Spurned Luna's Return: On Your Knees, Alpha Chase!

Spurned Luna's Return: On Your Knees, Alpha Chase!

By:  Princess Galaxiana  Updated just now
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Alpha Blake exterminated her pack. She was taken to the Ralton pack as a trophy and punching bag. Upon shifting, she finds that his son is her mate. He rejected her because she was a weak rubbish- an Omega! Heartbroken, she left the pack and was hunted by the Alpha's son who shot her. But she didn't die, nor did she reject him. Years later, a kick-ass female whom every Alpha wants as Luna, returns to the Ralton pack. Her aim? To crush the pack and make the Alpha bow! Pretty cool right? Add to your libraries. More updates are coming soon. Lest I forget, accept my kisses! :)

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    "How dare you insult my sister? You have a death wish? You child of a bitch!"Pa! Pa! Pa!Three loud slaps hit a smallish, skinny, tanned, black-haired girl. She fell to the floor from the impact and quickly knelt, despite the stinging pain she felt."I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. Please forgive me. I'll never do that again." she begged with her face to the ground.Her clothes were ragged and faded. Her hair was tangled with dirt in it and covered her face.Her whole body was covered in cuts and bruises. Some scars that had barely healed from last night's beatings had been reopened.How painful were they?She hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon and now it was almost evening. She was already super weak before taking this beating. "Please have mercy on me. I was stupid. Please, have mercy!" she cried in a hoarse voice.The person who beat her was the gamma's son, William Woods.He was just one of the many pack members that beat her up
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    3 days later, it was the day the Alpha's son would turn 16 and also the day he would first shift into a werewolf and train himself further for the position of an Alpha, which would become his in two years time.The Alpha threw a party which would last till 2 am the next day.The Alpha's sole son named Chase, would show his wolf to them after being assisted by the Beta. This was the tradition.The party started at 8 pm and everyone was invited. Except a certain somebody!She was thankful no one was in the mood to beat her up today. Maybe Mother Luck decided to shine on her for a time. But she could expect more beatings tomorrow.For now, she was thankful. Today was even her period! She didn't have the luxury of getting disposable pads every time. She often settles for some rags thrown in trash.She'd wash and use them. It was better than nothing. Although many had seen her leak out sometimes coz she couldn't change out of her rags in time as she was busy
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    She then sighed."What was that voice in my head? It is so calming, my pains have reduced too. I think I can survive till tomorrow now." she thought. She wiped off her tears and managed to sit up."Could that voice be my wolf? She wants me to give her two years then I can shift? Will I be able to hold on till then? What am I saying? I've eaten all these for over a decade; what is two mere years? I can't wait to see her arrival. She said our mate would free us from this bondage... Is he an Alpha or... Oh I am so excited." a smile appeared on her parched lips.Her dim eyes sparkled. Yes, she wasn't entirely hopeless. She had a mate, a powerful one who would rescue her from here. Then she'll take revenge and spare no newborn from this pack. All of them are scums like Alpha Blake- they deserve to die a million times!A fire was burning in her heart again. Yes, she must live... she had to live for her parents, for Austin, for her wronged pack members and for her
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    1 hour later.The Beta turned around to see a black wolf with three golden stripes on his back.He immediately went on his knees."May I know the future Alpha's wolf." he asked."Call me, Ivan." was the wolf's reply in mind link."Can we see the pack now?" the Beta asked again."Yup!"Getting this permission, the Beta led the way to the party.The pack members cheered and danced in seeing the large, fearsome wolf. This was their future Alpha."Ah, he's so robust!""Look at that shiny black fur!""It's the stripes for me. His legs are sturdy too."the girls said excitedly.Some hadn't shifted. The ones who had shifted didn't hear their wolf cry "MATE!" so they knew he wasn't theirs. But maybe someone else was, but who was the person? Alpha Blake walked to his son's wolf and patted him on the head."Good job!" he said with red eyes."Alpha, his name is Ivan." the Beta said."Woah... such a manly name
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    "Sorry, dear! We might have overslept, but we are ready now. Get into position. We are coming." said the familiar gentle voice.Lavana's eyes lit up."So I'm ready to shift? I can't wait to find our mate." she said with excitement.Soon, she'll be out of this shit hole of a pack for good. But then, a question came to her mind."Hey, why do you always say 'we' instead of 'I' or do are you referring to us both?" Lavana asked."Find a secluded place within ten minutes. You will get the answer you seek, hun.""Alright." Lavana rose. She arranged her clothes and hair before taking one last look at the bag at the extreme. She smiled and then ran out of her room.Those who saw her hissed. They assumed she must be looking for a place to pee or poop.>>>>>>>She ran to the woodshed and stopped to catch her breath.Well, she normally has to split wood for the pack for years. No one bothers to come here unless it's al
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    >>>>>>>30 minutes later, she stood on all fours. Instead of her usual skinny hands, what she saw were large paws.She looked at her paws. They were white. She must have transformed into an Omega."All that pain for an Omega wolf. Others transformation isn't even up to this." she complained."Lavana, now you've transformed into me. You and I are one now. Call me, Pamela." said the voice."Well, Pamela. I need answers. Stop evading my questions, alright!""Well, you'll get it after you go through the third transformation, Lavana." another voice spoke, startling her."Who are you?" she asked."I'm Oceana. Right now, I'll need you to go to the stream in the pack. Don't worry, no one will see you. You are currently invisible until the third changing." "Fine!" she transformed back to human in 5 minutes and opened the door of the woodshed."Shift!" Pamela ordered."Again?" Lavana raised an eyebrow."Stop bei
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    "The stars smile, the clouds dance. The waters are peaceful, my folk are hopeful, the life force of my home is ever vibrant. My body is waiting. Oh sea goddess, where is my long awaited gift? Where is the beauty that make pearls dance around me you promised? Where is the sensational feeling?" Oceana said and Lavana repeated after her."Are my hopes gonna be dashed at the last minute? I wanna be the carp that leapt through the dragon gate!" Oceana said and Lavana repeated in a higher tone.Immediately, she felt pain in her legs.She felt her leg's bones break and her reform. Her legs became longer and fused together then continued to lengthen.Scales started to appear starting from her waist . A large pink tail fin appeared along with fins on her thighs.She felt like a thousand ants were eating her skin."This freaking hurts!" she cried."Save your strength. You will be developing gills soon." said Oceana."Will it affect my heart?" she asked
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    "Hey Thora, I'm done. What's next?" she asked with impatience."Don't disturb me, girl. I'm thinking." replied Thora, in an annoyed tone.Lavana widened her eyes in bewilderment."Seriously. You know we have less than 25 minutes and you wanna just waste it on thinking? Thinking about what?" she complained."Shush, I need a plant that could help make your butt look nicer after changing to a dragon. Don't disturb me." Thora warned.Lavana felt defeated. This annoying Thora... Can she have more awareness of time? She's really gonna waste it on meaningless things like improving her butt size?5 minutes later.**********"Perfect!" Thora suddenly opened her eyes and exclaimed in delight.Lavana frowned."What now?" she asked in annoyance. Can they just get this done with?"I found the perfect fruit for you. I can't believe it. It's been with us all along." Thora said happily and rose."So what damn fruit
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    2 days later.Chase's room.The Alpha's son was due to take over duties last year from his dad, but because he hadn't found his mate, his father still held the authority.He had gone to many packs to search for his beloved mate that his wolf was always excited about. He imagined how she would look- slim, two heads shorter than him, ample boobs, mind-boggling backside, tiny waist, beautiful skin, waist-length curly hair, beautiful face bare of any make-up and she would smell like peaches!He wished to find her every day. Today, there was a party for the pack to attend. He had to be present. He chose a nice outfit from the new clothes he'd bought when he went out shopping a week ago.His mates were already acknowledged Alphas as they'd found their mates. Why was he different?"Chase, our mate... our mate is gonna be in this party. I'm sure of it." his wolf said excitedly."Stop giving me hope. She isn't in this pack.""No, this i
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    Finally able to get into her room, she crashed to the floor like a bag of grain. She stretched her right hand towards the bag that contained those special leaves, but her hand couldn’t reach it.Her chest felt tight, her whole body felt like someone was roasting her.For a moment, all she could see was red. Tears flowed down her eyes along with mucus from her nose.She coughed out blood several times.“Why? Why? Why? Why me? Haven’t I suffered enough? How could you deceive me, Pamela? Is pain the only thing I’m worth experiencing? What sin did I commit? Why…” she thought.“Pull yourself together, Lavana. We have another mate. He’ll love us as his life. Yes, I made a mistake, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be trusted. Lavana, the pain I feel is even more than you.”“Shut it! What do you know? How could you deceive me? You gave me fat hope, and that Chase turned out to be my
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