The Madness Within: An Alpha's Power

The Madness Within: An Alpha's Power

By:  MME Friesen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Olivia has spent her entire life in Bremia avoiding the war and dreaming of a life away from conflict. She reads of times when fighting is not commonplace and wars not a constant. The country of Bremia has been plagued with war for decades with no peace in sight. One day, she finds herself in the midst of an attack with bullets flying and explosions crumbling the walls of the city. In a desperate attempt to save her sister from an oncoming attack, she throws herself at the mercy of the warrior. She finds herself staring at a man whose very existence will change her fate forever. Will the forces of evil keep them apart, or will the forbidden love find a way?

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24 Chapters
1: Provoked
Ben crouched in the undergrowth of the forest just outside the large stone wall. The wall had been there for almost two centuries and it blocked the wolves' access to the river beyond. In years past, they had traveled around the wall to get to the southern side of the river but the time had come to fix the problem the wall posed. They had finally acquired enough explosives to get rid of a portion of it and they finally had the knowledge to bring it down. The humans that lived on the other side of the wall would be furious, which only added to his pleasure. If he was lucky, he would take a few of them out along with the stone wall. He looked over at the dozen other werewolves crouched around the undergrowth near him. They were waiting for his signal. As soon as he gave the word, they would light the explosives and run. It would be a matter of seconds before the wall exploded and the wolves would be able to join their trench with the river beyond before the humans descended on
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2: Retreat
Olivia ran as fast as she was able. Carrying Maribelle was difficult. She wasn't used to having such a large weight in her arms as she ran, but the 8-year-old clung to her frantically. Maribelle was shaking in Olivia's arms, her fear getting the best of her. Olivia knew how she felt. "Olivia, what was that? Who was that? Did you know him? Why did he let us go?" Maribelle asked. She had finally found her voice and she was as confused as Olivia was."I don't know, Belle, but I think it's best we not talk about it with anyone. Can you keep it a secret for me? Just you and me?" Olivia asked, glancing down at the little girl. Maribelle nodded her head, her eyes wide. "Just until I figure out what is going on.""My foot really hurts, Livie," Maribelle said, resorting to the nickname she used for her big sister."I know, Belle, I'm going to get you home and we'll get the doctor to look at it. I'm sure it will heal soon. I'll take you there myself once the
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3: Plan
"WHERE ARE THEY?" a loud voice boomed down the hall."Richard, calm yourself," Susan's voice followed as both Richard and Susan burst through the door to Maribelle's room. The door was flung wide open, slamming into the wall behind as Richard, Susan, Dr. Northern, and Ms. Bates filed into the room. "What happened? Where are you hurt? Who did this?" Richard asked, rushing into the room and walking swiftly to Maribelle's side. He stopped and looked her over from head to foot, determining her injuries. Seeing nothing serious, he relaxed and glanced into her eyes."Just my foot, papa," Maribelle replied."Your foot? That's all? You're sure the rest of you is ok?" Richard asked, gently prodding her arms, legs, and head, checking for bumps and bruises that would indicate she had another hidden injury."Yes, papa, just my foot. Livie got me free and brought me home, it was nothing, really," she said with a small smile."Olivia, you are ok? Wh
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4: Ordered
Olivia looked at Simon, he had a superior look on his face as if he were gloating over something. She was sure she had heard him wrong. "My intended? What are you carrying on about?" she asked him, frowning as she took in his words. "Oh, your father hasn't told you yet? You and I are to be married. We are betrothed. I believe he intends to announce it tonight. I was going to propose, but seeing as how I am sure you will say no, I will let your father do it for me. It would do well if you wore this ring when he makes the announcement. You know how you women are, wanting to see the rock the moment the words escape someone's mouth. You wouldn't want to disappoint them or your father," Simon said with a smirk. He knew that he had said the right words because Olivia looked at her father across the room. He was watching her and Simon with a small smile on his face. He raised his glass of champagne toward her and nodded slightly as if to toast her and Simon. She loo
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5: Confused
Olivia stayed in her sister's room well past midnight, watching her sister sleep, her chest rising and falling with each breath she took in. She was relieved that Maribelle was doing well. She rose from her chair and went to Maribelle's balcony doors, opening them wide to let the cool, summer breeze flow through the room. It was warm during the day and at night, it was easier to sleep with the windows open to allow the air to move through the rooms. She sat back down in the chair next to her sister's bed and pulled a book out to read. She didn't want to return to her room tonight, dealing with Simon was more than she could handle after the day she had. She was better off leaving him for tomorrow. She'd be damned if she went to his room tomorrow night. She would fend him off as long as she could, and if there really was to be a wedding, then he could wait until their wedding night. As she sat there, holding her book in her hands, fuming over Simon her mind t
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6: Overheard
Olivia froze. She didn't know what to do. She was in a river, swimming with a wolf that she couldn't stop thinking about and they were about to face either a wolf or a human, she wasn't sure which. "Xander?" Ben called out. "Ben?" the voice replied. "Yeah, it's me. Are you on patrol next?" Ben asked, putting himself between Xander and Olivia. "Yeah, I am. Who's that in the river with you?" Xander called out. Olivia could almost see his face in the darkness, but he was definitely a wolf. "Just a minute," Ben said to Olivia as he climbed out of the river. He reached down to pull her out and helped her to her feet. She was standing just a few feet away from the second werewolf that she had met in the past twenty-four hours. He was handsome. Not as handsome as Ben, but better looking than the human men she met on her side of the city. Ben shook his dark hair out and looked at Xander, something passed between them. "This is Olivia," Ben sai
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7: Attacked
Olivia buried her head under her hands, her tears streaming down her face as she listened to the clash behind her. There were gunshots firing at regular intervals and growls piercing through the night. She wanted to get away, but she didn't. She needed to know if Ben was there and if he was hurt. She couldn't explain the draw she had, but she felt the need to help him.  She couldn't do anything to help him now, but she couldn't force her feet to leave him behind without knowing his fate. She buried her head deeper, willing the sounds to quiet, hoping beyond all hope she had reached them in time. Then she thought of all of the men she knew that were fighting against the wolves. They weren't all bad, but she had sealed their fate if the wolves killed them. She was the one that would have their blood on her head. If they died, it was her fault. They were going into an attack thinking they had the upper hand, but they didn't. Because she had warned the wolves. She had gone
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8: Interrogated
"Where have you been?" Richard asked as he stood from his desk and rushed around the table toward Olivia. She walked into the room to meet him, watching as the other people in the room moved out of the way to make a path for him. He came up in front of her and held her forearms in his hands, looking her up and down, studying her. "I went on a walk. I couldn't sleep," Olivia said, her voice quivering. "Please, daddy, can we talk privately?" She hoped he would send everyone away so they could talk without an audience. She breathed a sigh of relief when he nodded and sent everyone out of the room. "Call off the search, tell them she's been found. No one is to disturb me for the next half hour," Richard said sternly as everyone filed out. His secretary nodded and closed the door behind her with a small smile directed at Olivia. She cringed back, her weak attempt at a smile. "Sit down, Olivia. Tell me what happened. Why weren't you in your bed this morning
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9: Abused
Olivia woke several hours later. She had slept the morning away, the clock showed it was past two in the afternoon. She heard a soft rustling at the door as Mary slid through the opening and walked up to her bed. "Good morning, sleepyhead," Mary said with a bright smile. "You're awfully chipper," Olivia said with a groan. She rolled over, trying to hide her head under the pillow. "Oh, no, you don't get to go back to sleep. You need to wake up, your sister is calling for you," Mary said, smiling down at Olivia as she walked to the bed and sat on the edge. "Belle? Oh my goodness, I forgot to check on her this morning. I promised her I would. She's going to be furious," Olivia said as she jumped out of bed and rushed around the room, throwing clothes on. "She's ok. She's looking a little under the weather, but the doctor thinks it's from the excitement of the day. I took a tray to her room just now and put your lunch on it. I figured you'd be hun
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10: Apprised
"Alpha," Ben said calmly as he walked into the alpha's office. He greeted their leader with a nod of his head. The alpha was pacing around the room. He had been raging for almost an hour, wanting an update on the ambush that had hurt his men. "What happened? Tell me. Now!" Alpha Samuel said, glancing angrily between Ben and Xander. Ben stood calmly and addressed the alpha as he recounted the events of the last day, leaving out details of the human girl that had helped them.  "The blast was successful. Xander's explosives took down a very large section of wall and we were able to complete the connection between the river and our trench. Water is flowing down the trench now. We anticipate it to take a few days for the water to flow fully through our river and fill the lake. We have men watching the progression. They will make adjustments to the depth as necessary," Ben said, standing straight, addressing the alpha. "We caught sight of humans near t
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