Forbidden Lust: Sexing My Husband's Brother

Forbidden Lust: Sexing My Husband's Brother

By:  Miracle M.  Completed
Language: English
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Note: This story contains elicit contents and it's rated 18+ "What are you doing?" she asked him with gritted teeth, she can't bear it anymore, not to mention she is always aroused whenever she saw the man but the man wasn't making it easier for her too, she can feel his body heat as they sat down and it was intoxicating, she felt that she was about to loss all her sense of reasoning, "What are you talking about?" Cillian asked, his baritone voice reverberated on Emma's body and she gulped hard, her body shuddered slightly from pleasure, "Can..Can we begin?" she stuttered, so much aroused to think properly, "Of course" replied the male "You see, things about businesses, just for an example, in terms of clothe businesses?" he said and touched the cloth she was wearing, that wasn't the issue but were he touched was, in between her legs, on the center of her pussy, her cunt, when his hand clasped there he felt how wet she was, she subconsciously moaned whilst tilting her head back, the irresistible lust that she has being trying to resist for long, the temptation that she has tried all she could to avoid, will it all succumb today?...

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Interesting Beauty and Riches
2024-01-27 13:22:25
80 Chapters
Chapter 1: Grey eyes
Cillian's POVEntering the dining and making my presence known, my eyes locked with the girl and I swore I felt my heart beat for a second, I haven't even experienced that in my lifetime at all, my chest rose and fall in want, want for the girl, I don't even care whether anyone was looking at me that moment, all I care was here, she is damn gorgeous, now that I'm looking at her up close I swore 'Grey eyes?, so rare' lust appeared in my eye but disappeared immediately, I noticed her shift on her seat and her cheeks tainted red making me smirk but it was hidden from any eyes.As I sat down, I noticed a stare from someone, I saw my mom giving me a knowing glare making me smile, sometimes I wondered how my mom would look pretty and innocent but at the same time so dangerous that she would know even the hintest of things that were almost impossible to see or know, I smiled at her not caring what she was warning me about."You are Emma," I said not asking "Yeah" she practically moan and I s
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Chapter 2: Piercing gaze
Emma's POVThe wedding was still on and I stood with the less sulking Nancy while smilingly chatting with the guests who came to congratulate me, I saw many of them checking me and Nancy out not even hiding it, it seemed like they couldn't help it making me chuckle and Nancy to smile from ear to ear, this was one of the things that she thought that she would miss once I get married, but seeing the men not even caring to know whether I'm in a wedding dress or not added to her happiness."Maybe I will try to get married too and check if they will still gawk at me I'm front of my husband, and after I will divorce him" She smiled so brightly as if she had made the best plan of her life since she started thinking for herself, but I know she was joking, if one meet this Nancy and the Nancy that's in her office whilst signing deals they would thought that she was a different person."Congratulations gorgeous, you look looked the best today" Mrs. Selena Harrison, one of the wealthy family her
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Chapter 3: Sex night
Emma's POV"Ughhh" "Fuck" Jose savored my mouth as we made our way to his room at his family Mansion, the wedding celebration has ended, and we were driven to his family Mansion, his fingers traced my body as he tried to pull off the wedding dress but he was finding hard to do, he trailed kisses all over my face, my forehead, my nose, my ears, jaw, ears and I moaned nonstop.He pushed his room door open and we practically ran into the massive room that has almost everything, calming down a little, he carefully removed the dress but still ended up tearing the dress, I laughed at his impatience, he undressed in haste revealing his naked muscled frame, he reached out to me and pressed our body together, he started sensually rocking our bodies and his nine-inch dick was pushing up rubbing between us and up to my stomach, he groaned from pleasure, bent down and took one of my breasts in his mouth sucking hard and good after pulling my undies, I moaned clutching his broad shoulders whilst l
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Chapter 4: Horny moan
Emma's POV"Babe I'm cumming..." I moaned and shortly after, a load of squirts started shooting out from me but his massive dick blocked a lot of them from coming out as he continued to fuck my pussy nonstop, I unknowingly clenched my cunt "Fuck baby you are tight" he murmured in between moan, his hard thigh hitting mine hard as he rocked me more.After some moments he turned me to lay on my side, laying down too he went to my back and entered me whilst hugging me, his fingers fumbling with my breasts as he trusted in, I moaned softly feeling both his big dick and his hard body that was so hard and feeling good as he hugged, as he pumped in and out we both moaned in the pleasure and sensation we were feeling, our body moving as one, the sight was so arousing.After hours and hours of sex, we both cummed many times and he decided that we should stop, he cleaned me up, giving me some good night kisses I slept off.The next day we flew to Miami where we would be having our honeymoon, I w
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Chapter 5: A vow
Emma's POVDays passed and me and Jose enjoyed our honeymoon, having sex in any corner or place that we thought was nice and would be erotic.We are currently on the plane returning to Jose's family Mansion and just like usual he is only in shorts, whilst leaving the other part of his body bare, maybe because he noticed that I always gawk at his frame he made it a habit, anyway I wasn't complaining though. What I was saying earlier?, yes, about Jose having his mansion but because of their family rule, they made it so that one can spend half a year in their mansion but the remaining year they have to spend in the family Mansion that was why we are there because it was the other half of the year for the family Mansion.But I was told by Jose that he was the only person keeping the rule amongst himself and his brother Cillian, he said that, that one wouldn't even be seen either in the family Mansion or in his mansion, he would practically disappear from the country and comes back any ti
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Chapter 6: Her gorgeousness
Third person POVThey landed, stepped out, and headed to the mansion, Jose told her how their family was made up, his dad married his mother whilst having an affair with his brother's mother, and even impregnated her weeks after he impregnated his wife making him a few weeks older than his brother when they gave birth weeks after, his dad brought in his other wife into the mansion but he built separate mansions for them in different places and apologized to his mom for being unfaithful and promised to never see any other woman except her, Jose mother knew that his husband's confession sincere so he forgave him, and besides his son came out first but she could feel that his husband was happy to have his other wife and son, so happy if one may say.Another thing that made Jose's mother insecure was how gorgeous the other woman was, she was so gorgeous to the extent that the beautiful Jose's mom felt insecure and that beauty according to Jose transferred to his brother Cillian.But in al
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Chapter 7: Aroused
Third person POV"Thanks, ma'am, I'm Emma, please to meet you" Emma replied smiling brightly at the woman, she returned her smile "Sorry for not attending your wedding girl, I planned to but something emergency came up so I had to rush over to it, I hope you are not offended?" she apologized and Emma nodded in understanding "No issues ma'am" "Just call me Ava" the pretty woman replied with smiles making Emma's racing heart at ease, the woman went back to her seat whilst pointing at the other woman on the couch "This is Emily, your husband's mom" she said and Emma smiled nodding at the woman who nodded back with a smile.It might sound weird but this wedding with Jose was the most sudden ever, after the proposal the wedding followed the next week taking the family unaware, if not because the family did a background check on Emma's profile and confirmed who she was they would stop the wedding immediately when anyone heard about the sudden wedding, the first thing that enters their mind
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Chapter 8: More harm than good
Cillian POVI was fucking a girl earlier inside my room when I heard a knock at the door, ignoring the knock I continued with what I was doing, ramming in and out of the male, whilst she moaned to my ten-inch dick, not many can take me with my dick, some will fall unconscious at the beginning stage, that's why whenever I get someone who manages or tries to take my dick without fainting I would have my take with the girl and fuck her as long as I can, and that was why I refused to answer the knock from the door.After a series of knocks the door flew open and my annoying brother came in, he wanted to rant out why I wasn't opening the door and answering him, that I always give him a cold shoulder, and that was true though, I give the whole family a cold shoulder except my mom, I don't have anything against them though, it's just my attitude, my character. My brother wanted to rant but he gasped when he saw a female helplessly being fuck under me he gasped, I ignored him and continued to
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Chapter 9: Thrilled
Cillian POV"So Cillian, how are your companies and corporation?" George asked me, I call him George though, I call everyone by their names, after all, it's their given name, except my mom, I call her mom though but when I have had enough she goes by her name too."Yes George, there is no problem" I replied and I saw a hint of hurt on his face not that I cared though, I don't give a fuck, but it disappeared immediately 'Good, that shows a trait of a businessman' I thought inwardly, that was one thing that made me still recognize him, he adjusts to situation easily, any kind of situation."That's good to hear" he replied and turned to Jose "How about you son?" he asked, Jose smiled "Everything is fine Dad, and I heard that Cillian bought a stadium in addition to his corporation and he is starting a big project that will attract even international clients, VIP customers, and partners over to him, the Canadian president made a speech with his name yesterday not minding that he was praisi
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Chapter 10: Ava's dark idea
Third person POV"Cillian what the hell did you think you are doing?" Ava whispered to Cillian whilst gritting her teeth, Cillian wore a disinterested look as he looked at her, they were done eating and everyone had left, Cillian wanted to leave too but his mom followed him to his room to avoid others hearing her.Now Cillian was leaning on his room wall looking at his mom, "What did you just do down there?, Fingering a married girl cunt... uhm treasure curve?" she reprimanded but her infiltrated words made her somewhat embarrassed, Cillian smirked at her "Just say it, Ava, it's cunt and I know it's what you call it, so don't act holier than thou in front of me" Cillian said making his mom speechless."I hope you will respect their privacy Cillian, she is married," Ava said and wanted to leave "Why are you here Mom?" Cillian asked looking at the thirty-year-old gorgeous woman that was his mom, the woman's movement stopped almost close to the door "Don't you see how gorgeous Emma is?,
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