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Brandon Garcia made a biggest mistake of his life. He hurt and ruined the only woman that love him so much at the very crucial time of their relationship. He regretted his decision but he couldn't undo things that happened already. Feeling down and rejected she ran away from him. And now after four long years their path crosses again. She changed. Not the same Candice he used to know before. He realized that he love her still. But for her he was just a forgotten past.

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It was sunny outside. And Candice eyes was sparkling with anticipation. Today is the scheduled arrival of her boyfriend Brandon after attending a one week conference in Singapore for the aspiring engineers. He was currently the head engineer of Harrison Construction where she was also employed as an accounting staff. She was looking outside her window when Candice decided to dial her boyfriend's phone number, she can't wait to say hello to him because she misses him so damn much! it's been seven days since she last saw him. She heard his phone ring three times before Brandon answer it. " Hello. " His voice was hoarse as if he just woke up from sleep. " Hey, Babe! What's up? Are you going to pick me up in my place ? " Candice said sweetly. She couldn't wait to see him. Her heart starts to beat fast just the mere sound of his voice. ' So excited to finally see him.' She thought. Then, she heard him clear his throat." I'm sorr
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Brandon frowned when he saw Candice talking to a nerd guy. He wanted to laugh at them but he restrained himself. It is so unprofessional of him if he will do it in the presence of his employees. So he disregard what he saw and continued heading to his private office.His eyes form into thin line when he saw the guy massage Candice's shoulders. Something seemed to rise up inside of him. His blood suddenly boiled at what he saw. But then, he realized that all his employees knew nothing about their relationship. He sighed and leaned back to his swivel chair. He dialled her phone. His eyes didn't leave the cctv monitor from his private office. He saw everything Candice did in her desk. The way she smiled sweetly to that nerd. He then saw her pick up the telephone." Harrison Construction, how may I help you? " He heard her sweet and soft voice from the other line. " Come to my office, now !" He said angrily. He clenched his fist. " O-Okay. " He saw her bit her lower lip. She looked ten
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" Damn! What have I've done? " He hit the table in front of him. It happened so fast that he couldn't control his outburst. He even saw the way Candice hugged the man and was surprised by his actions. " Shit ! " He cussed. Shouldn't he be happy now because he and Candice were over ? This is what he wants to happen, to end their relationship. Why did he feel like there was a pinch in his conscience ? It's good that they are separated now, his problem is gone and what happened to them was to his advantage. He will not be branded as a cheater for reconcilling with his greatest love Arlene. Now, he is free to show the whole world his true love. But he cannot forget her face when he saw her plead with tears in her eyes. Everything they've shared was not that important to him, maybe for Candice but not for him. Now, he try to divert his attention to his paper works more than focusing on Candice. Later on his mind was pre-occupied with his work and successfully dismissed her from his th
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She studied him. Zach changed a lot especially the physical part. She just noticed it now that he was a handsome man. How come she didn't see it when they were always been together before? Because his always been a big brother to you. Said her mind.Okay. She agreed." What brings you here, Candice? I thought you'll be living your greatest dream in the city? " He sounded sarcastic. He seemed very formal when talking to her even his face was stoic. " Zach. What's wrong with you? Are you mad at me for leaving you? And I thought you understood. " She sighed. She couldn't beleive they are arguing right now. " Do I have the right, Candice? You're always near to me if you have a problem, I felt like I was just your bodyguard and not your friend. " Her mouth parted. He literally leave her stunned. She had no idea he felt that way. " I, I don't know what to say, Zach." She met his gaze and saw the sadness in there. " I'm so sorry Zach if you felt that way. " She automatically reached for h
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He's tired and he need a break. Four years had past. Today is here thirty first birthday, his friends brought him in that place to enjoy. Because he's been living his life like hell for the past years and for the sole reason that he didn't find her. Candice must be good in hiding. He thought. She succeeded in hunting his life. He lived with celibacy, and his organ didn't function well. " Feel free to choose what you want, bro! " It was his noisy friend Jake. Like him he was still single at the aged of thirty-two and he seems enjoying playing with girls. He was once like that before not until he met Candice. " Nah, I'll just stay here, man. Thanks for the offer. " Brandon said weakly. " Okay, got to go. " " Sure. " Brandon answered. He was enjoying his martini when a woman entered the vicinity of Martha's Hotel and Resort. The woman with red bikini captured his attention. She looked wickedly sexy with her outfit. And he couldn't take his eyes off her. When she turns to face him, B
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He was at his cottage when he receive a call from his PA. " Positive, sir. We found miss Candice Villanueva! She's currently living in Hacienda Villanueva ten kilometers away from Martha's Hotel and Resort together with her mom and dad. She's the only heir to the Villanueva Empire in this province. Miss Villanueva is quite famous in this place, sir. " " Yeah. " He figured that out because her family is the wealthiest in this province. He'd heard of that family name before but he didn't know that his fat nerd of a girlfriend before is very rich. He thought she was just a simple employee to his company. " Thank you, I'll take it from here. My secretary will give you the paycheck tomorrow. " " Thank you, sir. Let us know if you need our help in the future. "" I will definitely do that. Bye. " He inhaled deeply to relax himself. He felt that the burden he'd carry for the past years was lifted. He promise to himself that this time he will never be an arrogant bastard to Candice. This
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" What is that man doing here, Candy? " Zach creased his forehead as he pout his lips towards Brandon's direction. " Leave him, Zachy. " Candice tap his arm smiling. " I've been telling him to stop coming here but he's just so stubborn. I know he's not used to this kind of work but he insisted it. So, I let him. Let's see if he will give up . " Her eyes twinkling. She thought of something. " Why don't we go to the resort? Let's leave him here and take a dip at the river." She convinced him. " Why not? It's summer now, a good swim in the river will relax our minds." Zach agreed with her. The two of them went to Zach's pick up that was parked in the car port." Hey! Where are you going guys? " It was Brandon calling them while waving his hands. But they just ignore him. They didn't bothered inviting them either. Brandon clinched his fists. He's mad! He felt like strangling the neck of that son of a bitch. If he didn't know the real score between
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Crap! Where the hell in the house she will sleep now? His simple yet elegant abode had only one room , besides what's keeping him so long to come out? She wondered what he's doing inside. She wants to knock on the door but her mind is confused. She decide to stay in the living room and piled up the throw pillows in the black leather couch so she could lay comfortably . It's better that she'll sleep in the couch than wait for him to go out of the room. She's tired and she want to lay down now. He furrowed his brow when he saw her sleeping in the couch. What was she doing? He didn't realize that he fell asleep after he did the 'deed' earlier. He was exhausted that he didn't notice he'd slept in the bed. He opted to carry her and bring her inside the room. She wasn't aware of what he did because she slept like a baby. He smiled mischievously, Candice was drooling while asleep. He almost burst into laughter. She's cute! He thought.He laid her down carefully in his bed and djusted her
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What the heck! What came into his mind to do that to her? What will she think of him now? A pervert for taking advantage of her? He pulled his own hair as if his strength depends on them. He left her confused earlier and now he's grumbling in the four corner of this forsaken room. How can he convince her to return to him after what happened to them? It's good that he stopped himself in time from forgetting all the way. He saw her in the kitchen preparing their lunch. He always thought of her as a mother material before but she was not his type, Not until she hunted him in his dreams. Those sleepness nights he thought of her that he doesn't want to go back with. He's happy that she's finally here with him now but she always disregard him, until what happened to them this morning. He just hope that she's not mad at him anymore. He came from outside the house when their path crossed in the living room. They didn't know how to react and just looked at each other saying nothing and then
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Candice don't know how to talk or react to him. After what happened to them last night, she felt ashamed of herself . What was he thinking after? He didn't talk to her also. Maybe he was not comfortable talking about what happened to them after it.But he said yesterday that he would take her to her parents. And she beleived him, that's why she woke up early this morning.When she turned her face to the right, he saw Brandon lying next to him. She didn't remember what time Brandon stopped devouring her last night. She smiled weakly, she felt sore all over. He obviously seduced her last night but then she wantonly surrendered to him. Brandon didn't forced her to do it with him, she was just unstoppable and eager to make love with him. She remembered that she initiated everything before it happened. She was so stupid for letting him made love with her. And now, she regretted what happened between the two of them. It was a night of mistake! She thought
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