[ENGLISH] Wife Of A Ruthless Mafia Boss

[ENGLISH] Wife Of A Ruthless Mafia Boss

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Jazzie Zamora is a well-known model in the Philippines. She's rich, beautiful, elegant and has many other qualities that you will admire. Everyone believes that she has a perfect life, but little did they know that it was the other way around. Hellish; it's the exact word you can use to describe her life. Being a secret wife of a mafia boss was a dream that turned into a nightmare. Despite of all those shits happening, will she still choose to stay? How much can she put up for her ruthless husband?

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58 Chapters
"Perfect!" Azy, my manager, shouted enthusiastically when the shoot has ended. I walked towards the dressing room and tiredly sat in front of a vanity mirror, my three PA’s immediately approached me to put some retouch ¾powder here, lipstick there, a typical scene for me as a model. "Oh my gosh! You're really a definition of perfection, Jazzie," Azy said while standing behind me. I winced and simply shook my head. I wish if you only know. "Gorgeous, sexy, rich and other traits that are truly admired by most of the men," he continued while still pointing at my whole being. I rolled my eyes at him on the mirror and let out a deep breath. "Stop it, Azy. You knew how much I hate it," I uttered, talking about the compliments he gave. He rolled his eyes at me and flipped his imaginary long hair. "My God! Jazzie. I don't know if you're just bei
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I sat on the kitchen chair and silently scooped for my food while I was surrounded by six maids, waiting for whatever I may order for them to get. While chewing the food in my mouth I couldn’t help to keep an eye on my husband’s scattered armed personnel. I let out a raw smile and gently shook my head. Like I said, this is not new to me. Valjerome is a boss of a mafia group so he has so many staff here in the mansion¾protector and killer. "Be ready." My husband’s voice caught my attention. I turned to him and saw him seriously walking towards my seat. He is now well dressed, a white v-neck shirt and a faded denim pants. I still want to laugh because he acts like he hasn't done anything wrong to me. I continued eating my food, "For what?" I asked lazily. He sat down in the chair next to me and started getting his food. "It is my parent
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The party went on. The audience began to dance by partners just like Valjerome's parents. I couldn’t help but smile and be jealous of the couple. Today is their 50th anniversary, yet the love in their eyes were still intact. "You're drinking too much," a deep voice whispered beside me. I slowly glanced at him and smiled. "Are you going to stop me from this too?" I laughed and shook my head as I drunk the whiskey that I was holding. I guess, I’m really drunk because I can now answer him in a pedantic way without feeling nervous. Well, I am always like this when drunk. It was like I'm opening a door from a room I'm locked in. I do not know how many shots I've had. All I know is that I’m putting all my frustrations right now through drinking¾with my husband, with this necklace and with our lives living with each other. "Oh, son. Why don't you dance with Jazz
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Despite my loneliness, I still forced myself to prepare a dinner date when the night came, hoping that he'll celebrate with me on this special day. After decorating the kitchen, I decided then to go upstairs to change my clothes. Somehow, I felt a little excitement as I look for a dress. I chose a pinkish above the knee tube dress and carried it to the bathroom. I took a shower and fixed myself after. I put some more powder on my face and a little pigment of liptint on my lips before I moved quickly when I heard the engine of Valjerome's car. I may feel so nervous, but I couldn't help to laugh, thinking that we still lasted this long despite the way he treated me. I walked over to my window and watched him arrived. My remaining delight was erased instantly the moment he got out of his car with a woman hugging him. I bit my lip as they started kissing as if they were the only person around. I held my
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"You are the only one I have seen who took a break from work who was not happy," Azy commented as the make-up artists fixing my hair and face. I rolled my eyes and did not bother to talk. Even if days have already passed, my chest pain still doesn’t go away every time I remember what had happened on Valjerome and I’s anniversary. "By the way, you already know, don't you?" said Azy. My forehead knotted as I glanced at him¾waiting for him to continue. “You will be having a partner for today’s shoot,” he said. "What?!" I exclaimed. His lips parted and put his hands on his waist. "Do not tell me again that you have not read my messages yet?!" he growled at me. I closed my eyes and then avoid my face from the artist’s brushes. I signaled them to step aside as I looked straight at Azy. Read more
"N-Next," the photographer said hesitantly as he nervously smiled at me and Chaos. Who would not be scared if my husband, looking sharply at the man I am with as of the moment, was standing right next to him. I do not even know if this is still a photoshoot or a meditation because the room is filled with silence. You can only hear our movements and the sound of the camera shutter. They all seem to be feeling Valjerome’s dark aura surrounding. Even I, can not pose properly because of the nervousness every time he sees me. What? He was the one who decided to pursue the shoot rather than letting me date with this guy, but why is he looking at me like it was my fault. "You are too stiffed," the guy beside me spoke as he wrapped one of his hands around my waist for our next pose. I gritted my teeth and glared at him. "Are you enjoying this?" I hissed lowly. He chuckled and got c
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"Fvck!" a profanity was released by Valjerome the moment I pushed him and gave him a hard slap. I was about to leave his lap when he quickly grabbed me and restrained me in place. "You will never get away from me," he said as his jaw tightened. I laughed sarcastically and glared at him. "Fvck.You," the corners of my eyes began to tear up so I avoided his gaze. "Should we try?" he said coldly. I quickly turned my gaze back to him and looked to slap him again, but he immediately caught my hand in the air before it even landed on his cheek. "I would not let you hurt me again, once is enough," he said emphatically. When I laughed and bit my lower lip. "It is unfair, do you know that?" I said hoarsely as I stared at him. "Because I am letting you hurt me over and over again," I added as a lone tear fell on my cheek. His ey
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"Valjerome, let me go! What? Where are you taking me?" I forcefully grabbed my arm from his grasp. We just got out of the car and he immediately dragged me into the house. I could feel his grip based on his firm grip on me. He pushed me slightly up the stairs and pointed upwards. "Go to your room!" his voice echoed all over the house. I could feel the fear of his assistants and staff. Who doesn't? This is the first time he has been angry like this. "What is your problem?!" "I said fvcking go to your room, Jazzie! Don't test my patience!" I scoffed and laughed sarcastically. "Wow, you're the one who really said that. Do you think my head is getting cold from what you're doing ?!" I pointed at his chest. "You're acting like a jealous husband even though the truth is you don't care about me! Are you this ruthless, Valjerome? You're making me dependent!" I saw his jaw clenched. We both gasped for breath from screaming while not taking our eyes off each other. A few seconds later, h
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I kept blinking as I stared at the ceiling. I could not believe Valjerome is lying next to me now, most of all I never thought I would wake up in his arms. He's freakin 'hugging me. I have held my breath as I felt Valjerome's arm tightened and drew me even closer to his body. "You wake up early," he said hoarsely as he pressed his face against my neck. I feel like my heart will move out of my chest with the force of its beating. I cleared my throat and tried to speak with my quivering lips. "It’s morning already, Val," I softly said. He just hummed and nodded against my neck. I could even feel him sniffing. "Are you still sore?" he asked. My face automatically heated up as I remembered what we did last night. "Val!" I shouted when his hand cupped my womanhood. I
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"Good morning, Señior," Valjerome's staff politely greeted him as soon as we entered the company. I saw how their eyes analyze my being when they looked at me, examining my presence with their boss as if it is like seemingly strange. There are also others who simply murmured perhaps they saw the issue about us in the news. Valjerome didn't bother to greet back. He just continued walking like he heard nothing from everyone. I quietly followed while Jaime and some of his staff were behind us. I faked a smile and looked at where I am walking to. I was hoping in a few seconds. I was hoping that he would officially introduce me here in the company as his wife. Who am I fooling with? I am about to think that he was just jealous yesterday that’s why he announced our relationship. But I knew I would only make myself expect for nothing, he only did that to annoy Chao
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