Hooked on Your Love

Hooked on Your Love

By:  Denise M. Williams  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hannah Brown, an abandoned, shy, broke and heartbroken twenty-three years old woman accepts life time job offer as as assistant to, arrogant, self centered, cruel millionaire investor, Micheal Capone. It's no secret these two are complete opposites. Will these opposites heal and maybe even fall in love along the way? Read on to find out!

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12 Chapters
Chapter 1
NOTE: THIS STORY IS NOT EDITED!! THIS IS MY FIRST STORY EVER. DO YOU HEAR THAT EVER? I WAS INNOCENT AND DIDN'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT WRITING A STORY. BUT IT IS BEING EDITED NOW SO BARE WITH ME. WITH THAT SAID, ENJOY>3.   Hannah   "Crap!" I shout as I stubbed my toe by accident, stepping out of my room.   "What happened this time?"   "It's nothing, I hurt my toe. I'm fine though."   ''Whatever you say,'' replies, Jules.   Jules had been my best friend since the sixth grade. She was the only one I had in my life right now. She was also the only one who didn't bully me throughout my life. At least not in front of people.   I met her when I was running from a pack of girls throwing eggs at me. When she noticed, she pulled rocks out of her backpack and began throwing them at the girls. To this day, I still don't know why she had rocks inside her
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Chapter 2
Hannah   As soon as I woke up this morning, Jules wanted us to leave.   "Come on, get your lazy ass up.'' She said, throwing a pillow at me as I stretched.   ''Five more minutes.'' I groan and lay back on the bed. I could feel her staring me down as I tried to go back to sleep.   "Hannah, if you don't get up right now, I'm going to drag you off this bed. Don't you need to know about being an assistant? And don't try the 'I'm shy and can't talk to people' thing. If you want to make money, you need to learn how to have a normal conversation with someone without freaking out. Plus, we had a deal, didn't we?''   "You're right, I know. '' I answered, getting off the bed.   " Good. Now stop complaining and get dressed." I rolled my eyes but did what she said.   Once we finished getting dressed, we walked up to Jules's car since she in
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Chapter 3
Hannah   "Let's go, let's go! You need to get ready!" Jules shouted as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.   I look over at my clock that was sitting on my nightstand and saw it was only seven-thirty in the morning.   "Jules, come on, thirty more minutes."   "No! Absolutely not! Because you know what you'll do? You will say just thirty minutes, then you'll sleep for another two hours. And even if you only went to sleep for thirty minutes, it's going to be eight. Then you're only going to have 30 minutes to eat, take a shower, get dressed, get the coffee, and then drive to the office. And considering how clumsy you are, that's going to be another 15 minutes."   Always has to be right.   "Ugh, fine." I grumbled and got up.   "Great! Come and eat breakfast. I made eggs and waffles."   As soon as I heard breakfast, I rushed
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Chapter 4
Hannah   Today I didn't have to rush to get up because last night I set my alarm for six-forty-five so when I woke up I could do one of the few things that calm me down. Running.   I threw on sweatpants and a sports bra. Once I stepped outside, it felt like heaven. The wind was just right, not too cold and not too hot. As I ran around the neighborhood, I felt my hair blowing in my face. Normally I would've got mad, but today it just felt good. Once I started getting tired, and it was getting time for me to get ready, I headed back. After I took a shower, I wore another light pink pencil skirt. I didn't want to wear another blouse just in case I fell again, so instead wore a white tank top and a black sweater over it. After I tied my hair in a low bun, I was ready to go.   When I left at eight-fifteen, that gave me some time. The drive only took about twenty minutes because there wasn't any traffic. When I stopped to get
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Chapter 5
Hannah   It has been two weeks since I have started working at Capone Industries, and I was already in need of a break. Mostly stressing over brick. I believe he either just forgot who I was and left the lingerie on the sidewalk or is remembering who I am and still left the lingerie. Pushing my paranoia away, I thought about what today was. My off day.   Yes, he only gives me one-off day every two weeks. But it was better than my previous job as a waitress. I never received any of days.    Ever since Jules dropped me off the first day, I haven't seen her. In the beginning I thought she was in trouble or something close to that, but then she started messaging me, saying she was at her parent's house or at the mall, or some lame excuse. I have an inkling she got bored with me and just didn't want to be my friend anymore, but I pushed that aside because maybe she wasn't lying, and I was just overthinking as usual. 
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Chapter 6
Michael When David and I arrive we go to the VIP lounge. Now I regret coming out tonight because as soon as I sat down all of them began talking to me. I never actually wanted to hang out with them. I only did it most of the time to close a business deal. In order to get that, I needed to get them to like me. So most of the time I just played it off until I got what I wanted.  We sat there for at least an hour before I told David I was going to get a drink. As I went to the bar, I saw someone who looked exactly like Hannah. At first, I thought I was just going nuts and that I was hallucinating because I was so stressed out.  Dude get a grip.  But I just couldn't. I had to just see a peek. If it was her, at least I hadn't completely lost my mind. If it wasn't, I was going to the loony house as soon as possible. The lady was sitting on the other side of the bar. I had put two sections for the bar instead of one big one because I w
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Chapter 7
Hannah   Oh God, please just kill me, just this once.    I am so pissed at Jules. How dare she?I only came so I could know why she was barely talking to me, but here she is bringing my boss slash brick to talk to us. I knew I was probably red as hell so I had to find some kind of excuse to get out of this.   "Jules, I'm sure Mr.Capone would like-"   He cuts me off, "Michael. It's Michael."    I didn't want this to start a conversation as I was already freaking out as it is.    "Yes um I'm sure Michael has plenty of other things to do other than speak to his assistant." I reply, giving a death stare to Jules.   "If that's true why don't you just ask him yourself?" Jules asked with a smirk.   Why couldn't she just mind her own business? I knew I shouldn't have came out here tonight.   Read more
Chapter 8
Michael   "Wait what?" I ask, taken aback. Had I heard her wrong? She actually said yes? I was for sure she was going to say no.    "Yes, I will go," She whispers   "Alright, great.  Awesome! I'll call my driver and go handle some stuff. I'll be right back."    I start walking but turn around quickly.    "And don't run off, again."   She smiles and sits at the bar. "I won't, just hurry up,"   When she says this, I hurry off. I get to the table and only see a bunch of drunk people. Only one man sitting on the sofa awake.    What the hell?   These were supposed to be the people I was going to settle a business deal with. I was gone for about an hour, and they were already passed out on the sofa.   "What the hell happened? I wasn't even gone that long."Read more
Chapter 9
Hannah   "Oh, that feels so good," I say groggily, placing my head on my pillow. It was so freaking soft. I was about to go back to sleep when I heard someone next to me say,   "You're absolutely right."    At first, I thought I was going nuts due to my aching headache, but I felt their arm shift slightly. I instantly panic and  try to jump off the bed but trip on the blanket. When I am about to fall to the ground, I try not to hit my head on the nightstand but fail majorly.   "Yep, that's going to leave a mark," I say to myself, or so I think.    "Yeah it is. How the fuck do you manage to fall about ten times every day?" I hear someone reply angrily.   "What the hell are you doing in my bed?" I ask, taking the blanket from around me and try to look for the nearest weapon.   I guess the person had woken up when I fell. I st
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Chapter 10
Hannah   I woke up this morning feeling a little better than before. At least I didn't have a raging hangover and a man in my bed.   I had no idea how this day would go. I was going to try to apologize, but I didn't want him to get even more mad at me for bothering him. My plan was to just avoid him for the rest of my life. That way, I didn't have to see his gorgeous face, and he wouldn't get mad at me. It was a win-win. So after I took a shower, put my clothes on and makeup, I went downstairs to grab something to eat before I left.   I was wearing a black dress that stopped at my knees with black heels and a pair of slides in my bag in case I stubbed my toes. I also kept a shirt and a pair of pants on my desk at the office. After what happened the first day, I was determined to be prepared every day.   I got in a cab and went to my office, which was in his office. To activate my plan to avoid him, s
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