The Rogues

The Rogues

By:  Kerrie Woodeson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vivian Brown knew she had responsibilities as the daughter of the Alpha, her father was not a man to say no to. Especially when it comes to the Red Crescent Pack. Thomas Bradley the Alpha of the Rogues, a pack of misfits, traitors and wolves who have been banished from their packs has become a threat. His pack growing in numbers, and Vivian's father would do anything to save his pack. Even if that means sacrificing his daughter. In a world dominated by Alpha's, by men. Will this wolf find her voice or is she destined to be a pawn in a very dangerous game?

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5 Chapters
Chapter One - Vivian
The old house stood empty behind a barrier of leafy green hedges, a large frangipani tree swayed in the wind, branches bare, the leaves are long gone,   white paint flaking off the exterior walls. The blue shutters were swinging back and forth in the summer breeze. Garden beds are overcome with weeds, the rusty gate hanging on by a hinge. Someone had hastily nailed timber boards over the windows and doors. Black and white photos in ornate frames adorned the walls, smiling faces of the past. Books covered in dust, their pages yellowed. The floorboards creaked like they were crying over the atrocities they had witnessed, the dust settled on the white sheet covering the furniture. Long silver spider webs danced over chandeliers. The wind echoed up and down the hall as coldness touched every nook and cranny. The clocks stopped, the hands sitting at 3 am
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Chapter Two - Vivian
Tom’s mouth inched away from mine as I leant in for a kiss, his hot breath danced across my face right just as our lips were about to meet, His hand caressed my hair working its way down till it stopped resting on the small of my back. His other hand cupped my breast, teasing my erect nipple with his fingertip. Tom started to fade as  I was jolted into consciousness, a bright white light flickered above me, I blinked rapidly trying to adjust my vision. My mind was foggy, and it hurt to move.  “Welcome back Vivian, you had us worried for a minute there”  Turning to the sound of the voice, a man about thirty-five was examining my right arm, which was covered from elbow to my fingers in a hard white cast. His sandy blonde hair swept across his forehead, big brown eyes with long dark lashes. Tanned arms b
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Chapter Three - Tom
Pushing open the glass doors, I needed to get as far away from the hospital as possible, seeing Vivian like that, in a hospital bed, bruised and battered and had gotten under my skin. And I do not, can not, will not ever let someone especially a woman get under my skin. My existence depended on not becoming too close to anyone, remaining emotionally unattached. Zipping up my worn leather jacket, I jumped onto my bike, putting her into neutral, turned the key and kicked down hard. The soul-satisfying rumble of the motor made me smile as I clicked it into gear and took off down the street. Riding my bike as if  I stole it, I zipped in and out of traffic until I reached the open road. The Rogues clubhouse came into view as I rounded the corner. An old abandoned bar had been converted into a clubhouse, the neon sign hung from the roof blinking off and on intermittently, buzzing as it swung i
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Chapter Four Tom
“Argghh”, I grimaced as the morning sunlight found its way through the gaps in the curtains. My phone vibrated on the bedside table. Ignoring It, I rolled over. “What the fuck” sprawled out next to me was a sleeping naked woman. Her long brown hair covered her face, clothes and beer bottles were scattered around the floor next to the bed. Fuck, I did not want to have to deal with early morning pleasantries, my breath smelt like a kitty litter box, and at this moment, I would rather cut my arm off than risk waking my unwelcome house guest. Sliding off the bed, I tiptoed to the bathroom, carefully shutting and locking the door behind me. Hopefully, she would be gone by the time I finished. Looking at the mirror, two bloodshot eyes stared back at me. Three days worth of stubble covered my face. Large dark rings had formed under my eyes, caused by lack of sleep and way too
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Chapter Five - Vivian
 "What in the hell is going on, Vivie"? Cat burst back into the room, a look of betrayal on her face. I knew she was hurt that I didn't tell her about the proposal.  "It's nothing, an empty proposal. He shoved a ring on my finger and left like the smug jerk he is" I sighed, wishing the bed would swallow me up. I had seen Cat like this before, and there was no defence that I could use that would get me out of trouble with her. I should have rung her and let her know as soon as it happened. "Well, Thomas damn Bradley always gets what he wants V, please do not be another notch on his bedpost'. "And throw that frigging ring back into his face", she huffed. Closing my eyes, I knew deep down inside it had already come to that. I was already under the wicked spell
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