Rebound to the Lycan Alpha

Rebound to the Lycan Alpha

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Kian rejected Carys and severed their mate bond a decade ago, but when they meet again after ten years, they feel the sparks from the mate bond stronger than before. A bond that compels them to blur the boundaries of the forbidden. Can your ex-mate be your second chance mate? Or does this bond have a darker side to it? *** Shattered after her rejection, Carys found solace in Joshua, her childhood best friend. They trained together for years. He became the alpha, and she became his beta. Working together day and night for their pack, they didn’t even realize when their professional relationship turned so intimate. Just when her wounded heart was in love again, a political alliance between Joshua and his fated mate, struck Carys' life as a calamity. A heartbreak that turned her life upside down from its roots. Being framed for a crime she didn’t do, and with all the fingers pointing at her, will Carys find refuge in her past? What will she do when Kian comes back in her life determined to win her back? Will she give love a second chance or will history repeat itself? Read more to find out. *** You can follow me for the updates.

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I have very specific authors that I read from in these apps like a Jessica Hall and Moonlight Muse, but I think I may have just found a favorite to add to the list! This story is absolutely amazing! It pulls you in from the beginning with betrayal, pain, lust, love and an amazing adventure of magic!
2023-11-23 06:46:27
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Age Orumaa
Another amazing story. I really love your unique writing style.
2023-11-18 00:35:41
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Is this a standalone book or part of a series? If a series, what are the other books and the reading order, please?
2023-11-07 15:13:15
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Flashy 💫
So its a great read... Slowing moving & short chapters so not the biz.
2023-11-07 03:33:58
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Very well written.
2023-10-24 10:20:53
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Susana Reginaldo
love your book
2023-10-20 18:44:11
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Delinda Schumacher
53 chapters 10-19-23
2023-10-20 03:42:21
user avatar
Love this story!
2023-09-20 08:41:51
user avatar
Just started reading this story!! When are the updates?
2023-09-02 06:25:58
92 Chapters
1. Entrapped
[Carys Elffire]‘... please Kian, don’t do this. You said we’d find a way together. If you do this today, you will lose me forever. I will never be yours again and I… I will never, ever forgive you.’Once again, my mate had entrapped me with his soulful, light brown eyes. But this time, his gaze lacked all emotions as his bloodshot eyes pierced me like daggers. His stoic face and pale complexion confirmed my fears. Tears welled in my eyes, blurring my vision. I felt as if I was being crushed beneath the gravity of his prickling scrutiny. His gaze held mine and my tears betrayed me, streaming down my cheeks.I shook my head slightly.‘Please Kian, don’t do this to us… I love you.’His impassiveness flickered with something that I dared to believe was love. It was for such a fragile second, but I felt paralyzed. My legs trembled and I could barely stand before him as he said those words. ‘I, Kian Nyx Abner… reject you, Carys Elffire, as my fated mate…’*****My eyes snapped open as I
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2. Conspiracy
[Carys]I ran back to the Spring palace.Sneaking into the hallways, I watched from the shadows.‘Where are you?’ Joshua mind-linked me. ‘Please reply to me, Carys. Please!’I didn’t reply. There was a crowd in the party hall.Edith sat in the middle of the crowd weeping. Joshua sat beside her as a doctor tended to her wound.What the hell happened here?“I still can’t believe this. Beta Carys is the traitor?” Carter, beta of the Summer pack, said.“Well, we kind of knew that someone among us was leaking our intel to the lycans. It makes sense that beta Carys is working with them given her past—” Elijah Helios, alpha of the Summer pack, said.“Alpha Elijah, let’s not come to a conclusion without proper investigation. You are talking about my beta,” Joshua said, glaring at him. “Beta Carys has always proved her loyalty to us and our pack. We can’t judge her based on a mistake she made in her teens.”Elijah scoffed, “oh really? So where is she? When the lycans attacked, she should be he
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3. Closure
[Carys]“I have requested an All Alpha meeting regarding beta Carys’ case.” Dominic said.“What? An All Alpha meeting? It means the lycan alphas will be there as well.” Joshua said.“Yes, that’s what All Alpha meetings are,” Dominic said.“But, All Alpha meetings haven’t been held in decades,” Joshua countered.“Because something like this hasn’t happened in decades. A high rank has never betrayed our packs. I am very well aware that I can’t arrest or punish your beta, but I can’t leave it on you to decide her punishment, either. Given your attachment with her over all these years, I am afraid you are incapable of serving justice. Therefore, I will leave the justice in the hands of All Alpha Court (AAC). It’s my sister that beta Carys has hurt. I cannot let this slide. And if you truly wish to marry my sister, you will cooperate with me,” Dominic said in a commanding voice.As far as I knew Dominic, he was the strongest of all the three pure werewolf alphas and stronger was his resolv
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4. Boundaries
[Carys]He was about to kiss me when I looked away and pulled myself out of his trap.“I don’t regret loving you because I gave you every part of me. I loved you the best way I could, with my utmost sincerity and loyalty. There’s nothing more I could have done to make you stay or love me, only me. Being loyal and not being loyal is a choice, and you have made your choice. There’s no going back,” I said.“I am loyal to you!” He growled, and I flinched. Suppressing his rage, he forced a smile. “Carys,” Joshua made me face him, grabbing my shoulders in a painful grip. His gaze darkened. My chest heaved faster and faster as he slammed me against the wall. “I couldn’t resist my mate, but you couldn’t either. If there’s anyone who can understand me in this situation. It’s you. So why are you…”“I understand you, Joshua. I do. You know me. Don’t you? If you truly loved me or even respected whatever we had for ten years, you would have come to me and had a clear break up before you slept with
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5. Murders and mysteries
[Carys] The impending All Alpha meeting was a week away. I prepared what I could from the confinement of four walls for my defense during that period. Everyone who attended the party or was present during the attack in the Spring palace stayed in the Spring pack. The only person who would hear me and could help me in that critical situation was Alpha Dominic. During this time, my respect for Dominic grew even more. He was enraged because his sister was hurt, but he handled the situation in the most rational manner. He heard my side of the story. I told him someone was trying to frame me, but I didn’t tell him it was Edith. “If you can show me the proof, I will have no option but to trust you,” Dominic said. “But as of now, every proof is against you.” “I understand. Did you find the one who was spying on me in the woods?” I asked. Dominic’s composed expressions turned pensive. “Actually…” “You couldn’t find him? You just found his phone?” I asked. Dominic looked outside the w
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6. I felt it
[Carys]The All Alpha Court convened as everyone prepared for the meeting.“The meeting is private and will be recorded,” announced Liam Harrison, the beta of the Alpha king. “All attendees must maintain confidentiality. The Percy Spring pack’s Alpha, Dominic Percy, has called for this meeting to address concerns regarding the Nightfall Autumn pack’s beta, Carys Elffire. According to the terms of the All Alpha Court, all alphas from the three werewolf packs are in attendance. Two alphas from the lycan packs are also here. We have the required quorum to commence the meeting in ten minutes.”In this world, existed three werewolf packs and three lycan packs, each of which was led by an alpha. However, there was an independent body called the All Alpha Court (AAC), responsible for monitoring the alphas, betas, and gammas of all the packs.The AAC headquarters was located in an apolitical area known as the Neutral zone. This zone was completely free from political influences. However, majo
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7. Evidence dispute
[Carys]I peered at Joshua blankly.I knew why he said that. I knew it was best for us to bury the relationship we had never revealed to the world. Revealing it now would only make things worse. Even with all those reasons, an unfathomable ache stung my heart.Holding back my tears, I nodded.“People often mistake friendship between a man and a woman. It’s nothing new,” I said, holding Joshua’s gaze. Swallowing the tight emotions lumping in my throat, I forced a smile. “But I am at fault for overstepping my boundaries. I should have known. I should have been more cautious. As for love…”I broke into laughter.“Please pardon me, Alpha king. But love is the most absurd word in this world — the greatest mockery in life. Only fools would fall for such a delusion and I am… no fool,” I said.I had been foolish to seek love in others when it never truly existed — not in this world — not in the men I loved. It was nowhere, no more. Not even in my heart.Uncomfortable silence settled in the h
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8. Tension escalates
[Carys] The guard knocked at the door. “Pardon me, beta, but the meeting is about to begin in ten minutes.” Sniffling, I wiped off my tears. Splashing water on my face, I got myself together. The world doesn’t have to know how it was breaking me. Even if I go down today, I will not let my enemies have the satisfaction of seeing me shatter. I took a deep breath and headed back towards the hall. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter Joshua or Edith on the way. Anxiety churned in the stomach as I stepped closer to the hall. I knew what was coming for me and I wasn’t ready for it. My position as beta had been the only thing keeping me sane in my life. To work for others, to tend to my pack. This position had kept me busy and away from the memories that could have turned my life darker. It gave me a sense of purpose and a reason to live. I had been brought up to be a beta. I didn’t know what I’d do if they took it away from me. I stopped before entering the hall and I could hear the Alpha’s
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9. Truce and tears
[Carys]Edith’s face nearly broke into a bright, victorious smile, but she managed to mask it with a subtle smirk in her eyes.A satisfactory smile appeared on Christian’s face that he didn’t even bother hiding.Joshua let out an exasperated sigh, tensed.“Until we resolve this case, Alpha Joshua must officially relieve Carys Elffire of her beta duties and select a new beta for his pack. AAC can provide him with a new beta, or he can choose one independently. Whether to keep or temporarily expel beta Carys from the Autumn pack will entirely depend on Alpha Joshua. The only condition is that a guard from AAC will remain with Carys Elffire at all times. If she’s expelled, Carys Elffire will have to stay in the Neutral Zone until the case concludes.” Liam read aloud from his laptop, and then all eyes were on Joshua.My nails dug into my skin as I waited for his reply.My heart roared wildly in my chest until the silence hung in the hall.“I respect AAC’s decision and I am sure my beta wi
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10. If not his beta
[Carys] “I want it done within a week. Do you get it? I want the best of everything. We need to show those lycans that we are no less than them. This will be a display of not just our power, but our wealth and richness. So I want everything to be perfect. Yes—” “Joshua,” I called out to him while he was busy talking to the wedding planner on his phone. We were in his office in the Autumn pack. “Just a second, Carys,” Joshua tucked his phone between his shoulder and ear. “Yes, I have the guest list ready…” he shuffled through a few pages on his desk and handed a letter to me. “No. The most expensive ones. I need both the quality and the quantity. I want them to remember this party. It will be a slap on their faces…” He went on with his talk as I read the content on the page. Letter of temporary leave? I looked at Joshua, confused. Joshua covered the phone with his hands and whispered to me, “just sign it and leave the rest to me.” Then he went on to talk to the wedding planner.
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