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ROSEANNA A girl born in Wealth family. But not so wealthy. Was destroyed by her own three brothers on intention in hatred. Was forced to marry a man she was scared of. KASHTON A man with obsession to everything he owns. You lay eyes on what is his. And then on you won't be able to see anything. A Man with power and money. He owns what he likes. At any price. *PLOT LINE* ROSEANNA was just in her junior college when the eyes of devil captured her. She couldn't or say she didn't protected herself. On purpose and on FORCE. But this is not all, there is more. Somethings that's we don't know about. Things ROSEANNA is unaware of.

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101 Chapters
PROLOGUE: Inside In The Dark, Lives She.
  ROSEANNA "Please, please... Leave her brother. She isn't at fault. It was my mistake everything was my mistake. I took her out in purpose. Force her to go with me. Against you. It was all me. Please leave her. I beg you..." I requested him, my hand gripped on her hands, while apart from my mouth, my eyes was begging him to. He was standing with a scissor in his hand, hanging on Shelly aunt's hair which he was going to trim because I made a terrible mistake. I, His way of punishing me. He knows that after mom, these people mean the world to me. So, he uses it against me. His one hand was gripping Shelly aunt's hair, while the other one will rest the scissor together and her hair will be cut short. She was crying, begging for his forgivance while he was laughing like a psychopath. He looked at me and then the scissor as he cut it. Right, in front of my eyes. Not sparing an o
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CHAPTER 1. The First Meet
 ROSEANNA"Okay kids. One... Two... Three.. Four... Once again... One... Two... Three! Yes, that's how you do it! So everyone stop talking it's your time to dance. One Two three! Raise your arms and swing around. From air to ground. Yes that's how you do it!" I explained the little kids who were just looking at my steps and following me. I don't know why, but being with these kids is my sole pleasure. Ace brother hates it, but I can't stop myself. I sneak out of house everytime so that I can be with them.  "Roseanna, you should get employed here. The kids love you, I will pay you double." The head and my friend of the dance academy asked me, when I giggled. "It's not that easy, you know. Brother won't like it." "Come on! Is the 21st century,you have to speak for yourself. You don't have to be oblige yourself with that stupid dick head Remmo!" She gritted, because she really hates him. Last time I came here and they foun
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CHAPTER 2. The Forced Marriage Alliance.
ROSEANNA "Look Rose, I don't know much about this guy. But ever since he have arrived, your brothers are at the tight spot. I have never seen then scared or afraid of someone. But whoever this is, he is very powerful. So please agree and accept whatever they ask from you. Okay? ""Aunt Shelly,how can you even ask me for something like this? I can't marry like this." I asked her, astonished that this time even she is not understanding my position "Rose, why don't you try to take it in a positive side. He is the one you've been waiting for.  He is your prince." She said caressing my head, as I jerked my head away, "No! He is a man brothers have chose for me. He must be no different then them. Yes. I understand my brothers. But I can't yo around getting beaten by a random stranger. That won't do." I told her no, when she sighed in frustration. "I have already found my prince.""What do you mean?" She asked, shocked at my revelation. Read more
CHAPTER 3. What I Feel?
 ROSEANNA "You know everything about your brothers, how can you even think carelessly and commit an unforgivable sin?"  "Unforgivable sin? What is it? Loving someone?" I asked her, when she shook her head, "No Baby. Loving someone is never wrong. But its a sin if they have brothers like you." She tried to be rational, whereas I was already out my head.  "You always told me stories of a pitiful princess and a powerful Prince. That someone will come to the rescue for me. I found someone. And now, you are just saying that everything is sin?" I asked her, hurt, and broken. She felt pity for me, as she kept her hand on my cheeks, "Honey, be rational. Emotionals are just game. And yes, I told you about a prince. But I said he will come himself, you won't have to find. And see, it's here..." She said as she tried to cheer me up, and tried to play with words with me. "It's Kashton honey. It's him." She sai
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CHAPTER 4. Maze in Mansion
 ROSEANNAHis words, scared me, my self respect was alresyd gone with them mentioning the virginity test. But now, his words describes his personality. The one. I feel is cruel. I can't trust on this man either, I can't rely on him, like aunt said. He is rather another man who is print of my brothers. No respect for a woman. He said, as he was not coming closer to me, every step, one after another. With his eyes settle on me. His eyes were burning my skin. While the feeling of being dirty because of thier dirty eyes, filled me. They are nothing but dirty little piece of shit, existence of dirt in human form. That's all. Now he halted right in front of me, as Ace brother gave him space.His hands extended somewhere in the air near my face, when they rested on my chin. He slowlu pulled them up, pouring his heating eyes in me and devilish smile on his face. His thumb that was on my cheeks was pressing hard, when he got clo
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CHAPTER 5. The Maze.
ROSEANNA I can't believe in what just happened. One minute he is this caring and nice guy. But the next minute, what I just saw was very scary. Even though I am immune to anger, his was not normal. His eyes were releasing fire that I can burn in. He understood everything. Wait, is he going to-? No! He will not tell Ace or Remmo brothers? Will he? He wouldn't have if I apologized but, the way I just ran out. It seems impossible to convince him. I was at a distant from maze room. As I was wondering why he didn't came out. Is he waiting for me to reach him again? Yes! I should. Maybe, that's what will be right. If I just go back again and apologize to him. And practically beg him for not telling brothers. Maybe things will be fine. Even if not, just get on your knees Roseanna, you can't afford hurting shelly aunt again. Just beg him to let go of it. I wonder to myself, as I made my mind to go back inside and beg Kashton to nev
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CHAPTER 6. Another session.
 ROSEANNA   "Rose, what you are talking about?" he pryly asked, as he took a step nearer to me, and then raised my chin to asked me once again."Roseanna!" I heard a scream, as Remmo came running to me, he grabbed my hair and pulled me away from him. And he look gave me a look. He was clearly saying not to ever open my mouth. He looked at me and then the man behind me.  Were Brothers lying to him about my real identity. Were they trying to crack deal by selling them lies. He is unaware of all the facts about me? This is marital fraud. He can ruin everything and everyone.  "She is just out of her mind. And lost it." he said as he laughed and then twisted my wrist behind my back, but Kashton sure knows it already because his eyes were up near my hand. And the way Remmo brother was behaving was a clear sign that it was making Kashton more suspicious of everything.  <
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CHAPTER 7. The First Touch
ROSEANNA"Kashton, I'm really okay. Please don't call a doctor." I said, as I looked up at him and Vellore, who was looking at me, half sitting on the bed while looking at Kashton who was at the seat beside my legs on the bed too. After a little while of silence, we heard that doctor was down. So Vellore went to bring the person from down. In a minute or two. Again, he brought him up. As soon as the doctor came, Kashton stood from his place and turned to walk towards the other side, and looked at how the doctor was checking on me. "What happened?" I heard the doctor say, and looked up at him and then Kashton. I have never seen a doctor before when I use to get hurt. I don't know how to explain. So with my stare, I was asking for his assistance, and he did understood me. "Her back! It got hurt, Find a remedy to intanstly heal it." he said, as he turned to look at me, seeking my approval if he said it right or not. "Okay, do you feel fever? Or difficulty in b
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CHAPTER 8. The Spark Between Us
 ROSEANNA "Roseanna, are you ready?" I head a voice behind me, when I turned to follow the trace. I looked back at the mansion, when I saw Remmo and Ace standing, With Ace's furry eyes resting on me. It looked at me, telling me that he will not let me live at all. I failed in breaking the marriage earlier and this is the result. I saw Lia walking towards us, as she looked behind too following were my eyes was. But as she did, she instant straighten her body language. Since they are really strict about things, also not to hide the fact that they are cruel even to her. The last time, they almost burned her face with that boiling water. Its a no joke. But now, I'm leaving. Leaving this trashy place I once called home, leaving this cruel and worthless life I was living all this while. Inhaling all the scary words they have mixed in the air and taking in all the pain. Now, it's time to leave. Ever since Aunt Shelly told me
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CHAPTER 9. The Bitter After Sweet
ROSEANNA"You have no idea, what you are talking about and who you are dealing with. Do you understand me? Use your brain more than your attitude. Or who else will accept an illegitimate child like you? In thier House? " he said on his way up and passed me. While I was shocked at my spot, standing Shunned at his words. Isn't it Vellore."How can you say that?" I asked him after taking a brief second of realisation and turned towards him, I asked him, as he shrugged like he was right. And that made me scoff, "I'm saying what I think." he too turned towards me steps ahead from me. He grabbed my hands and pulled me closer, "You are a fraud and I am glad that I got free of you. And just dumped you over another guy." his words were bitter. And I couldn't believe in what he said. "This is not you Vellore." I tried to find a rational reason behind his words. But he started to laugh and one again grabbed my wrist tightly, "Wha
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