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A ring? A thing that is so beautiful to wear... An accessory to your fingers - A jewelry, a simple jewelry. But I did not expect that this simple thing would give me a more complex life. A life I never dreamed of having but just happened to me in an instant. In the blink of an eye, everything changed -

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    A ring? A thing that is so beautiful to wear...An accessory to your fingers -A jewelry, a simple jewelry. But I did not expect that this simple thing would give me a more complex life. A life I never dreamed of having but just happened to me in an instant. In the blink of an eye, everything changed -Avianna Alejandro, a famous personality in the field of media and television - an actress, a rising star, a public figure... but because of the behavior she shows off cam, many also criticize her. But no matter what issue she is involved in, it has never been a reason for the downfall of her career. She is still in demand, many still love her– idolizes and admires her.Read more
    Avianna's POV"Love? You love me? That’s what you call love? To hurt me? To cause me pain every day of my life? I am also a human being, Peter, I have emotions and feelings, and I got hurt too." I cried while holding his arms, so he stopped in his tracks and turned to me."Why? I also love you... but I just really love her more. And wait, why? Are you the only one who is having a hard time in this relationship?Shouldn't I be the one to complain, because you just turned me around!”he sighed as he waved his arm causing me to release him. But with the extreme emotion I felt because of what he just said, I was able to push him away.“Then it’s true, that everything was just a show! You don’t really love me, you were just forced to marry me because you got me preg
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    Primotivo's POVLoud music, people dancing and drinking greeted me, as I entered the Starry hub. I immediately went up to the 2nd floor of the bar where the idiots were.  "Hey, Engr!" I heard Gonzalo calling me, which I just nodded to him as a response. And I stepped closer to them and I sat in a position overlooking the dance floor located on the first floor of the bar."I thought you would never show up again, Engr.," Atty. Philip Aragon said smiling and handed me a glass of wine. I reached for it and drank it straight."You know, I'm busy. ACC has many projects, in and out of the country.""Woah, Primo! It's good that you got lost here today," Damon replied jokingly and I just shrugged.Read more
    Primotivo's POV"Two cappuccino, please." I ordered. I'm here now at the Dreame cafe which is also located right inside South Ridge Village, where I also live. "This is for take out, Sir?" I just nodded in response. And sit for a while on the nearby couch to wait for my order.My attention was drawn to a shelf here in the Cafe with piles of magazines where the cover was her, Avianna Alejandro. I don’t know but I stood up and took a copy of each different issue of such magazines to make sure I would get an idea about the woman that I can’t even stop myself from thinking, I paid for it and went back to my seat. I suddenly remembered what happened last night, fvck! She's good, damn it. I can still feel her soft lips on mine. And I want to taste it again ... I want to claim
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    Avianna's POV"Are you sure my secret is safe here?" I asked Dra. Hope Javier just to be sure. We are here now in the clinic of her ob-gyn friend. I need to really confirm it with a doctor because it is better to be sure that I am really pregnant, before I get to know and have a talk with the father of my future child."Of course, just trust me. I will not harm you, okay. He was my first ever crush when we were in college but we are not compatible with each other because he is a gay. Anyways, come on, I already said that the patient I will be taking is relatively private and confidential. That’s why he didn't open his clinic today." I looked at Hope."Thanks, Hope. It's good that you're here for me. If you’re not well I really don’t know what to do anymore ..." I said, because we went straight to her friend's clinic after we found out about my case this morning.I really just need to be sure first, before I take the next step to solve this thing.We entered the clinic, fortunately the
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    Primotivo's POV"No! I'm out of this, Dad..." I responded strongly to what my father said. And I stood up, they could no longer appeal for my departure because they were all shocked at the rise of my voice when I refused to marry Leyla Benidez. Fuck them! If they want to arrange a marriage between our family and the Benidez then let it be Prime, not me.I was quickly pulling my car along the coastal road back to Manila, when I saw a parked car in a part where there were not many houses and passing cars. And it looks like the machine is broken. So I decided to stop for a while in its direction, to offer some help.I got out of my car and peeked inside the broken car, because I didn't see anyone fixing it outside. But there was also no one inside, damn it, maybe it's a haunted car.When I felt hesitant I was about to get back in my car when I heard a woman crying, and instead of being afraid that it might be something creepy or scary, I still looked for where the crying was coming from.
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    Avianna's POV"Do I have any choice, but to say yes?" I asked him back and he just nodded and smiled. He took something- it’s a ring pendant on his necklace. He reached for my hand and put it on my index finger."You're not prepared, are you?" I said and looked at him that also made him stare at me."Take care of this. This is my grandmother's wedding ring. And this will serve as our engagement ring, for now," He seriously said.I looked at the ring, it was simple, an ancient style. But it looks expensive and really precious for this man."But... Why are you giving this to me? Is this necessary? It looks important to you, and you will just give it to me? You don't even know me and vice versa." He just looked at me and smiled."Because you are soon to be my wife, you deserve this ring. And you will also be the mother of my child. Anyways, I haven't formally introduced myself to you, I am Primotivo Alarcon," He said to my surprise. Alarcon, so he is one of the children of a rich family
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    Primotivo's POV"What are you doing here, dude?" Atty. Philip Aragon, one of my friends asked. Because we are here now in front of his house.He looked at the woman I was with, and at the other two that are also with us. I noticed the shock on Philip's face when he realized maybe who was with me. So he look at me like saying, "What the fuck, dude?!"But even before he could speak I already opened my mouth to ask, "Tito Philo can get us married, can't he?" And he was even more surprised by what I just said and I felt the tightening of Avi's grip on my arm. She looks scared but I know she already chose the path she wants to take, and that is with me.But Philip did not respond and simply opened the door for us to go inside.We are still waiting for Tito Philo, Philip's father who is a Judge, because he is in their Law firm and Philip just called him to come over to his house.I left Avi and her doctor friends in the living room for a while, while Philip and I were in his office at his h
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    Avianna's POVWe are here at Primo's house in South Ridge Village, he brought me here after our hasty wedding earlier. He even wanted us to eat out for a simple celebration but I refused, I just said I was tired and I wanted to rest. But the truth is, I didn't feel the events that just happened a while ago. It feels empty, I really feel nothing. Yes, he stood up for me and the baby in my womb by marrying me, but it seems like something is missing- it doesn't seem like, because something has already been missing since the very beginning of these things. And I know very well what that is missing, love.No love, I can really feel it. And it really hurts to feel something like this, emptiness and lack of love. All my life, I have been waiting for someone who can love me like the way I wanted to be loved. But then, it never happened, especially in the field of work I have. Everyone around me is just obliged to be good to me because I am Avianna Alejandro, the famous actress. Anyways, I als
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    Avianna's POVI woke up because I seemed to want to vomit, ugh. Morning sickness, it is. So I immediately got up and quickly went to the bathroom. I was just throwing up water in the toilet bowl when the sliding door of the shower suddenly opened. And when I looked at it it was, "Shit! Primo, get dressed!" I was shocked when I saw Primo come out of there and he was naked. But instead of covering any cloth over his erection, he just smiled and slowly approached me. Gosh! He looks like a demigod coming down to earth from the heavens, to sow lust. I want to turn a blind eye because he's so rude to show me his big thing! But the sinfulness of what I see, can’t obliged me not to look at it so I stare at it even more, because I feel like I want to touch the--"Hey you, wifey! Stop staring at it," he said playfully. That made me look up at his very handsome face. But suddenly I felt nauseous again, and I felt him caressing my back as I vomited in the toilet bowl."Are you okay?" I just shook
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