The Deviant CEO: Part II

The Deviant CEO: Part II

By:  Vampire Whore  Completed
Language: English
777 ratings
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Picking up right where the last book left off, Alex has returned with Haley and now must deal with her new life as a young, single mother, but, naturally, when you live next door to the older, hot, deviant, Roman Lewis, who happens to be your baby-daddy and parents best friend, Life is NEVER going to be simple... With old feelings and new drama's waiting around the corner, Will Alex and Roman ever be together again?...

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Riya Tembekar
I know you are busy but everyone loves this story n we don't wanna see Roman as bad guy I want both of them again happy with her parents please finish this story with happy ending.... it's a humble request.....
2022-11-04 22:26:18
default avatar
Cindy Snow Ray Bostick
Great book and great author!!!
2022-10-08 06:27:45
user avatar
Amanda StJames
Update: everyone, I am really struggling to think of ideas for story lines for a third book. I never intended to write one so the ideas I do have aren't enough for a completely new book. I am trying but it's hard as I'm working on other books too. Sorry guys!
2022-04-12 19:02:00
user avatar
just wanted to see if you are writing a 3rd book for this story and also I was reading another one of your books on here that has disappeared can't remember what it was called but it had something to do with her stepdad
2022-03-21 23:34:46
default avatar
Jocelyn Nikki Morris
I know you said no book 3 but I’m really hoping for one. Even an epilogue to just conclude it tell us if Roman made up with mark or if they had more kids some die hard fans would really love it. Thank You keep up th excellent work
2022-02-21 01:57:35
user avatar
Amanda StJames
I've been getting alot of questions in Spanish or asking if this book will be translated because the first one is, I have no plans to translate this book, however goodnovel themselves have a Spanish website and often translate books themselves. So, it's up to them :) thanks for reading!
2022-01-12 01:25:25
user avatar
Parwan Kaur
dear author when is 3rd book coming ...
2021-08-18 09:26:11
default avatar
Ana Palmers
This is my fourth time reading both books and I can stop. I need a third book author desperately!!! Love, love Roman!!!!
2021-08-18 00:55:28
default avatar
Sweet Pea 63
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your stories! I am anxiously waiting for the 3D sequel for Roman and Alex and Harley and Alex!!! Hopefully they will be out soon!
2021-08-11 09:35:23
user avatar
Ann Marie Garza
loved it! Great job! i couldn't stop reading.!
2021-08-07 04:46:25
user avatar
crystal delee
please I need to know the happy ever after even if it's short
2021-07-26 22:26:42
user avatar
Jessica Molstad
Great story. maybe one day we will find out about their future!
2021-07-21 12:38:27
default avatar
I live the books. question is when is the next one coming our????
2021-07-21 01:45:55
user avatar
great ending
2021-07-18 04:51:57
user avatar
Tonia Hogarth
i loved this book...
2021-07-13 06:19:11
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65 Chapters
Updated on December 20th 2020- Note Before you read.
I want to make a few things clear before you read this book. This ISN'T daily updated. I don't have the full book written yet and I'm not punishing or making readers suffer because of an issue prior to this book being posted where someone was harassing me. The full and complete book has never been posted because it's not even fully written yet. I am not punishing anyone. If you are reading either hoping or expecting this to be a complete book, it's not (yet). I post it chapter by chapter as I write it. It's not daily updated because I have a very busy life atm but it will be completed by January 2021 (I only started posting on December 1st 2020). If you WANT to read a full and complete book, come back then and it will be completed.  This book is free for now, however, once this story is signed, it will be pay to read so also please don't read now while its free and then get any or disappointed when it becomes pay t
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Chapter One
So, To anyone confused or who doesn't know whats going on, Goodnovel is having issues with FB and Googleplay and as a result, authors are having to modify their work its not pulled from the app. The title has been changed and the words have been ce*cord. It was either this or lose my book. Im sorry with * in the middle of words annoys you, but it's literally out of my control. I hope you can all understand x enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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Chapter Two
Chapter TwoI waited in the food court, bouncing my leg rapidly. It was always my nervous habit. That, or biting my nails. I hadn't seen anyone since I left to go and stay in Forks. I obviously texted them all and told them what was going on and... Well, I had to tell my best friends about my daughter, they were all super excited to meet her,
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Chapter Three
Chapter Three I rounded the corner into the living room and saw all my friends crowding my mum and newborn daughter, cooing and smiling, genuinely happy to meet her. Mum passed her over to Kayla first who instantly held her to her chest and k
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Chapter Four
Chapter FourMy friends had left, my dad had arrived home and we sat down at the table, in front of our plated up our food. Haley was awake but quiet in her Moses basket next to me. I looked over at her and smiled.
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Chapter Five
Chapter FiveAfter we put Haley to bed, I decided to just stay out the way and go and have a bath. Roman headed back downstairs without saying much more and left not long after. I headed into the bathroom to run the bath and while the water filled the tub, I went and grabbed a nice fluffy towel and some Pajamas.
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Chapter Six
Chapter SixI felt really on top of everything this morning. I slept well, Harley slept through the night and only woke up when, well... It was time to wake up. She had a cuddle with mum and dad before they left for work, I gave her her ''breakfast'' bottle, and sat her in her bouncer, I read her a book and did some other things and by half 10
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Chapter Seven
Chapter SevenA few days had passed since me and Roman had our moment in the kitchen... H*ll, it was more than a moment, but, since then, I had been keeping my distance. I hadn't been ignoring or avoiding him, If I saw him out and about, I'd say Hi or wave, but in general, I've been keeping away, for one simple reason...
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Chapter Eight
Chapter EightI just stood, staring at my mum, absolutely no idea what to say. My phone is hanging in mid-air, slightly away from my face. She just stared back at me, waiting for an answer. She raised her eyebrow.
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Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine No one spoke. Roman didn't, I didn't... and she definitely didn't. I could tell with one look at Roman he was annoyed that I had caught her here and with one look at her, she was surprised I was. When it was clear neither of them were going to speak first, I did.
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