Here, Here In My Heart

Here, Here In My Heart

By:  Haian  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You remind me of someone so dear to my heart...." -Syke Rafael Fontanilla Syke Rafael Fontanilla was the most crabbed but handsome man that Wevz ever known. She is so eager to help him change his perspective in life. But how can she change that if he does not want to let go of the memories from the past? And the worst thing? What if she’s the one giving life to those memories he has from the past?

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19 Chapters
Prologue - Tragedy
5 years ago He does not have any sleep at all. He does not mind the tiredness after a long night. He was there in the place where his wife met with an accident. The rescuers are having difficulty because his wife’s car fell down a cliff.  He is not a man of prayers but that day he can’t count how many times he prayed already begging Him to save his wife.  She is his life. He does not want to think that his wife will leave him this way. He does not know how to live without her.  “Sir, we recovered the body and we saw this necklace down there.” Said one of the rescuers. He froze when he recognized that necklace he gave to his wife as a gift. It's his wife's crucifix gold necklace! All of a sudden he felt so numb when he saw the d
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Chapter 1 - Superman
"MOM, I'm okay, I landed safe and sound." Wevz made it sure to her mom. Oh! Her parents are really like this, they are too concerned about her. Most especially her mother."Okay, take good care baby and always keep us up to date okay? I love you." Her mother told her.She sighed deeply. "Okay mom, bye, love you too." When she was able to say goodbye properly to her mother, she immediately called her friend Gia. But she is not answering her phone.She looked everywhere at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. She needs to ask where the nearest mall is because she’s not bringing lots of clothes. She will just buy in the mall while waiting for her friend.According to her mom, they once resided in the Philippines. Besides, this is her land of birth. But 5 years ago her
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Chapter 2 - Dream House
“HEY! GIRL! I am talking to you! I thought you were hungry? Why aren’t you touching your food?” She got back to her senses when Gia shook her shoulder. She still can't get over from what happened a while back. She felt really embarrassed! “What happened to you? You were not molested by the man following you right?” Gia continuously probes.  She actually lied to her. She just told her that she was able to escape from the man. Her friend was really concerned about her. “I told you, I was able to escape.” She told her. “Anyway, you don’t have to find a hotel. I ask permission to Tita Emz and to my cousin. You can live in the same house where I am living!” Gia announced excitedly. Read more
Chapter 3 - The Twins
WEVZ WAS SO GRATEFUL that the room that Gia gave her was an attached bathroom. And once she was done taking a bath, she went outside the bathroom only to find out that her friend was lying on the bed and it seems that she is really waiting for her. Their agreement was, she will just take a bath and she will tell her the whole story why suddenly he thought that her cousin was stalking her. Oh! She really does not want to share it with her because she felt so ashamed of doing so but she does not have any choice. She knows how persistent Gia can get. “Now tell me. Tell me the whole story and the truth before I will introduce you to the helpers here in the mansion.” Gia told her.She really does not have any choice. She made a face and sat on one side of the bed. And then she told her everything
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Chapter 4 - Grumpy Man
"WOW! GOOD JOB!" Wevz really enjoyed it while the twins kept on showing her their artworks from school. The twins asked her to come inside their room. It was actually on the second floor of the mansion as well. They were with Lily - she was the one taking care of the twins in the mansion.“Miss Wevz, it’s really nice to see that they really like you.” Said Lily.“Haven't I told you Lily? Remove the ‘Miss’, just call me Wevz.” She told her while smiling.She saw that she became a little bit uncomfortable. “Sorry, I don’t think that I will be used to that.” Lily replied."Can you tell us more about snow later?" Thea asked her.Read more
Chapter 5 - Weva Cartera (Tita Pretty)
WEVZ CLEARED her mouth first before talking. "Five years ago we migrated to Canada. This is because I got into an accident which caused me to be in a coma for 3 months."Wevz heard Mrs. Fontanilla gasped as she started sharing her life story."The moment I woke up, I didn't even remember my name." She smiled sadly as she remembered that day."It's okay hija. I understand if you don’t want to continue anymore." Mrs. Fontanilla said. She was being so understandable. She smiled. "It’s okay Auntie, I want to share it with you anyway. You welcomed me in your house wholeheartedly, I think it’s just fair to share my life story with you."Mrs. Fontanilla nodded and smiled at her. Part of her wants to share her
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Chapter 6 - Life Is Beautiful
SYKE CAN’T HELP but feel sad upon hearing his son asking Wevz a while back about how it feels to have a mother. Even his daughter, evidently his children were longing for a motherly care.  He was about to check on them but he heard them talking with their visitor. That's why he stopped outside their room door. But he was able to open the door a little bit, then he saw how comfortable his children were lying on Wevz’ lap.  The three are all in their pajamas and there was something that touched his heart while staring at them. This is how exactly he pictures his wife with their kids if she is just alive right now. Then he looks at Wevz, he can see how genuinely she cares for his children. Maybe it’s really true that she loves children, just like his late wife. He does not want to think about it but he can
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Chapter 7 - Ghost
IT’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE Wevz left his office but it seems that he is still out of his senses. “Life is beautiful, don’t hide your smiles. Don’t be selfish with your smiles.”He recalled what she said before she left his office. But in his memory, it’s not Wevz who was saying that. It was Maridel, his late wife. The way she delivered it, even the voice was exactly the same!“Chief Grumpy...” He heard that once from his late wife as well. During those times she was just his secretary.He pulled his hair using his fingers. Even the way Wevz said ‘This beautiful face?’ and ‘If you are right then fight for it’, those are just a few lines of his late wife. Read more
Chapter 8 - He Can Laugh!
"S-SUPERMAN? What are you doing there?!"Syke does not know if he will laugh or feel bad upon hearing Wevz ask him that. He glared at her because he could feel the pain on the lower part of his waist. He was not prepared when Wevz suddenly pushed him away and that cause him to be out of balance. And it seems that it’s not good at all. He tried to stand but he felt a searing pain upon using his force and that caused him to remain on the floor.He saw Wevz immediately walk towards him for help. And just like a while back, he can’t help inhaling sharply when he smells that familiar scent. It’s the natural scent of her wife!“Oh! Gosh! I’m so sorry Boss Chief! I really thought you were a ghost!” She said while helping him to stand.He doub
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Chapter 9 - The Patient
“OKAY, I will sleep now. And just smile all you want there.”Syke can't help but smile. Actually, he does not have any idea why he agreed with his mother’s idea of Wevz being his temporary ‘nurse’ for the meantime. But he can’t deny the idea that little by little he kinda likes the presence of this woman.Just like his late wife, it seems like Wevz is full of positivity in life. She always smiles and laughs. It seems like everything in her life is good and no burdens at all. But he knew better. Wevz is exactly his opposite. Because it seems that he is carrying the whole world because of his duties and responsibilities. There was a time that he was once happy but that was gone in just a snap of a finger when his lovely wife was taken away from him in this lifetime. He has thi
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