The Alpha's Beta

The Alpha's Beta

By:  A. Lily  Ongoing
Language: English
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Emma Grey is a beta from the well-known Solis Pack, where betas are hated and abused on. Facing her family feud and perception among the members of the pack, she is bound to fight for her life. One after another challenges continues to present itself and when she started to lose hope, she met him. Her mate, Nathan Black, an alpha from Luna Pack. When one living in a different world stumbled upon each other, can love really conquer all? Follow through their journey in going through their challenges embracing their love together.

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57 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Dream
Drowning was better than living.   “Mom, I'm so excited for tomorrow. What do you think I'm gonna be presented as?” A twinkle in the twelve years old's eyes makes the woman chuckle at her cuteness. The wrinkled blanket rustled as her mother pulled it to tuck her in.   “Don't worry about it, sweetie. I know you're going to make me proud. Just like your brothers and sisters.” A gentle kiss landed on her daughter's forehead.   The excitement was visible through her small face, with a smile so wide one would melt in its presents.    “ I hope I get to be an alpha like Eva or even omega like Emile and Elena.” Her small finger taps her chin, probab
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Chapter 2 - Reality
The leaves on the ground waggled as the padding of wolves’s paw reverberated through the forest. All strive to be the fastest before a pearly silver fur passes through the others.    He tilted his head to the side with a growl as though snickering towards the other.   The tanned brunette behind him rumbled. Reckoning his paw to speed up his pace in sight of the black flag near the finish line ahead.    Unfortunately for him, the silver seems to notice his advances. Without further wasting any time, he jumped over to the finish line while shifting back to his human form.    With all his might, he reached towards the black flag, grasping it tightly in his palm as he rolled through the ground. Ending on
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Chapter 3 - Almost
Emma Grey   “Look who we have here.” I could hear it loud and clear.    His sicken smile.   My heart thumping furiously as if it was drummed repeatedly, pushing it out of my chest. It causes my hand to tremble. And as quick, I held onto it tightly to stop myself from giving in to any agitation I was feeling.    What is it that he wants from me now?    Before I could face the intruder, my eyes locked on Lina. I raised both of my eyebrows as I signaled her to stay where she was silently. I wouldn't want her to be entangled in the event that was about to happen later.    I know she was concerned, having
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Chapter 4 - Memories
Nathan Black   “You are just a coward Alpha!” A loud voice vibrates through the field, catching our attention.   Huh, that’s interesting.   It was not everyday that one heard an Alpha being called a coward. In public if I might add. My head moved, searching through the crowds for the source of the voice. It, then, landed on the two figures, remote from others as if they were purposely being avoided.    Seeing a woman standing in front of a man with her figure all tensed, it must have been her. I stretched my neck, aiming to have a better look on her features.    It was all futile. Having her silky chestnut locks waves through the wind, grazing her shoulder had
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Chapter 5 - The Beginning
Emma Grey   A swift of a woody, musky lavender lingered in my senses as we ran passed through the man. It unconsciously calmed my muscles as we moved farther from the scene.    What just happened?   Before I could register it, my legs had unknowingly led me to my section along with Lina. Most of them had shot us sympathetic glances which I couldn't bring myself to care about.    Not when I was struggling for the limited air that I had to force down my lungs. It undoubtedly caused by all the commotion I had involuntarily involved in and all the running I have earlier.    I reached my hand out for Lina’s arm as I felt my legs noodle away to hold myself. Her
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Chapter 6 - Roses
Nathan Black   “Huh. If I were to assume, it might be because your mate is around.” Allan tilted his head with his thumb and forefinger on his chin. Muttering his assumption as if oblivious to the weight of his words.    That undoubtedly grasped our attention, eyes bewildered on the conclusion coming from his mouth.   What in the world did he just say?   “Whoa. Hold on for a second.” Ethan held his hands up, dumbfounded if I were to put it lightly. I do understand his feelings as I too, was outright stunned on my feet.    Mate?    He certainly had gone mad. It isn't as if I am against the idea or
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Chapter 7 - Lavender
Emma Grey   Lina was ready to argue when the leaves in the bushes a couple of feet from us rustled violently, hinting that we were no longer alone. The sound halted me on my track, freezing whatever there was in my body.   There was no way this was happening.   The silence was deafening. The forest was chilling as the only sound I could register was the drumming in my chest as a pair of red eyes met mine.    Lina had her face hidden in my arm as my feet froze, forcing myself to lock my eyes with the unknown in the darkness of the night.    As my eyes adjusted to the poorly-lit surroundings, I could make out the wolf form from the bushes. My mind immediately tr
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Chapter 8 - Her
Nathan Black   It had me pondering that exact moment. That if she was the destined one for me or the fated mate blessed by the Luna goddess for me. Then, I wouldn't mind.   I wouldn't mind one bit.   The girl must have been very frightened having her leg suddenly staggered. My hand naturally reached out for her, holding her falling over. In my arm, I could register her trembled figure, plucking out my worries as I carefully adjusted my hand on her back.   What had caused her to be so fearful?   The crunch of dried leaves, however, answered my query when I saw a shadow lurking in front of me, hidden in the dark. Its red eyes illuminate the night, and judging by
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Chapter 9 - Worthful
Emma Grey It had been a week since I last met him. The events from last time had since played like a broken record in my head and it was the only thing that could help me feel safe at this moment.  ‘I am Nathan. Nathan Black.’  His gravelly calm tone had my heart fluttering, aching to hear more. Sadly, happiness only lasted not long after I woke up on Lina's couch. How can a stranger give me so much comfort? The securities he unconsciously provided to me that night made me crave for it again. The warmth he had sent had comforted my entire being; and how I wished I could feel it again right now. Read more
Chapter 10 - Until Then
Nathan Black   “How was the meeting with Joshue?” Father’s inquiry vibrates through the dining hall which once was full of silence. The tension in the air proudly presents itself judging by the stiffness coming from everyone in the room. Ethan visibly halted from chewing the steak while his head instantly turned to the said voice.    It had only been two days since I last saw my father, and yet, it felt the longest knowing I left while I was on a bad term with him. Who wouldn't. I practically had my claws on his throat which I somehow didn't remorse for it one bit.    He had not mentioned it since I came back home from the Solis Pack, acting as though it never happened. It slightly sent me on nerves as he often addressed the elephant in
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