Fated to meet again

Fated to meet again

By:  Maami Vera  Completed
Language: English
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She didn't want to get married to him, but her weakness was used against her and she got into a contact marriege with the CEO's son - Brandon. Living together was hard because they didn't get along, but none of them expected to fall in love with each other. It just happened. He abandoned his old lifestyle and turned into a new leaf all because of her, But everything changed when she was framed for a crime she knew nothing about Brandon believed everything was true, he divorced her and kicked her out of his house and his life. Beatrice left the country with her broken heart, and decided to begin her life again, forgetting about the love of her life and her family. Six years later, she returned back to France with a pretty girl. This time around, she was not the weak Beatrice who couldn't stand for herself, but the one who was ready to fight for her daughter's happiness. Of course she saw her ex husband, but she ignored him because she wasn't like those desperate ex wife. While in France, she discovered some hidden past about herself and her family. There was only one way to truly find out what happened...Being close to her ex husband. Now there were many questions running through her mind; Who was the real person that framed her? and why? Why is an unknown lady always watching and protecting her? Why is her ex father inlaw trying to cover up what she discovered? Join Beatrice and Brandon in their story of love, betrayal, and revenge

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88 Chapters
The marriage Idea
 Mr and Mrs Alexander were discussing about their daughter when she walked in."Dad? You are here?" She asked him. She was holding a shopping bag, it was obvious she went shopping."Yes, I didn't go to work today" he replied her. "But dad, you don't normally stay at home, so what's wrong?" She asked. Mr Alexander glimpsed at his wife who gave her the "go ahead" look."May we have a word with you?" Mr Alexander suddenly asked."What do you......" Beatrice was saying but was disrupted by her mother."Beatrice, go drop your things upstairs and then we can have the conversation" Mrs Helen said."Alright mom" Beatrice said and headed upstairs to her room."Why did you send her off?" Mr Alexander asked."You told me to tell her, but you sent her off. Why?" He queried."Am sorry, I realised she needs to freshen up and be her self before having this conversation. We can't just go ahead and tell her like t
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Brandon paid a visit to his dad
   "Do you want today to be your last day in this company?" He asked her. "No..no sir, I was just doing my job" she stuttered. "Good!" He said and walked in, his escorts waited outside. "Dad! Is it true?" Brandon asked as he barged into the office. "What's true?" Mr Emerson asked. He was signing some documents "The marriage stuff" Brandon replied. "So true" Mr Emerson replied. "How could you? It's my
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    Get me a glass of water" he said as he sat down on the sofa. "Okay, dad" she replied and and headed to the kitchen to get the water. When she got to the kitchen, she took a glass and filled it with water, from the dispenser. "Am sorry for how I reacted earlier" Beatrice heard Tina say, when she was about to leave the kitchen. "It's nothing" Beatrice replied. "Are you sure?" Tina asked. "Yeah, it's high time I stop treating you like a baby" Beatrice said and Tina smiled. 
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Meeting each other
   Brandon held a glass of wine as he stood at the balcony. He was thinking about the marriage stuff and all. "Sir, your phone is ringing" The guard ran in. "Who's calling?" He asked without looking at the guard. "Your girlfriend, sir" The guard replied. "Tell her I left the phone at home, that she should try my other lines" He ordered. "Okay sir" The guard did as Brandon had said. "Get me one of my phones, I want to call dad" Brandon said and the gua
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Planning the date
"That's not the only reason. I want our company to grow, imagine what Alexander company and Brandon industries would look like after merging" she said and smiled."In case you don't know, we will have more investors and gain more profit and then our company might be one of the best in France" Beatrice explained."You have the chance to end it now, if you don't grab it now, you will have your self to blame" He threatened."Will you accept the offer?" He asked, again."Nooooooo" she replied, stressing the "o""You are behaving stubborn but deep down you aren't" he said and she only smiled. After few minutes of silence, they returned."Did you guys have fun?" Mr Alexander asked as he walked in. They all sat down."Yes, dad" she replied."So we have a plan to make people think you actually love each other" Mr Emerson said"why do we need to impress the people? " Beatrice asked."Because the investors won't agree if they f
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The date 1
"De...." Rina paused, she didn't know the complete words. "De rien (You are welcome)" Beatrice completed for her. "You didn't grow up in France, did you?" Beatrice asked her. "Thank you, I came here few months ago" Rina said. "It obvious" Beatrice said and they both laughed. "This gown is going to look good on you, try it on" Rina handed the gown over to her. "Alright" Beatrice took the gown from her and went into the dressing room to change and few minutes later, she came out. "Wow! Bea you are look so beautiful" Mrs Helen complimented her. "The gown look nice on you ma" Rina also complimented. "Thanks" Beatrice replied. "Am taking this gown" She said and Rina gave her a thumbs up. ****** "Brandon, if this is her picture then I must say you are so lucky" Brandon's friend, Derrick said. "Am I not handsome? Hundreds of girls are willing to be with me and you are saying am lucky" Brandon yelled at him. "Don't forget you are going on a date and stop yelling at me"
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The date 2
Cheating?" Beatrice scoffed."You are not my boyfriend and I am not your girlfriend, to cut the long story short, you are my ex and in case you are wondering how I became a girlfriend of such celebrity, the truth is that he saw the beauty in me and he fell in love with it. You won't know the value of a thing Zach, until you lose it" Beatrice angrily stated and hung up on him. She went back inside and saw that Brandon had ordered something."Thank you" She suddenly said and he lifted his head upwards and stared at her."For what?" He hoarsely ask."For putting that lady in her place" she replied."I didn't do it for you.... It's a shame for the lady am with, to be addressed as a slut. Don't feel special" He said and she boiled in anger, but she kept her cool because it's a public place. Beatrice ordered her food and they both ate in silence, Beatrice lifted her head to get a glimpse of Brandon face and she saw him staring at her. She felt
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Beatrice hits his car
Beatrice sat in the bathtub thinking of last week event, it has been one week since the date and her name has been ringing in everyone's mouth.The lady with Brandon Emerson! Should she strike a deal with a Playboy or get married to him? What if he changes his mind after the deal? What if he sees her as a slut after the deal? Getting married to Brandon is one thing she couldn't do, it's every ladies dream but why was hers different? Her life is like a mess, she's being forced to marry someone she doesn't love and she also hasn't heard from her best friend since one week. She came out of the bathtub and tied a towel around her body, from her chest downwards to her thigh. She picked up her phone and dialled Michelle's number but it wasn't going through."What could possibly be wrong with her? Should I pay her a visit?" Beatrice thought as she dropped the phone on her bed. After some minutes of
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Don't call me a whore!
Beatrice didn't leave, she felt tears rolling down her cheeks. Who did he think he was to judge her? No one is perfect, then why was he acting as if he his perfect? It wasn't her fault she slept with a stranger on a party, it wasn't!She sobbed and stood up, she walked out of the room and didn't know where to search for him, she didn't know what to do at that moment.  She walked about the house looking for him, she was looking for him to ask him of her car. She came across a lady who was dressed in a maid uniform."Excuse me, where is Brandon's room" She asked the lady."You mean Sir Brandon?" The lady asked and Beatrice rolled her eyes before nodding in reply."Just head straight, and turn left, the first room there is his" She described."Merci!" Beatrice appreciated with a smile."Please always knock before opening his door" She said and walked away. Beatrice knew what she meant, she walked to the
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Apologizing to him
He picked his phone and called his assistant. "Michelle Davenport, i want her fired and get her kicked out in the next five minutes" He said on the phone and Beatrice eyes widened in shock."But Sir she's one of the best workers in this company... It's rare to find such these days" The assistant said."Would you like to get fired instead of her?" Mr Alexander asked and the assistant regretted saying such."Am sorry sir, will do that right away" The assistant replied and hung up. Beatrice throat suddenly went dried, she swallowed hard and stared at her dad."If Michelle should get fired now, then she would think it's because of the little argument we had....She's going to feel bad" Beatrice said in her mind. She quickly rushed to her dad and knelt down in front of him. "Please dad, don't do this" She pleaded and held his legs."You pushed me, Beatrice" He replied without even looking at her.Read more
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