His Innocent PA

His Innocent PA

By:  Chrame  Ongoing
Language: English
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It's a love/revenge story of a Mafia King and his appointed PA with who he fell in love at first sight. She is having a dark past, he is the saviour and healer but one day he is shattered knowing she is the one who killed his half brother... What will happen next?

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14 Chapters
1) Love at first sight
Authors pov A handsome guy (Felix Johnson- male protagonist) is in hurry to attend the important meeting, his driver is driving the car but suddenly he put a break making him a jerk. "What happened?" "Boss..." Before he completes his sentence, the handsome boss heard a sweet voice apologising to him. Without his will, he saw the owner of that voice and got awestruck seeing a gorgeous beauty. "Sorry sir, this little girl unknowingly came in between so..." A girl who stopped the car says. "It's okay, no problem." He said then the girl says "thank you" and moves away with the child. She handover diary milk and gave a peck on her cheek. "Thank you, sis." Little girl pecked her cheek and leaves exchanging a bye. In the meantime, he clicked her pic muttering "So sweet"His driver is shocked as his boss till date he avoids seeing any girl but now... "Why you are looking at me like that, it's getting late, drive fast." His boss said in an angry ton
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2) Under the same roof
"Sorry boss I thought I was only supposed to be with you during office hours." "It's ok, no worries. Now come." "Where are my items of luggage." "it's already sent to my mansion." "What you gave you the permission to do so..." She thought and her angry face reflects visibly in the mirror where Felix is facing his front. Guessing her mind voice he replied "I apologise for that and I didn't steal, see or touch anything inside that so rest assured (in a normal tone he said all these but soon his voice turned into cold with a stern face.) "Now come quick it's getting late and I don't want to waste my precious time talking uselessly." *In the car* She was struggling to buckle the seat belt so he leaned over to help her. Due to this, his hot breath was fanning on the crook of her neck, which made her accidentally moan. She covered her mouth with her hands quickly; letting out a sigh, luckily, because he didn't hear it. In the meantime, he wa
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3) Possessiveness leads to revenge
"Don't worry Kristy you go fill the jar," Oliver said for which she nodded with a smile and left. Meanwhile, a certain someone was boiling in anger, jealousy and possessiveness. "Olive go fresh up and come I'll make your special dinner." "Okay bro, serve me my favourite spicy pasta." "Anything else you want ?" "Yes, I want Kristy." "What?" he is about to burn him with his eyes which is burning like fire. "Ha dude I mean let her cook and I know you cook badly." "Ohh, then I'll ask her to treat my friend with his special spicy pasta." "Yes of course mam, go ahead I'm eagerly waiting to eat the dish which was made by her hands." "What if it tastes bad and you think my cooking is best compared to her?" "Not even in your dreams dude." "Then let's see." "Sure." "Okay before that go fresh up and come." "Okay, bro." "Go quick bro I'll arrange to dine for you." Felix said and left to the kitchen whereas Oliver went to freshe
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4) Is this a indirect proposal?
As soon as she stepped into the room, he closed the door. He immediately caged her between his arms and the wall, making her heart skip a beat in fear. "Except me, every other male should be treated like your brother. Keep that in your mind and behave accordingly. Understand ?" "Excuse me, you're only my boss so, it doesn't mean that you should involve yourself in my personal affairs. Besides, it's my decision who I-" Before she could finish, he smashed his lips onto hers then exclaimed, "Do what I tell you to!" His lingering lips soon left hers. She slapped him on his cheek by mistake when she tried to come out of his hold but she didn't feel bad for that and starts speaking... "I don't want this job anymore. I will return your money and give you my resignation letter," she said in a cold tone and was about to leave but he pulled her towards his hard chest. "Honey, that won't happen; even in your dreams. Do you think I'll let you go if you give those
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5) Something is weird in her behaviour
She came out of his cabin and heard a group of girls gossiping about her. "Hey, there. She's coming. "What's her name?" "Kristy." "Well, I don't know what she did to the boss. She doesn't even look that beautiful. "Yeah, she's so ugly." "Boss looks like a lost puppy behind her." "Hey dudes chill, boss is just using her." "Yeah, you're right. How can he fall for her?" "Not even in his dreams." They passed an evil smile noticing Kristy. She was heartbroken on hearing all of this. Even in her dreams, she wouldn't be able to bear that Felix was using her. Tears made their way down from her eyes, but she wiped them off and took her seat. ___ "Hey Kristy, I'm Alice" "Hi." "Just ignore their talks, they normally use many tricks to get the boss's attention, but it goes in vain, so seeing boss giving his attention to you, they can't digest it." She just gave a small smile. "Well, shall we become Friends ?" "Yeah, sur
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6) Is he ignoring her?
She ate her lunch and slept due to the effect of the medicine mixed in it. In the meantime, Felix finished his office work and adores his sleeping angel. "Which was broken by Oliver?" "What bro, is my sis sleeping ?" [He looked at him in confusion] I heard what you said to her this morning, "All the boys are your brothers." [He mimics him.] "So possessive. Haha." [He teased him] In return, he got a death glare from him for which Oliver only burst out into laughter at. F:- Shhh. [He signalled him to don't disturb her sleep] O:- ok ok. [He said in a husky voice and left the room] (Night begins) She slowly opened her eyes, feeling some weight on her. She smiled seeing it was none other than Felix. Trying not to disturb him, she went into the kitchen to prepare something as she was feeling hungry. [pc:- Her feet now felt better.] She made a cup of noodles and settled on the sofa; switching on the tv. [hiccups] S
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7) Shopping Time
"Here he is, your lovely boss" (she saw him radiating happiness). "Good morning, boss," everyone greeted him. He seemed happy and announced the good news, that this year their company was the first in business venturing, and the salary margin had doubled. Everyone was on cloud nine. He thanked them for their hard work. "So to celebrate this momentous occasion, there will be a party tonight. I kindly invite you all to be present at the Star hotel at 8 pm sharp." Everyone jumped in excitement, agreeing to him in happiness. "Ok guys, return to your works and all the best!" "Ha...My lucky charm, let's go in," he said while taking her by holding her waist firmly. [In the cabin] He kept on adoring her. At that, her face heated up and she lowered her head down not able to meet his eyes. "Boss..." "Mm," still lost in her beauty. "There is there any work for me to do?" "What are you going to wear tonight ?" "Don't know." "Co
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8) A proposal & The evil eyes
She was looking like a Barbie doll in her full-length baby pink dress. Felix was completely mesmerized on seeing his cutie pie. "Wow baby, you look drop-dead gorgeous. I can't keep my eyes off you," he said, kissing her cheek and she blushed. "Aww my girl, if you blush this much, how can I resist myself?" "Boss, please." "Ok, let's go." ___ He drove to the location where the party is being held and opened the door for Kristy on arrival. She came out holding his hand and he wrapped his arm around her waist as they went in. Everyone greeted him as he went on stage with Kristy. "Good evening everyone, thanks for coming. As you guys already know, it's a party in celebration of our company's success, but it has another reason as well." He turned to Kristy side and stopped down on one knee. He then fished out an artificial rose that had a ring inside of it. "I love you, Kristy, Be my queen, I'll be your king. Will you accept me as yo
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9) Is she in danger?
Kristy felt dizziness overtake her; everything around her became blurry, and someone smirked at this. "Kristy, what happened ?" "Nothing, just a headache. I want to go home, can you please call the boss. " "Ok, take a seat first." Alice made her sit down and went to get Felix. Felix was searching for Kristy until Alice rushed up to him. "Alice, have you seen Kristy?" "Sorry Sir, she was with me and now she has a headache. She wants to go home so she asked me to call you." "It's ok, where is she ?" "At the counter," she pointed in the direction of the counter but she was not there. "She's not there. " "But sir, I made her sit there."Alice and Felix, who were now panicking, went off searching for her in different directions; asking everyone if they'd seen her anywhere. ____ [In room no 26] *in the apartment where the party is running* Kristy was clinging onto a person whose face was covered with a black mask. She kept on blab
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10) When past press the doorbell
He went down. She heard beep sounds coming from her phone and so she answered it. "Hello my toy, do you remember me ? I hope you do. You made me wait for a long time, but not anymore. I'm coming, so be ready. Now bye." (person kissed her through phone & disconnected the call) She felt disgusted and threw her phone to the floor, causing it to break into pieces. Tears were rolling down her eyes, her breathing got abnormal, beads of sweat formed on her face. With her heart aching, she tried to call Felix, but lost her consciousness, clutching her tightened chest. Felix came in shocked to see her in this condition, he dialled his doctor, Dr Reena. She came within minutes of the call and checked on Kristy. After treating her, she prescribed some medicines for her. "Doctor, what happened to her, is she okay ?" "Don't worry Felix, she had a panic attack. I gave her an injection, she will be conscious soon. Give her these medications on time and don't let
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