Just One Stain Of The Shame

Just One Stain Of The Shame

By:  Dia Haddi  Completed
Language: English
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Ashlyn Davies is a cheerful, joyous, and carefree girl who spent her life like a princess, but her one mistake took away everything her home, family, reputation even her virginity.After getting pregnant, she has forced to marry a billionaire Kyle Ivan, but because of his ex-fiancee, she left him and went to another country.Five years later, she returned to her country with a baby boy who hated to share his mother. Kyle Ivan searched her and determined to have her make her his. How will he fight against his seed, who became a boy like him, and say, "Hey you, she is mine so stay away from her."

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     "Stop, please let me go. I didn't do this purposely. Please stop, listen to me. No, don't do this. I'm sorry. No, stop," "STOP," Ashlyn shrieked.She opened her eyes and found herself naked on a bed. She instantly forwarded her hand to take the duvet to cover herself but felt extreme pain in her body, especially in the lower region.All the things that happened last night flashed in front of her eyes, and she cried on her fate.She brought her knees close to her chest and covered her nakedness with a duvet. She was crying and sobbing for her mistake and fate that had brought her to this situation. Her whole existence was screaming pain, the pain in her body, heart, and soul. She was wailing over her fate when the sound of a door opening came. She tried to cover herself more. Within a moment, the door opened, and a tall, handsome man stood in front of her.“Please let me go home. My family would be worried about me. They would be searchin
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    First Kiss, First Slap
    Two weeks ago A girl was standing in front of the mirror, admiring her beauty and looks. She has a curvy body with sunrise gold hair that goes till her waist. She has green forest eyes with syrup sweet luscious lips. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked gorgeous in a light pink off-shoulder ball gown. Her hair was in a messy bun. "Wow, Ash. You look pretty gorgeous." Kate, her friend, admired her beauty.Ash smiled towards her in the mirror. "Everyone is waiting for you. Let's go.""You go. I'll come in a minute or two." "Fine. Come fast." Kate exclaimed and went away. Ash took out a choker necklace from her dressing table's drawer and put it on her neck. She placed her palm on the choker necklace and saw herself in the mirror. "Ashlyn, you are looking adorable, my sweet little sister," William spoke, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Thanks, William bro," Ashlyn's lips curved into a smile that didn't reach her eyes. "Are you missing mamma? Don't be sad. She'll be
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    Brother's Love
    In evening 7 pm; James and William reached home from the office. They freshened up and came to the lounge. Caroline and Amanda were putting the dishes on the dining table. "Where is the princess? I have not seen her till now. She is at home or not." William was concerned."She is sleeping. When she came back from uni, she was feeling tired. So she went to her room to sleep." Caroline replied, serving the gravy."But it is too late. How can Asho sleep like a pig? I'll go and check her." James said and moved upstairs to her room. "Asho, wake up. How can you sleep till now? And tell me, is it my responsibility to always wake you. Can you even wake up for once in your life yourself? Huh," James exclaimed, making a fake angry face. When Ash didn't move, he said. "Asho, I'm going to remove the duvet," James removed it from her face. She still didn't move from her position, so James pulled her from her wrist. He felt her body was heating up. He immediately placed his palm on her forehea
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    Kyle Ivan
    Kyle Ivan's POV; In my 23 years of age, the first time something like that happened to me. I reached the Institute at 9 am. When I got off my Audi r8, everyone was gawking at me, and all the girls were drooling over me. I didn't like this type of attention. So, ignoring everyone, I moved towards my classroom. I attended the first lecture. And in the second lecture, I had to submit my project assignment. So, I tried to find my best friend, Liam. I didn't find him in the classroom nor the corridors. I called him, and he said he was in the garden. I told him to give me my assignment and where he had put the project of the building that I had made. As for the project, he told me its location. While for an assignment, he said it's with him. So, I moved into the garden to take my assignment from him. I reached the garden, and I saw him sitting on a bench talking with other members of our group. I approached them and asked him for an assignment. "Dude, that assignment is in the car. I forgo
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    Worse Mistake Ever
    After Kyle turned Helen down and rejected her proposal, Helen felt rage running through her veins. She wanted to take revenge for turning her down. She thought herself highly and thought he would never refuse her."What did he consider himself? Is he the prince of some state or a king? What does he think about himself? Who gave him the right to turn everyone down, especially a girl like me who has everything? I'll make him regret his decision to turn me down. He thinks highly of himself. He cares about his ego the most, which he acknowledged as his reputation or self-esteem. I'll make him pay for turning me down.""What do you want to do? Just leave it. We have already told you that he is not like someone who will pester you or fall for your beauty. Ashlyn is much more beautiful than you, but what he did to her is shocking. Yeah, he slapped her only for a kiss. Don't be foolish and stay away from him." Kate tried to acknowledge her."Yeah, Kate is right. You have already seen his behav
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    The next morning,Ashlyn woke up before her alarm clock rang. She glanced towards the bedside clock, and it was 7 a.m.She went to the washroom and did her morning chores. She had a long, relaxing shower and wore black skin-tight jeans with a peach-colored loose sweater. She was wearing her sneakers when James came to her room."Hey, Asho. Today, you wake up early. You're even ready," he said, amused."Hmm," Ashlyn responded."What happened? Anything special? Because it's history, you couldn't wake up on your own. So, tell me, what is special today." James ruffled her hair."Nothing, Jami. I just want to go early today. I have important work to do. ""I must say the work is crucial because it dares to wake you up. So, tell me, what is the work? " James insisted."Nothing, I just have to do my assignment. Yesterday, I did something wrong, so now I'm going before it's time to do it, and then I have to submit. " Ashlyn lied. Because she didn't want to tell her brother the reason in which
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    James and William were looking for their princess. They searched for her everywhere in her friend's home, the university, Samara's hostel, and every nook and corner of this city, but they didn't find her anywhere. Both sisters-in-law were happy internally but showed grief for their husband's sake. while their husbands were getting mad. From the time they came to know Ashlyn was missing, James didn't eat anything. He searched for her in every possible place and got completely broken. ( WARNING: mature content ahead. If you're not comfortable or underage, you can skip this part.) But in a place away from the lights of the city, in a villa, Ashlyn was begging for her life. Kyle took scissors from his back pocket of pants and started cutting her sweater from the front. She was continuously shaking her head no and tears were flowing. Then he slit his sleeves and tossed his sweater into the corner of the room.Now Ash was in her bra and jeans. "You've got a good pair of breasts. I like
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    Ashlyn was roaming the streets because she had nowhere to go. Her clothes were not enough to keep her warm as darkness had spread, and she was alone. While roaming, she crossed near a mall where she bumped into someone, and without saying anything, she moved to walk when the person stopped her, pulling at her arm.Ash turned to see the person, her eyes filled with tears again, which had stopped due to excessive crying."Asho, What are you doing here? Your brothers were worried about you and were looking for you. Where were you? And what are you doing here in this condition? Is everything alright?" Samara asked in a single breath, looking at her pale face and chattering condition.Ashlyn's friend lived in a hostel as her parents lived abroad and she was in medical school.Without answering her queries, Ashlyn hugged her and started crying. Samara tried to calm her, saying soothing words and patting her back. In between her sobs, Ashlyn said:"They th-threw me out. I-I have nowhere to go
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    The next day, Samara and Jessica went early to the university and started waiting for Kyle.After a lot of waiting, Kyle came during lunchtime. They came to him and exclaimed:"Kyle Ivan, we need to talk.""Do I know you?" Kyle asked, turning towards them."No, you don't know us, but maybe you know Ashlyn Davies," Samara exclaimed."No, I don't know any Ashlyn Davies, and please stop wasting my time. I have urgent work to do.""So, you're saying you don't know the girl whom you destroyed in the name of revenge a week ago." Jessica gritted her teeth and clenched her fist.Kyle looked at them with red eyes and exclaimed:"What do you want to say? Say it and walk off. "Jessica clenched her teeth and motioned for him to join them in the garden.They went there and sat on the chairs present in the garden."Ashlyn is... pregnant," Jessica said as she looked into his eyes."So what? Why did you come here? Take her to the hospital and get an abortion."Samara and Jessica looked at him in disb
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    Care For Her
    Kyle POVAfter leaving her in the apartment, I moved towards my home, Ivan's mansion.I didn't go home last night, and I knew Mom would be tense.When I entered the mansion, my mom welcomed me into the lounge."Where were you last night? Kyle, you didn't even inform me. That was the first time. Is everything alright?" Sara Ivan, my mother, asked me.I was going to say something when my father, Mathew Ivan, spoke."What are you doing these days? You know, yesterday, Sophia again went home, crying. Her father told me that you're not behaving right with her. She is your fiancee, and what are you doing with her.""Dad, I didn't do anything with her. She is just irritating and always irritates me with her bluffing. That's why I told Ethan not to let her come into my office.""Behave yourself, Kyle. She is the heiress of the Branden empire, and you know how much she is valuable to us. So behave yourself with her.""But dad,Mathew stopped him and exclaimed"No, buts, Kyle. I don't want to he
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