Alpha’s Predestined Bride

Alpha’s Predestined Bride

By:  Alpha Predator  Completed
Language: English
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Carl Damien, a powerful and fierce- looking alpha of Moon Stone Pack. Everyone in the pack depended on him, they make demands of him, expecting him to take care of them. Every decision he makes is either good or when it is the other way round, he has to deal with the consequences on his own. Meagan Swift, a human, a medical doctor who is dedicated to her job and has no time for anything else. Having a relationship is at the bottom of her list - after getting cheated on by her first love and boyfriend. And she has made it a mission to stay away from men. On a phone call, Meagan got the news that her best friend is getting married and she has to carry out the chief’s bridesmaids function after several protest. Alas! The wedding takes an abrupt turn in Meagan’s life. She meets a stranger who makes her panties with just few words - little did she know that he is more than a man. He is something more. Something beyond her imagination. He’s the alpha, not just that, he wants her. He wants her to be his mate and he is not taking no for an answer. Her normal life as a human. Her job. Her mapped out plans for future. Everything is at risk because the dangerous looking alpha always gets what he wants.

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80 chapters
When his gaze locked hers
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE(His unexpected mate)PROLOGUETheme: When his gaze locked hers      MOON STONE PACK“Welcome to the era where humans and werewolves coexist without the fear of who is the predator or prey. And werewolves can choose their mates.”Meagan heaved a sigh as she looked around the decorated pack ballroom that was packed, leaving a smallish opening for a dance floor at one end near the DJ stand. The room was filled with humans and mostly werewolves in different colors and styles of costumes. “The ballroom will be fully packed tonight. Why? The moon celebration week plus the Beta’s wedding! I am so excited!” Brianna, the lady who Meagan just met had rattled on about how many people would be present at the event tonight.At first Meagan had thought Brianna had exaggerated about how many guests would be in attendance tonight but she was right. Everywhere Meagan
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Dinner on Sunday?
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE (His Unexpected Bride)EPISODE ONETheme: Dinner on Sunday?    CLEVELAND HOSPITALDoctor Meagan was taking a short break at the hospital cafeteria late Friday afternoon after attending to several patients. She dropped her spoon to pick up her cellphone and skimmed through her messages on WhatsApp. There are several messages from known groups but just one message caught her eyes.“Hi Meagan, how are you doing? I have great news to share with you! So call me whenever you are less busy!” Her best friend, Hazel had texted two days ago.Meagan Swift is a busy woman, who has made her job her first priority in life and she rarely has time for social media. To Meagan Swift, saving lives matters and it comes first before anything else.Meagan knew Hazel, her best friend of over fifteen years would be so mad at her right now for not replying her text messages. “I s
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She is getting married
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE (His Unexpected Bride)EPISODE TWOTheme: She is getting marriedHazel completed Megan’s intended statement. “It is always the same words over and over again.” She added.“Hazel, you have every right to be pissed at me for not texting or checking on you. I am really sorry.” Meagan apologized.Hazel heaved a sigh. “And don’t even dare promise to make things up to me this time.” She sounded angry.“I love you, Hazel.” Meagan said. Seconds clicked by in silence followed by a giggling sound from the other end. “Gotcha!” Hazel said.She has done it again. The drama queen has just put up another show of feigned annoyance making it look like she was really mad at Meagan.“Oh..Hazel...” Meagan heaved a sigh of relief. “Is my head safe now?” She asked.“Of course! I
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Vampire Rogues
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE (His Unexpected Mate)EPISODE THREETHEME: Vampire Rogues   MOON STONE PACKBrianna rushed into the mansion, forgetting to greet the set of wolves bustling around to get whatever chores they were supposed to do before the alpha steps out from his office. She raced up the stairs towards the alpha’s office to confirm the words she had heard from the pack members. Brianna had gone to the training ground to look for the Beta but one of the warriors said that Julius had left to see the alpha about some disturbing issues. She changed her mind about asking from Julius but decided to talk to the alpha instead. All the more reason why she was making her way towards the office to confirm things from the alpha.Alpha Carl stopped pacing when he heard a soft knock on the door. He exchanged glances with his Beta but Julius replied with a shrug signifying that he wasn’t expecting anyone.<
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ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE (His Unexpected Mate)EPISODE FOURTHEME: Rejection        IN THE NIGHTBrianna sat in front of the fire with her legs crossed in India style. Carl stood on a spot, his sharp eyes scanning the area. She heaved a sigh of tiredness.“Brianna, you don’t have to do this patrol with me.” Carl said.“Are you telling me to quit after coming this far?” Brianna asked as she stared into the fire.“I am just concerned about you.” Carl admitted.Brianna liked the fact that he was worried about her and he had also made a promise to protect her.“Don’t forget that I am not just an ordinary wolf. I am a well trained moon stone warrior and one of the powerful witches in our pack.” Brianna replied with pride in her tone.Carl sat opposite Brianna. “I can see you have many badges that are making you proud. B
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Fighting off vampire rogues
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE (His Unexpected Mate)EPISODE FIVETHEME: Fighting off vampire rogues Carl couldn’t help but chuckle at her words. “I am just going to have some good time dealing with pack affairs.” He replied.“Add women to the list then I am all in for a good time with the alpha.” Brianna said seductively as she twirled the tip of her hair.“Stop it Brianna, your seduction won’t work on me.” Carl picked up a stick and tried to haul it at her.Brianna dodged but soon realized that he didn’t intend to throw it at her.“I almost forgot that the alpha fights off seduction at every point from the single wolves in the pack. Wow! So strong!” She teased him.“I am telling on you to Julius.” Carl pointed at her.Brianna shrugged. “He knows I love you but he only warned me to keep my eyes off you. And unfortunately th
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Best friends for life
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE(His Unexpected Mate)EPISODE SIXTHEME: Best friends for life          TWO WEEKS LATER          MOON STONE PACK Meagan Swift was adorned in an old fashioned long black dress, a cape over it, her long black hair flowed down  her back and a pointed hat sat on her head. A wand was on her left hand and a stuffed toy cat in her right hand to represent a familiar witch in the supernatural world - Allison the witch of Maridom. Meagan stared at the mysterious smoke-eyed powerful witch that was famous as a great fortune teller. Meagan blinked severally  as she stared at the mirror just to make sure the woman staring back at her was really Meagan Swift. The make up artist that worked on her face had done  a great job at giving her this look. 
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History of the wolves
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE(His Unexpected Mate)EPISODE SEVENTHEME: History of the wolves         MOON STONE PACK The full wolf moon is making its way down to the earth. A perfect week for the werewolves to throw a big party to welcome the wolf moon. The full wolf moon ceremony was meant to be a celebratory time and stirring up energy in all the werewolves system. The festival runs for four days and on the last day all wolves come together for the moon ritual, howling into the moon praying to the moon goddess to replenish their kind. Wolves are related to the moon for centuries, going right back to the Stone Age. This is the first time Meagan is attending the full moon celebration although she had been to the pack one or two times in the past. She remembered sneaking out at home on a holiday when her family traveled out of town which
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Will he notice me?
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE(His Unexpected Mate)EPISODE EIGHTTHEME: Will he notice me?    MOON STONE PACK Brianna adjusted her dress to display more of her cleavage. She looked at Hazel. “Hazel, do you think he’ll notice me tonight?” She asked wistfully. Hazel walked back to Brianna. “He can be unpredictable. But he’s probably going to take one look at you in this sexy costume and his jaw will drop wide. Let’s be hopeful. But ladies, how can any man not notice how beautiful Brianna looks tonight?” Hazel asked, looking at Meagan. “I am sure he will be head over heels for you tonight.” Alice replied. She was more familiar with Brianna because she had lived in moon stone pack for about a year before moving to her own pack to take care of her sick mom. Meagan had
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Allison the witch of Maridom
ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE(His Unexpected Mate)EPISODE NINETHEME: Allison the witch of Maridom     MOON STONE PACK Hazel led the girls out of the dressing room and they charged towards the pack ballroom. The minute the ladies stepped into the noisy decorated ballroom, they were swept into the welcoming crowd of people dressed in all sorts of costume. “Brenda!” Hazel screamed when she saw a familiar face forgetting about her best friend that didn’t know her way around the ballroom. Meagan heaved a sigh as she looked around the decorated pack ballroom that was packed, leaving a smallish opening for a dance floor at one end near the DJ stand. The room was filled with humans and mostly werewolves in different colors and styles of costumes. “The ballroom will be fully packed tonight. Why? The moon celebration wee
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