In the Shadows of the Moon

In the Shadows of the Moon

By:  SUMMERS  Ongoing
Language: English
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Izobel Rodriguez, a hybrid, has always been unsure of what she will become. For years, she discovered she possessed greater strength, power, and abilities than her siblings. Coming from a line of descent powerful families of vampires and werewolves, they were always in hiding, their story was never told and they must never be discovered. Until she met Ethan, their annoying neighbor, who awakened her inner self, making her fall in love. Only then does she realize that the connection Ethan and she created brought disaster and jeopardy to the secret they have been protecting for a very long time.

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1
(Izobel’s POV) Ethan leaned in closer to Anastacia, gazing into her eyes with ardent awe. He bent his head, molded his lips into hers, and kissed her fiercely. She entwined her hands around his neck, arching her body to him, begging and pleading for more from him. As if Ethan’s body knew her needs, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him and touching her skin. She started moaning, whispering his name when his hands moved under her shirt. He parted her mouth, gliding her nose to her neck, and then his lips curved into a playful smile and looked at me.  My eyes flickered, and for a second, I thought our eyes met. That was creepy!Although I am the creepy one...My forehead furrowed, but that could be just my imagination. No human would ever know I was watching them from afar. I released a heavy sigh as I continued to watch my neighbor making out with his girlfriend.I propped my elbows on to
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Chapter 2
(Izobel’s POV) The drive to school was quiet, so I made sure to keep them away from my thoughts. Connor was actually correct, Amber and I could just run to school, and it was way faster than driving. One thing, though, I could enjoy the scenery as I sat at the back. I never joined their argument as to who will drive or sit in front. I would plop myself in at the back and wait for who won to be on the driver’s side.Springville Town is a not-so-quiet rural area. Before migrating to another place or another country, Dad would ensure he thoroughly researched the site, making sure no pack nor coven lived in the area to smell or know us. He said this place was somehow special because of the stories that the incredible lake I am seeing now, that sparkles with pearl when the sunlight hits the water, was a hell portal.We would usually hate it whenever he started his story with ‘Long time ago...’ because Dad is already one hundr
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Chapter 3
(Ethan’s POV)Izobel... Ah! That’s her name! She seemed to have her thoughts somewhere. It was too late for me to stop Anastacia. She had already glided her foot on her way, and our new classmate tripped, but her face did not fall on the floor, to my surprise. Her books dropped on the floor, but she quickly held on to the table opposite to mine, and her other hand was on top of my upper thigh.A sigh of relief escaped my mouth for two reasons. First, she did not fall, and second, her other hand fell and grasped for balance on my upper thigh, not on my manhood. It would be more embarrassing for both of us if it went up a little farther.Our eyes met, and for a while, I was mesmerized by how beautiful her eyes were. I blinked when she looked down like she was disconnecting from me. My parents were excited about having a new neighbor, and when they arrived last night, as my Mom talked to their mom, I saw her getting out of the house, la
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Chapter 4
(Ethan’s POV)I swallowed a bit of air as I lowered my gaze at Izobel’s plump lips. She has no lipstick, but her lips were glossy because of the lip gloss she had on. I glanced at her eyes, and I was taken aback by how she was looking at me intensely. The pupils in her eyes intensified that I could not help breathing on her, wanting to move closer to her face. An inch away from her, I looked again at her mouth. She has this magnet, a type of magnetic force that draws me closer to her.Half an inch. My heart was thumping against the inside of my chest.I could feel her breathing against my face, making me more drawn into her. I could not focus on anything else, only on her lips.“Ethan Wilson!” exclaimed Ms. De Leon, catching us both off guard. I turned my direction to our teacher, and she was giving us a look, and her raised eyebrows warned me to explain myself.I brushed my hand through my hair, blushing, a
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Chapter 5
(Izobel’s POV) Alaric, my Dad, looked surprised when he saw me coming home early. His eyes flickered at the time in the vintage wooden wall clock mom had bought when we lived in Germany years ago, and then he arched his eyebrows to give me a once-over.‘Everything alright, baby?’ He asked without opening his mouth. He was sitting still in the dark grey leather egg lounge chair with a newspaper in his hands. If he didn’t pretend to breathe, he could pass as a gorgeous ultra-realistic mannequin sitting in our living room.   I shook my head, but my face could tell it all. I plonked my bag and books on the floor as I plopped lazily on the couch. “These Gen Z peeps are making me crazy,” I said aloud.“Hmm...” He murmured, his eyes squinting. “You never complained in the past before,” He put down the newspaper and studied me like I was a shrink’s patient lyin
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Chapter 6
(Izobel’s POV)I was lost in my thoughts when I saw Mrs. Benson write the word werewolf in all capital letters on the board. I winced, looking at our teacher in Sociology. When she entered the classroom a while ago, I found her cute, even in her plump body shape. She has this curly brown hair that matches her round face, and her dimples appear when she smiles. I think she even looked pretty in her red dress, but when she started to talk about something they all considered as a myth or folktales, I now see her an apple talking in front of the room.   ‘Why are we talking about a werewolf? Am I in the wrong class?’ I asked Amber sitting across the room. On our second day in school, she was already one of the popular girls, a part of Anastacia’s group. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the popularity of someone who needed to find a vacant chair to sit on in my every class, and at times if I’m lucky, I would be bullied.
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Chapter 7
(Izobel’s POV)Julia lived in a villa on the hillside, with no houses nearby but trees, so I bet only the animals and the insects would complain of the overpowering music blasting from their home. When we arrived, I was pretty much sure her parents were not home because from the lawn to the pool, and seemingly even inside the house, there were guests as if she had invited half of the population of the students in our school. The wall-sized transparent glass windows and doors proved that almost everyone was having a blast from her party.  “Will you be alright here?” Daddy asked, glancing at the people inside as he stopped the car outside the gate of their house.“Of course, Daddy!” Amber answered, her eyes twinkling, and her heartbeat could not hide she was excited about the party. She knew the question was not meant for her, but she wanted to assure him, we would be okay.Dad looked at her. “You t
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Chapter 8
(Izobel’s POV)Slowly, I made my way to the far corner of the room and watched everyone in horror as they gathered in a circle with an empty bottle in the center. Nolan approached me, and I jerked as he yanked me at my arm, pulling me to follow him and join the others.“Don’t be a killjoy, Izobel,” He said, smirking at me and telling everyone to move to give us space. I heaved a deep sigh as I sat down, hugging my knees and avoiding looking at the others. I stopped aging at eighteen, but Amber and I were supposed to be the responsible adults here in this group, but I would sound like a conservative teenager. I would probably be the center of bullying if I reprimanded them for stopping this.They reeked alcohol, but I was just glad no illegal drugs were involved. My eyes met Amber’s, but I wouldn’t hear it even if she apologized because I had no intention of mind linking with her. I was too mad right now for ma
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Chapter 9
(Izobel’s POV)‘Amber, help!’ I screamed, crying in silence as I was breathing heavily. I had witnessed Connor and Amber when they shapeshifted the first time, and though it has brought excitement to the family, they transformed in the woods, not inside an old wardrobe closet with a handsome guy who had no idea he would die tonight. I remembered my siblings crying, screaming as their bones snapped and stretched until they turned into a wolf completely.My golden yellow eyes radiate, creating the eyes of a hunter, and I could see Ethan as my sight turned into an excellent night vision. I could see him on the other corner of the closet, his head leaning on the wood, eyes closed.‘I’m here, Izobel. Relax... I can’t hear you! Unblock me, Izobel! What’s happening with you?’ Her voice was in a panic, too.Why can’t she hear me?I took a deep breath, mind linking with
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Chapter 10
(Ethan’s POV)Everyone outside was surprised when I opened the door opened. My eyes narrowed as I searched for Anastacia, but she was already gone. I glared at Julia, surprised when she saw the scratch wound on my arm. I pursed my lips, feeling the tingling pain from it.“Julia, how dare you send someone inside that old cabinet. I was just glad it was me, but what if Izobel was hurt instead of me?”I turned to Izobel, hugging her knees, and I walked back to her. My forehead furrowed, feeling confused with how she reacted when she saw my wound, and I wanted to assure her that it was nothing but a scratch from the protruded nail that was loosened from the wood material of the cabinet. It horrified me that if Izobel had moved to me a little, she would have gotten hurt. I crouched down, facing her.“Hey!” I said, placing my hands on her knees.When she raised her head, I saw how horrified she was that inst
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