Konstantin: The Heartless Beta

Konstantin: The Heartless Beta

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
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***BRATVA WOLVES: BOOK 2*** As a scentless half-human/half-werewolf, Lily Vega always expected abuse, violence and bloodshed - the norm for her step-brother's pack of Lycans. Given to the BloodCrest Pack as a gift to cement the bond between New York and Las Vegas, she didn't expect to become second in command to the Heartless Beta, Konstantin Volkov. And she didn't expect to fall in love with him either. Konstantin never cared for love or finding his mate as the Beta to the Alpha God. Who needs a mate when you have a pack to protect? However, everything seemed to fall into place when Lily stepped into his life. She was his second in command and the best damn fighter he'd ever met - until she decided to leave his side when she apparently finds her mate. After a misunderstanding, which culminates in a steamy encounter with Konstantin, Lily leaves his side, never to return. What will Konstantin do once he finds out Lily is truly his mate and pregnant with his prophesied firstborn... and that she's being held prisoner by a creature even older than the Werewolf God Xamnir? Book 1 - Alpha Kai Book 2 - Konstantin: The Heartless Beta

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61 Chapters
Prologue - Lily, 19 Years OldGiven to the Russian mafia; my brother truly had no respect for me.How can I consciously describe the anger that I am feeling right now? Sitting on a million-dollar private jet and heading for New York, I feel like nothing more than a slave sold off to appease an Alpha, even if that Alpha looked like he had zero interest in me.How could my brother do this to me? After everything I have done to show him that I am worthy of being his Beta! After all the training I went through, the beatings, the abuse! He promised me that he would consider me for the role if I completed my training, but what did I expect from a beast who has murdered three of his wives?I clench my jaw, then look at the two men in front of me; both imposing and tall with the air of Russian royalty about them. Kai Volkov was everything the rumours said and more; tall, built like a panzer tank, and no emotion evident in his blue eyes.The intimidation in
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1. Leaving You
**BEFORE THE EVENTS OF ALPHA KAI**LilyIt’s been ten years since I became Konstantin’s second in command, ten years since he took me under his wing… and ten years that I have been in love with him. He trusts me as much as he trusts his brothers, and I know him inside out, yet he only looks at me as if I am his younger sister.Why would he see me as anything else, though? I am only the person who makes sure his day runs smoothly, and everything gets sorted out for him. Why should he be in love with me when I am only a scentless halfbreed?Sighing as I walk towards his office, I wonder if I would be able to keep this up for another ten years. To watch him find his mate and fall in love, have pups and live happily ever after. The mere thought breaks my heart, knowing that he would never truly be mine.Konstantin is Russian royalty, whereas I’m… just his personal slave.I knock on his office door
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2. Burning Desire
KonstantinSitting opposite me, looking as beautiful as the first time I saw her, is the woman I thought would always be at my side. She waits for something from me, staring at me with her beautiful, big blue eyes and her lips withdrawn in a pout.Her words hit me harder than I expected, and right now, I feel nothing but anger and a sense of possession. Lily is mine; she has always been mine, and yet… How wrong could I have been? Of course, she would meet her mate. Who was I to think that she would be mine forever just because she’s scentless?I return her smile, knowing she’s only seeking my approval at the fact she wants to leave, but unfortunately, I cannot give that right now.“Congratulations, Lily,” I say, leaning forward and touching her cheek again. She belonged to someone else, yet… whenever I touch her like this, it drives me crazy. My fingers burn when I touch her skin, even when we’r
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3. Denying This
LilyHe didn’t even care…Dismissing me with a final order instead of asking me who my mate is, if I am certain I want to leave or if I will be safe where I am headed to. Not that I had an answer to any of those questions anyway.I tested Konstantin to see if he cared about me, and by his answers, I know now that he doesn’t. He never did in the first place, and now he’s letting me go.Just like that.I breathe out a sigh and make my way towards the bar, intending to drown my sorrows with a few glasses of vodka.How could I have been so stupid? I didn’t think Konstantin would believe my lie, but he did. Of course, I haven’t found my mate; trash half-breeds like me aren’t that lucky. But he readily believed the lie. Has he been waiting to throw me aside all this time?Four neat vodkas deep, and the anger is just surging inside of me. I fell in love with an idiot and expected hi
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4. Zephyr Stonehaven
Konstantin How am I going to survive my days with this inept person taking Lily’s place? I’ve watched him make a fool out of himself for the last few hours, and Lily has had to jump in to save the day as usual. Will I have to whip him into shape when she leaves? Because it looks like he’s in no way ready to be my PA, much less my second in command and most trusted. I don’t know if it’s the bitterness at her leaving that has put me in this mood, but there is a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, knowing she will no longer be here. She was mine, but then again, she wasn’t. To say that I will miss her is putting it lightly; it already feels like a part of myself is missing. And now I have to watch as Stefan lusts after her the entire night. He’s taken a liking to her, I can tell. Who wouldn’t? For the step sister of a Lycan beast, Lily is beautiful, but the worst part is that she doesn’t know this. From the curve of her hips t
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5. Stefan Russo
Lily This Alpha wants something from me, something more than my body, and I do not trust him at all. I am used to the stares I get from men, but Stefan looks at me as if he wants to devour me. I get an itch over my entire body, and my skin crawls when he touches me. The only reason I am permitting his advances is because it was pissing Konstantin off. I can tell by the way he was continually looking over here. But now he’s disappeared after drinking the entire night away and entertaining women. Why should he care, though? If I have a mate, if someone is flirting with me; why should it bother him? His hot and cold attitude is messing with my head. “Excuse me, Stefan, could you point me to the ladies’ room, please?” I interject one of his wooing techniques, and he frowns but directs me anyway. “I’ll be right back,” I told him. As soon as I step away from him and into the hall, I feel like I can breathe again. I am used to being
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6. Claiming Her
Lily Oh, God, I’m in trouble, especially with the way he sounded over the link. He’s pissed off with me for putting him on the spot in front of Zephyr; I know he is. But why meet me in the woods behind the old mansion? Shaking my head, I train my ears and search for him by scent, leading me to a small clearing about a mile from the mansion. “Konstantin?” I call out, not seeing him at all, but then a pair of silver eyes meet my gaze, and Konstantin saunters out in his wolf form. I’ve always admired the Volkov wolves with their large frames, obsidian fur and powerful forms. Where Kai was a hulking mass of power, Konstantin was more lithe, even if he was twice my wolf’s size. “Why have you called for me?” I ask, still confused as to why I am here. Konstantin snarls, bearing his teeth, then shifts back into his human form - and I gasp. I’ve seen him naked before, plenty of times after we’ve hunted together. It always gives me a th
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7. Not Ours
Lily I sit up, shrugging the tattered clothing from my body and pull him down on top of me, needing to feel the closeness of his body on mine again. I feel his hard cock digging into my thigh, so I open my legs and wrap them around his waist. Then our lips meet again, this time, it is filled with even more fervour, and I can taste blood. When Konstantin enters me, an unknown jolt of pleasure shoots through my body, and I let out a pent up scream. I dig my now extended claws into his back, and he lets out a roar, slamming into me over and over again. “Don’t leave me…” he whispers in my ear, “you belong at my side… stay….” He grips my hair at the back of my head as he kisses me, groaning into my mouth as the sound of my moans echoed around the quiet woods. I am so close to reaching my peak, but then he turns me around and enters me from behind, digging his claws into my waist. His thrusting increases, and for some reason, it feels like
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8. His Slave
Lily I don’t know what it is that wakes me up first - the searing pain at my wrists or the constant, painful slamming inside of me. Where am I? I can’t even remember what happened before this… When I try to open my eyes, they flutter closed again, and my mouth is incredibly dry. Groaning, I try to move, but the burning at my wrists stops me, and I cry out. This pain causes me to slowly take in my surroundings and what is currently happening to me. Someone is sexually assaulting me. I am suspended from the ceiling by silver chains, and there’s a continuous mist of wolfsbane being sprayed into the air while I am being violated. I try to move, twisting myself away from my assailant, but he holds me in place. His scent seems familiar, but it’s not one I can place. “You’re finally awake,” a sick shiver goes up my spine as I realise who it is. Hot tears slip down my cheeks as he continues to slam into me harder, gripping my
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9. Five Months
Konstantin Every now and then, I feel a sharp pain in my chest; it started when Lily left and has continued to grow exponentially. I know that it’s because my wolf is yearning for its mate, but something feels wrong - terribly wrong. Lily is my mate; I know this now. But why did she lie about leaving? Did she not feel the pull as I did? Did she not feel the same way about me because she’s not a pure werewolf? These constant questions keep me awake at night, and I know that I will need to pay a visit to Vegas soon. Fenriz mentioned that he sent Lily here to keep her from her supposed ‘destiny’, but he never fucking elaborated on what this could mean. He kept his distance and took off to Vegas before I could ask him. Things have been escalating over the last few months since she left. Kai found and claimed his mate, I died and was brought back to life by a Goddess, we lost two of our younger brothers and so many other tragedies. Some pe
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