Demon King: The Werewolf And The Lily

Demon King: The Werewolf And The Lily

By:  Kimberly Anne Magno  Completed
Language: English
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Amanda has been living happily in the village for years. Her ancestor, a Mage that helped the Hero in subjugating the Demon King about 500 years ago, made sure that the village becomes rich and abundant. Along with her friends – Irene, Jessica, and Grace – they promised to spend the next harvest festival together as they did this year. Until Jessica suddenly left with her lover. Amanda found it mysterious. After a year, Amanda was introduced to a noble during the Harvest Festival. It was supposed to be a routine marriage interview until she woke up in a place that she did not recognize. In the mountain beyond the thick forest that surrounds the village, a large castle looms with darkness. Will Amanda find the truth about her situation, or will she find love instead?

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54 Chapters
The Dark Forest is a vast area of woodlands so thick that the sunlight ever hardly penetrates through the canopy. Even when the sun is high up in the sky at noon, the heart of the Dark Forest is only ever as bright as the dawn breaking and never really fully committing to a full morning. Because sunlight barely gets through, the forest gets colder the deeper one goes inside. Because of this and some other reasons, the forest has become home to various creatures that are barely seen outside. Creatures that could only be known in books and are considered to be merely created by fantasy. Towering on the north of the forest is a ragged mountain that is hardly accessible. An old castles sits at its peak. It had been said that the castle is home to an evil lord that was vanquished by the hero 500 years ago. When one stands at the terrace of the castle overlooking the forest, one see a stone altar surrounded by a circular column of large stones and slabs deep in the he
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Village Lily
“A long time ago, the world was at peace. All the creatures have been living alongside each other. Humans, demi-humans, beastkin and even ancient creatures like fairies and dragons cooperate with each other to make the lands fertile and life easier. The gods were so proud of the races that they send their bounties to them. Every year, there would be a tournament where representatives from the various races would compete. The Champion will be provided with powers from each of the gods. For 5 years, there was only one person who held the championship spot. A human that was called “The Hero”. The gods did not mind this, he wins fair and square all the time; he was a benevolent and kind-hearted hero and he would give half of his prize money to an orphanage where he grew up. Everyone was glad about this, even the leaders of the different races and those who fought against him in the tournament. He was the pride of every god, except one. The god of games has grown bored. He has be
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Harvest Festival
There is not child in the village that is not fascinated by the story of The Hero and the Demon King. Even some of the grown-ups are still fantasizing about the tale – men still think about defeating a Demon King and being a hero while women think about marrying a Hero who has defeated the Demon King. Among the villagers, there was one who was the most fascinated about the tale not because she wants to be the Hero or meet one, she just loves the twists and turns in the story itself. This person is none other than the village chief’s only child: Amanda. Ever since she could remember, she had repeatedly heard about the story from the Village Elders and different adults. Even her mother would read the children’s version of the tale before bedtime. She was amazed at how the Hero returned and gained friends to defeat the Demon King. How the gods supported the Hero, and the fact that her ancestors directly came from the Mage who created their village. Having a close historical tie
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Waking up in Darkness
The Village of the Mage has been prosperous ever since it was established by the Mage herself. All the leaders the followed her had been kind, generous, and wise. They made sure to keep the village running well and even made improvements; the village could practically be called a town. The village has experienced its Golden Age for 500 years and it would have continued on if not for the previous chief and his son, Felipe. Felipe’s father was a wise leader but her wisdom was not directed towards the improvement of the village, he used it for his own gain.  Having seen for himself how healthy the village is, Felipe’s father started to want it for himself and his family. He started to device ways to subtly increase taxation from the villagers. He would make up building projects and other activities that would require quite a bit if funding but in reality would only need very little. He started to fill his personal coffers using the money from the citizens. And when the cit
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The Demons Castle
“Every year, we have been blessed by bountiful harvest that would fill out coffers with gold and our bellies with food and wine!” the Village Chief began his speech as he addressed the villagers for the Harvest Festival.“More than 30 years ago, I have prayed and prayed, alone on the forest, begging the goddess of the earth to aid us,” Felipe continued, “and soon enough she has heard our calls and gave us a bountiful harvest. And so we celebrate this Festival every year to honor the goddess of the earth and her blessing!”The village chief paused and looked around, there seems to be less and less females, they need to invite more from other villages and towns. He looked at his daughter and then continued, “We have spared no expense for this joyous event. We also welcome our valued guests – the nobles and merchants – who supported us through thick and thin. And so, without further ado. Let us all have a great festiva
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Dreadful Encounter
It took some time for Amanda’s eyes to adjust to the dim lighting inside the palace. She looked around as soon as she was able to see clearly and realized that the whole place is lit up by candle chandeliers from the ceiling and flaming torches on the walls. The interior was vast. It was only the first floor but it seemed like it was the whole building already. The walls are made of stone and Amanda could see that some areas are darker. They seemed to be scorched. The floor that they were stopping on was covered by a thick carpet all over and only a small portion near the walls are exposed.Despite the interior’s rustic and dinky look, there was no sign of disorder nor of form of dirt or slime. The places looks well cleaned and well maintained. It is quite obvious that someone is living in this place and that the maids are doing their jobs well. Amanda could not help but commend them for that, no matter what kind of god-forsaken creatures they may be. When she loo
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Meeting The Demon King
“Jessica?!” Amanda exclaimed as she recognized her friend’s face. At least this person looks like Jessica, the shape of her face, the color of her eyes, even the voice. But this person is more beautiful, utterly so. Her beauty is just like the lamias’. She was Jessica made eerily beautiful. Even her pimple marks were gone.“You know my name? Do I know you?” the girl who looked like Jessica answered.“It’s me, Amanda!” Amanda replied. She felt lonely that her friend did not recognize her, but a year is not really a long time. Something must have happened to her friend.“Oh! Amanda! The village chief’s daughter!” Jessica exclaimed in recognition, “you have grown so much. How did you do that! We just saw each other yesterday, playing by the riverbank and now you are like a lady!” Jessica sounded happy, but her eyes were blank and glassy. Amanda knew that something was up, she knew h
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The First Encounter
Dimitri was in awe. The woman in front of him is the most beautiful yet. Her skin was so fair that it looked like the petals of a flower that Dimitri only say in the forest when he was young. Her outfit matched her perfectly that she seemed to radiate as the lights fall on her face. Even though she was dressed and made up the same way the previous sacrifices were, and even if she just stood there at the entrance and stared at him, he can’t help but feel his beast blood boil. Something about this woman is calling out to him at the primal level. It bellows within him. It is something that he has never felt before and something that he could never feel again. He tried to shake it off but he gets entranced every time he looks at the woman now standing before him. Dimitri knew then that something was going to happen, he is not sure yet, but it is bound to be something.There was something off about the woman, though. All through the years, the women who were pre
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The Demon King's Plot
The sound of the slammed door echoed within the room and through the hallway. There was a long silence that follows and it lasted for what seemed like hours. Dimitri stood there in disbelief – he has never been this insulted before. He was never challenge in all his life and the first time he did, it was by a human girl no less. She was nothing but a sacrifice, abandoned and betrayed by her people, and yet she still had the guts to actually show that sort of attitude to Dimitri. He was fuming, he was frozen with rage.“Are you sure about that?” was a question that followed after the steward, Alex, cleared his throat to break the eternal silence.“Sure about what?” Dimitri asked, his mind still seems to be off somewhere; he is clearly yet to recover from that.“Are you sure about not doing the ritual tonight?” Alex continued, “I mean, I get that you are furious after what that woman did, but shouldn’t we conti
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Demon King's Steward
The new clan chief looked at his family longingly as his wife and newborn son are slumbering. It is still quite early but they went on a trip earlier and both of them were exhausted from the hiking and the running around. His smile was suddenly replaced by a frown after he realized that his family could be living in a better place. The human’s attack on their settlements when he was young still seems fresh in his memories.After knowing about the secret in the forest, the werebeasts were attacked and displaced by humans so that they can claim the source of power. The women and children were evacuated and the new clan leader, who was still a child back then, had no choice but to leave his father and the village that he grew up in. it was true for the other children as well. That night, every child in the village lost a parent to the humans.It was unfortunate, but at least their race lives on with them, the new generation. And so a new but smaller village was erec
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