be my first day.  "Yes, Geraldine. I was able to pass the interview, and now here I am, getting ready for work. I'll be close with Mr. Craige physically, and this secretarial position would give me plenty of time to gather the information I needed for my project."  "Have you created the draft?" she asked.  I nodded as if she could see me. "Yea, I saved it on my flash drive. Saving it on my laptop would be a wrong move, hackers could hack in it."  "And don't you think hackers can hear our conversation at this moment?"  I rolled my eyes. "Come on, Ge. Of course not. They don't have enough reason yet to tap in my devices."  "Okay, okay. If that's what you think, that's what you want. Good luck with your work."  "Yea, you too. I'm about to g
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  I looked at my luggage where I have put all the things I'll be needing. He sent me a message this morning that if I couldn't bring all of my things today, he could pay for someone to do it.  Well, I only need to bring my books with me, old documents, clothes, and my accessories. The furniture and equipment in this apartment were all part of the rental, I signed a contract for this one.  Two luggage, and three black duffel bags. I puffed an air and one by one, brought them to my car as Mrs. Gallarpe, the landlady watched me. I messaged her last night and told her that I'll be moving. She told me it was all of a sudden and unexpected, I told her that I too, did not expect that my boss would ask me to stay with him.  "It's a part of your job."  His voice and those words played in my mind again. Until now, I can't still get over it. It was obvious that I put meaning in this set-up, and he reminded me that it was for work. A slap
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   I woke up with a mild headache, my head felt heavy and whenever I try to move, the back part of my skull ached badly. Then I remembered that I cried till I fell asleep last night.  Only then did I realize too that I was in a different room, and consciousness kicked in, knocking my brain to remind me that I agreed to stay with my new boss since I wasn't just a secretary but also his personal assistant.  With that, I jolt up which made my head spin. I sat again and waited for a while before everything got back to normal. Then I looked for my phone which was just waiting on the bedside table. I checked the time and got alarmed when I saw that it was already 9:30 am.  My duty starts at eight! I'm late!  Carefully but also in a rush, I ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower, took a quick bath, and dressed in a black pencil skirt and white v-neck blouse which slightly showed my cleavage.  While in
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   It has been a week since I started working as Caleb's secretary. So far, my experience with this job was doing good, given that he let me stay in his penthouse which lessen my expenses.   A day after the incident in his living room happened, he called me in his office and gave me a printed copy of his house rules. He said it was to prevent things like the previous night to happen.  Written on the house rules were; I wasn't allowed to pry on his things— personal things; I should ask for permission first if I can touch or look into the albums in his living room; avoid sticking my nose into unnecessary things.  I sighed when I reminisce what was written on the house rules and resumed jotting down on my notepad for his schedules. He's currently on a meeting with the board of directors again, and four more meetings with important investors this afternoon.  For the first week of my job as his secre
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CHAPTER 7  "W-what?"  It was the only word that came out of my mouth when I heard what he said. My mind was still thinking if I heard him right or my ear was just playing with me, but when he smiled and said it again, air left my lungs.  "I said I like you."  And it was enough to make my brain malfunction. His words played in my head as if an old scratched tape. He likes me. A multi-billionaire CEO likes me. Was this a joke? Because if it was, then he'd better stop it now.  "How?" I asked when I recovered from the shock. "How did you like me?"  I gave him a challenging look. Now that I recovered and my brain is functioning well as it should, he wouldn't be able to trick me. Was this his hidden agenda for being too kind to women? He would befriend them, and when he think that they trusted him enough, he would make them fall with his flowery words and leave them in the end?  Oh, boy. If this was
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  My gentle smile and nod was the only thing he needed. Happiness was written on his face when our eyes met. He then shouted a 'yes' before he gleefully leaned in and I felt his soft lips to mine.  It was as if there were fireworks inside my stomach as our lips touched. His arm circled on my waist as he pulled me closer, and it was my cue to snake my arms on his neck and place my hand on his hair as I pulled him closer to me.  "Hazel," he mumbled as he pulled away from the kiss, but only a half-inch away, "You don't know how much happy I am that you gave me a chance."  Genuine happiness was all I can see in his black orbs, and there was a slight pang of guilt in me for I knew my intentions weren't clear. I have my hidden agenda for this one, I was taking advantage of his feelings for my own benefit.  Mentally, I shook my head to push that thought away and focused on the man whose happiness couldn't be explained by simple words
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  A soft yet wet thing on my neck woke me up. I purred and moved my head to see what it was— who it was, and it was no other than the man who completed my womanhood.  Caleb.  "Hey, good morning, baby." his voice was low and sexy, awakening my senses.  I smiled, "Good morning,"  He pushed himself up and supported his weight through his elbows. He planted a soft kiss on my forehead and whispered to me what time is it. My eyes widen when I realized we were two hours late from work. I instantly moved to get ready but he gently pushed me on the bed, making me lie again.  "But hey we're—"  "Sshh, baby, relax. I've already informed them," he said.  My brows furrowed, "What? You informed them? Who?"  He shrugged. "The VIPs I was supposed to have a breakfast meeting with. I emailed them and informed them that our meeting will be canceled due to some important reason."
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  I was silent on the passenger seat as Caleb drove through the highway at a speed that was enough for me to remember each landmark and enjoy the scenery as the car goes by. We were on our way to the therapy center he was talking about, the one where his mother was currently in. He hasn't told me yet where exactly it was and I also couldn't figure out where.  The song Passenger Seat was playing on the radio in enough volume which sounded as if a background music of a romance movie. It was a perfect song for the mood that we have right now and I knew he felt it too because he was smiling as he sang with the band.  A smile made its way on my lips when I heard him singing along, it wasn't loud enough for me to hear but I liked it. He looked relaxed and at ease as he drove and sang, he wasn't even aware that I was staring at him.  When the song stopped, that was when he looked at me and a blush crept on his face as he realized that I was stari
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