Making Memories With Ceo Mr Wells

Making Memories With Ceo Mr Wells

By:  Gigi Crystal  Completed
Language: English
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Lily 'Snow' Jenkins, an investigative reporter loses her memory during an investigation on human trafficking. Cody Wells, CEO of Wells Architectural Industries and Samantha Smokes, his assistant find Lily unconscious and naked in a dumpster in an empty alleyway. Cody is arrogant and mean- typical traits seen in a boss. Sam is friendly and outgoing. And Snow is one of the sweetest and fiercest women ever. Cody and Sam promise Snow they'll help her recover her memory. Cody lets Snow live with him and the longer she does, the harder they both fall for each other. Problems develop for Cody and Snow when the bad guys find out about her as she slowly recovers her memory. The bad guys even try to get rid of her by killing her and hurting Cody as Wells. Will Cody try to avoid these problems by being his usual arrogant and mean self? Will Snow live in fear, knowing someone out there wants to hurt her? Or will they let their love strengthen them and win the battle against their enemies?

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88 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lily   I crawl out of the air vent, pull out my phone and start video recording as I enter the dimly lit warehouse. It is so creepy in here. I'm slowly getting scared as I walk further into the building but I strengthen my resolve. This case is very important and once I succeed, I'll get a real job and maybe I'll even start my own official news blog.   I smile to myself as I think. I spot security men walking around the building. A few of them upstairs, a few of them downstairs and others walking around. I scan the building for security cameras and find a lot of them in almost every corner of the building. The security here sure is tight.    Luckily, I dodge the security men and make sure I'm not seen by the cameras. I hold my phone tight in my hand and tiptoe stealthily. I spot a slightly opened door and walk towards it.    A gasp escapes my mouth when I find the kidnapped women and childr
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Chapter 2
Cody   "Jane, come over here quick. I can't find the woman we brought to my house anywhere."   "My name is Sam." She groans before continuing. "Are you sure she's gone? Have you looked everywhere?"   "Of course I have." I yell into the phone and exhale deeply. I change my tone to a more calm one. "I have looked everywhere Miranda. I can't find her. What if she's just hiding somewhere stealing my stuff and I can't find her because she's a thief who's good at her job?"   "Miranda is my daughter's name." She groans again. I really love to annoy Sam by calling her different names and pretending to forget her name everytime.    "How is she a thief if we found her lying in a dumpster naked and vulnerable? What exactly is wrong with you thinking like that?" I open move my lips to answer but Sam interrupts me, making me frown. "Look. I'm coming. I'll ask Miss Anderson to take care o
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Chapter 3
Cody   As I walk into the living room, I notice Sam walking after me.   "Cody." She calls but I don't respond. "Cody!"   "What?" I snap. "Why did you promise to her that we're going to help her? I don't want any part of this."   Sam stares at me pointedly. "We brought her here to your house and therefore we must help her. She needs help."   "Can't we just hand her over to the police and make her not our problem anymore?" I argue and Sam's eyes widen.   "Cody! We are going to help her whether you like it or not. And that's final." She then grabs my shoulders. "Promise me you're going to help her."   I look away and she shakes me lightly. I direct my gaze back to her. "Cody, I want you to promise me that you're going to help Snow."   I sigh, not liking the idea. "I promise." Sam smiles.   "What you
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Chapter 4
Snow   "I found a match." Detective Parker announces. "Ready to know who you are Miss Snow?" He asks me and I suddenly feel nervous.   "I'm ready. Detective." I say.   "Okay, Miss Snow." Detective parker starts and turns his computer monitor towards us. "Your name is Lily Jenkins."   I inhale sharply as he mentions my name, trying to keep my emotions under control. I take in the image of myself on the screen. I had a smile on but it looked forced. And my hair was a little messy but I looked.....nice in the picture.    "You're 22 years old and you're an investigative reporter," The detecive informs us and snickers. "but you suck at your job. You're unemployed, you have an online blog but not many views. Your parents died in a car crash on their way to your college graduation." He reads my profile out loud and I scowl at him.    But my scowl was immed
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Chapter 5
Cody   "I remembered something." Snow says softly. "But I have a headache."   "You remembered something. What did you remember?" Sam inquires.   I half smile and then frown, remembering that she'll be seeing a doctor to run some tests on her and therapist to help her recover her memories. Snow will be owing me a lot.   I speed up, wanting to reach home early.   "I remembered posting my last F******k post." Snow narrates and I pay attention to both her and the road . "I was sitting behind my computer, typing something. I remember that that was after I posted that message on F******k. But I couldn't make out what I was working on behind my computer."   "Well, it's better than nothing I guess." Sam lets out a small smile, trying to cheer Snow up. "It's baby steps. You don't have to stress too much about remembering yout past life. It will all come to you." She s
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Chapter 6
Snow   Sam and I sit in the consulting room for about an hour before the doctor comes in with the test results.   “From our results, the ZIP drug is in every system in your body. It’s not harmful at all so don’t be worried.” The doctor says as he sits down behind his desk. “It’ll slowly leave your body as you remember stuff."   "When will that be?" Sam asks   "Well you said that you remembered something yesterday right?" I nod and he continues, "It depends. I can't really say when it'll be completely out of your system. But in the meantime you can see a therapist to help you recover your memories. You also have to be very active too to speed up the process."   Read more
Chapter 7
Cody     "Have a minute to spare?" Lee asks, peeking his head through my office door.     "Come in." I answer and he enters.     "Where's Sam?"     "She's running an errand for me."     "With a lady? Who's she?" Lee asks with interest, sitting on one of the chairs in front of my desks. I groan inwardly.      "How do you know about her?"     "So you do have a new girl! Finally." He grinned. "Kylie asked me about her the other day."     "How does Kylie know about her?"     He shrugs. "Beats me. I didn't ask because I didn't believe her. What's her name?"     "Is that what you came here to talk about?" I frown.     <
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Chapter 8
Cody   After calling Sam and telling her about the explosion at Snow's apartment, I quickly rush out of the men's room.   "Lee, we're leaving." I call him. I don't give them time to comprehend what I just said. Lee gives me a questioning look and both Mother and Kylie look confused. I ignore them and walk out of the restaurant without uttering a word.    "Cody!" Lee shouts from behind me, but I keep walking towards my car. "Can you slow down? You just left Mother and Kylie in there without saying anything."   "Lee. This is more important." I state.   "What is?"   "That's irrelevant. So shut up
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Chapter 9
Snow     Hugging Mr Wells just felt right. When he pulled me in, I was a bit startled because he doesn't look like the touchy-feely type but I hugged him back and felt myself slowly calming down. I felt comfortable and safe in his arms. I wasn't sure why and I'm still not sure. It was soothing to be in his arms, I guess.     I tried to ignore the emotions I felt the entire day. Sadness, anger, worry and frustration. Immediately I was left alone in the kitchen, I broke. I couldn't keep it in anymore. But when Mr Wells embraced me, it all went away. And I was glad it did.     Mr Wells took me to my room and left me without saying a word. At least I was able to sleep without finding it difficult to do so like the nights. I actually slept peacefully.     So when I woke up this morning, I decided to do something to show Mr Wells that I appreciated what h
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Chapter 10
Snow   I wasn't sure if I wanted to return the phone and buy a new one or not. So as we drive to Mr Wells' office, I think carefully about it.   "Sir, I don't think I know your name and it wouldn't be nice if I called you driver or sir all the time." I speak politely. "What's your name sir?"   He smiles at me through the rearview mirror. "My name is Joseph Sawyer." He answers.    "Okay. Mr Sawyer."    "No Miss, I prefer you call me Joseph."   "Then I also prefer you call me Lily...or Snow.  You can call me any of them." We both share a laugh and I continue to ask him. "Do you think t
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