Touch Me While I Taste You

Touch Me While I Taste You

By:  Demiah13  Completed
Language: English
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What do you do when you lose your virginity to your next-door neighbor who so happens to be the egotistical bad boy of the entire town, who raises havoc wherever he goes and is the biggest player on the planet? Well, you guard your heart and stay away from him like everyone warned you to. Oh and pretend like nothing happened because what else can you expect from a bad boy? But what if it's too late to stay away? Especially since he's already had a taste of you and you of him? What if you wanted more? What if you were too late to guard your heart? What if you had already fallen for him even before you moaned out his name? Spinoff of this book ( Mia and Kade's story ) : TANGLED IN HIS SHEETS

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125 Chapters
Arabella Rivera  "You taste divine." Dean Winchester moans, kissing the creamy skin of my thigh. I moan arching my back in pleasure.
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Arabella Rivera  For an entire hour, I had occupied my
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Arabella Rivera  Read more
Arabella Rivera "Goodmorning Arabella." Gertrude greeted me as I entered the kitchen.  I
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Arabella Rivera "What the hell happened to you?" 
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Arabella Rivera  Gwen's button nose scrunchies in disapproval when I entered the car with my regular vegan salad in my hands." What? " I asked her with innocent wide eyes as I buckled myself in, already knowing that she was disgusted by
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Arabella Rivera  There were only two things that made my heart skip a beat. One, spiders and two, my favorite show airing a new episode. But now staring at Haiden, I could not help but question the skipping of my heart.Read more
Arabella Rivera  "You're the girl from the window?" He asked, leaning his shoulder on the locker beside mine. 
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Arabella Rivera  "Crap." I uttered as I send the bag strap over my shoulder and knocked on the door.
Arabella Rivera  "So what do you do first?" 
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