Mr. CEO, Marry Me On Conditions [The CEO's Replaced Bride]

Mr. CEO, Marry Me On Conditions [The CEO's Replaced Bride]

By:  Niharika Nafisa  Updated just now
Language: English
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*BOOK 1 - COMPLETED - 148 Chapters (Chapter 1 to Final Epilogue) —No cliffhanger *BOOK 2 - Mr. CEO, Hold My Heart Forever (Continued ) *Spin Off — I KISSED MY EX-BOYFRIEND, & IT WENT WRONG— Available Now on GOODNOVEL — Can be read standalone. ~~~~ "You're not a victim, Ivanna. Nor am I a culprit," he hisses. "Let's do the business properly" I ogle at him, sniffing in wrath, anger burning inside me. He only knows the business. ~~~~~ Ivanna left her favourite city Texas to reunite with her family that she could never accept. With a vow to be a good daughter to her father and stepmother, Ivanna reached her city Dallas on her stepsister Irene's wedding, only to find out that she would be replacing Irene as a Bride. Her vow to be a good daughter turned out to be the worst decision of her life when she felt manipulated by her father. However, Ivanna was not a damsel in distress type of girl. She sent a message to the suitor, Christian Scott, the most eligible bachelor and the most powerful business tycoon of the city, placing the three most smart conditions to marry her. She thought that he would turn such conditions down and leave the thought of marrying her. But Ivanna's life turned upside down as he accepted all her conditions, completely determined to make her his and make her aware of the most crucial truths of her life. *The Cover picture is especially designed for the book 2. There's no child role in book 1*

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413 Chapters
Chapter 1: Replace the bride
[[By Texas the author is referring to the main city of Texas (TEXAS CITY)]]   Ivanna   I will miss Texas, memories I have made here over the past few years. It's my last day in this wonderful state with amazing people everywhere. Life won't be the same as before anymore after I move to my old city again. Even though I miss my family, Texas feels like home because of the freedom and amazing friends everywhere.   "We just graduated yesterday and you are moving out today," Emily frowns at me when we are exploring the busiest marketplace of Texas.    "You know the reason," I say, carrying the big bags stuffed with gifts and chocolates for my family.    Read more
Chapter 2: The three conditions
Ivanna They can't be serious. It's the day of my sister's wedding. I'm here to attend it, fix my relationships and find a peaceful life. Not for getting married at the last minute. I have no plans to get married anytime soon, especially to a stranger, a man who was about to marry my sister. "Janice, you're gotta be kidding me. Where's Irene?" I ask in a heavy tone, taking a step back. Janice and dad look at each other and let out a deep sigh.  "She disappeared somewhere and she doesn't want to marry him," dad says.  "Okay," I raise my palms to my chest and press my lips, giving them a nod. "I get it. She left. She doesn't want to marry. The marria
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Chapter 3: An adventurous meeting
Ivanna "You're looking so beautiful, Ivanna," Janice beams from behind as I look up at myself through the mirror.  I can't believe it's happening. Just two hours ago, I had a perfect plan for my present and future. Now, it doesn't work anymore. I freeze, looking at myself in the elegant bridal gown along with the diamond earring glistening in my ears. I always dreamed of this day but the person was different.  Sighing, I turn around and discover dad smiling at me. He comes forward and clasps my shoulder, his smile fading away. "I'm sorry. It wasn't supposed to be like that," he utters. "Should we be sorry, Richard?" Janice scoffs. "I bet she had n
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Chapter 4: After the wedding
IvannaI can't find my voice to speak as his eyes dart directly on me. My breathing gets faster. He has caught me. He knows that I was about to ditch him too. What if he— What will he do? I don't know. What if he kills me? Jesus Christ! I gulp down. "Who— who are you? What— what are— you saying?" I pretend not to know him, unsure about what to speak.  He raises his right eyebrow.  "You don't know me?" Read more
Chapter 5: I'm not a virgin
Christian I don't know if she's too innocent or too stupid to cover her face when I can see almost half of her revealed body. But whatever she is, she is heavenly cute. My lips automatically stretch into a smile.  "How am I gonna follow the rules if you keep running and falling?" I smirk as she slowly uncovers her eyes, still covering half of her face.  Her ebony black eyes flinch at me along with her delicate body, hurrying to part me away. Nudging me away she stands up properly and squeezes her arms over her chest. My shameless gaze can't help scanning each detail of her. Honestly, I never expected to witness this when I came inside.  "Huh! Stop finding excuses to touch me, okay?" She scoffs, gazing
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Chapter 6: He's a hot mess
Ivanna I roll on the super comfortable bed, smelling the scent of fresh sunrays brushing on my skin. Yawning and rubbing my eyes, I push my eyelids at the window and recall that I'm not at my tiny apartment in Texas.  I squirm with the thought of Christian beside me and immediately look down. There's no one. I peek at the washroom and then at the clock. It's ten and he may have left for the work.  Sigh! I slip my legs down and collect my clothes. Morning means a warm shower for me. I stand under the shower and let my skin absorb the dampness and warmth.  With a new morning. I'm a married wom
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Chapter 7: How dare you kiss me?
Ivanna "This is ridiculous," I clamour, shoving my eyes from the stupid document. "How can you do this?" "I did this, Mrs Wife. You just said what I am. Here's the proof. You were not at all wrong about me," his lips twitch. I hate this smirk, I hate him. "But you should have been more conscious while signing a document" I feel like stupid; I'm indeed stupid. How can I miss such clauses? But who can ever imagine such clauses? I don't know how to react. Crumpling the documents into my fists, I slam them on the ground.  "I have never thought you would add such ridiculous clauses," I scream out in frustration. Read more
Chapter 8: The tantrum queen
Ivanna He's gone before I wake up. And I'm glad my day hasn't started with watching his face next to me. Wriggling on the comfortable bed, I take some time and close my eyes shut. The kiss. Last night, he kissed me. My eyes shoot up and I jump off the bed, covering my mouth. Darn! It was real. It happened. That jerk kissed me. Argh!  He is so smart with words that I can't keep up with him. Why not? He'll be good at all this since he's a businessman. Such people love to find their benefits in everything.  However, shoving his thou
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Chapter 9: The evil wife
Ivanna "Ugh! Why are your men following us?" I scoff, looking at the mirror while riding.  "They don't leave me alone. That's their job to protect me from strangers and new people," Christian replies from behind.  It makes me frown and I purse my lips in anger. "What do you mean? They are protecting you from me?" "Sort of. You have literally made me travel on an old stupid motorbike," he seethes. This alien is enough to run anger through my veins. I twist the handlebar and stumble the bike upon. With a jerk, he shakes against me abruptly. "What the—" he sniffs. "Are you crazy? If yo
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Chapter 10 : Wedding Reception
Ivanna Christian has headed back to the office right after we came back to the villa. I wonder if he's gonna be the same in the reception, how many people will be there, will I be able to handle the situation well, if he has invited my parents at least. So many questions but not a single answer. As the sun sets over the horizon, I come back to my room to get dressed for the function. Mrs Fisher comes following me right away.  "It's time to get dressed. I have brought your outfit," she passes me a warm smile. "Well, I already got my outfit today" "But Mr Scott said you will wear this," she roll
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