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Princess Rafaella Lavel is Alpha Erick Devone's key to unlock his curse. She fought in loving him but he was in denial, disguising his real emotions towards her in a form of hatred. When she's finally gone, he would go extra lengths to chase after her. Could he be able to dissipate her hatred towards him if they are to be fated to meet again in a different dimension in different span of time?

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35 Chapters
 Centuries ago, in the northern part of the Hemisphere continent. A huge and flourishing kingdom existed called Oenothera where humans resided and ruled by a royal family of three. The King, the Queen and their sole offspring, the Princess. They were known as warm hearted rulers who treated their people in equal status with their down to earth kindness. Today, the whole kingdom was busy preparing for the beginning of their Princess Rafaella's courting tradition according to the king's messenger who had spread the statement just as the sun broke down. The whole kingdom rejoiced, getting trailed with the princess' mysterious pursuer. It is said that the prince who asked for their princess's hand in marriage came from the southern part of the continent. It would last for about seven days and seven nights and after that, she would be the one to pay the Prince a visit to his kingdom in accordance with the process before get
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Chapter 2 PISSED OFF
  RAFAELLA My father's words put some bitterness inside me. I know I would eventually end up like this! Being a princess was really a form of curse. You would never experience the will of freedom! I would have known that he was this eager to sell me to relieve himself of carrying such a burden like me. "I refused this arrangement father!" I declared firmly. My eyes slowly blurred with tears as I stared at him stubbornly. The servants sent by their prince gasped in shock as they heard my firm refusal. My mother snapped her head and stalked towards me slowly bearing the elegance and tenderness as the Queen. She took my trembling hand and squeezed it gently. "Honey, this is for your own good. You must listen to your father."  Ugh! There is this invisible slap t
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ERICK "Hooo!" "Hooo!" My carriage chauffeur howled and the royal horses that wheeled me and my delta halted in the wide aisle in front of a majestic castle in the kingdom of Oenothera. My back ached a little through the whole journey and I felt so bored to death along the way, almost losing my patience. I am not used to riding carriages as I am gifted with four strong paws to run miles after miles just to get where I used to be going. But yeah! My mother was adamant that I should use these damned carriages to visit my betrothed princess. She is a mere human and I assumed her to be less capable and no match to stand beside me. She's not worthy of the title of being my luna and the future queen. My father, the king of Euratus is sick, barely breathing and my mother was there on his side filling all his needs from time to time trying to cherish her beloved king till the last hours of his breath. The throne was supposed to be passed to my elder brother who was born a few minutes ahead
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Chapter 4 MINE!
  RAFAELLA"Nice to finally meet you, Princess Rafaella Lavel." Damn! Did I hear him talking to me using his deep and sexy voice? Was this man the Prince Erick that they kept on bragging about?  I rammed my gaze back at him and found him checking out on me. "And you are?" I asked blankly. "You're soon to be…" he mused at me curtly as his eyes darted to my father's trusted general. He looked at him for a while and clenched his chiseled jaws. Well, was he trying to show concern over me? Nah… I'm not buying it! He had his face wrapped in a mask and only his thin and sexy lips resurfaced giving the aura of being a mysterious man. From the looks of it, he seemed to be handsome but why was he wearing a mask? That was odd. Some princes from diff
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    RAFAELLA   Damn! I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe myself to be so weak in a stranger's arms. What the heck was wrong with me? Why was my body submitted to him like he owns it? For fuck's sake nobody owns it aside from me. However, what baffles me is his intoxicating scent that lulles me completely. It was like he had hypnotized me and I forgot to move or rather struggle when he began to pin me on the wall.   His touch sent delicious shivers through me. It ignited something inside me like a fireball that heats me right there and then. I began to produce a mini pool in between my thighs and I felt him trailing his fingers in my lingerie. I couldn't help it but it feel so fucking amazing as I began to let him took control over me. The strange feeling burns my flesh making it clenched as he rubbed my pinky clit in slow motion. He ran his other hand up and poked his
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  ERICK   Fuck!   I couldn't control myself anymore. I was swallowed by Cirrus's dominance. Though I'm still in control of my body,  my mind succumbs to my wolf. After giving her the feeling of reaching to her highest peak, I felt stupidly proud. Cirrus then declared her as ours. She was indeed ours. And if I say ours, that means she only belongs to us! No finger should lay on her than mine!   Her eyes widened in shock while her body was shaking in my arms. Her post-orgasmic expression looks damned tempting and amusing. I know it! She just looks feisty and acts like an arrogant lady but behind it was her shy demeanor. I know this is the first time that she got touched by a man and that made me feel satisfied. She is innocent in this matter unlike me. I had wrecked different women's caves to satisfy and defuse the heat of my body
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Chapter 7 WARM TO COLD
    RAFAELLA   Warm!   Wet!   Sticky!   Ugh! He smeared it on my freaking feet! Damn Prince! Was I indulging him too much? I was supposed to leave him in my bathing chamber but something caught my attention. My ears pricked and I heard stomping boots heading to my chambers. Yeah! Weird right? I had this ability at the age of 8. I found it as a precious gift and I've been using it until now. Comes in handy. If not for it, the jerking bastard might have been found out and I would be in deep trouble.    "Damn it! You seriously smeared it on my feet?" I cursed in his ears and his chest vibrated. Did he just chuckle at my outburst? Annoying! Shameless! I couldn't find the words to describe him!   I slowly detached myself from him and tilted m
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    ERICK   Those words caught me off guard. My body went stiff and my blood ran cold. I paused in our tracks as I felt like I couldn't lift my feet. It's too heavy!   'Dont! Please don't!' Cirrus was alarmed. He whines miserably and I wince.   'Calm down, Cirrus. I'll deal with it!' I assured him which earned a hollow growl from him before shutting himself off.   I felt something was pricking inside my chest. No! She wasn't rejecting me right? She can't! Obviously, she has a little thing for me but why was she trying to get rid of me? She didn't want to be with me! What the hell? Could she sense what I was planning for her? No! I didn't say that I would reject her, I just said I don't want her to be my other half! There's no way I would allow it! She's mine! I quickly gathered myself and took a deep
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Chapter 9 RIVALS
    ERICK   'That stupid general is drooling at our mate! Let me tear him apart!' Cirrus growled possessively inside my head. He struggled to come out and lash out at him!   Cirrus, calm the fucking down. I'll deal with this bastard. I can't let you out! Not here! I warned him. I was struggling hard to get a hold of him. My golden eyes glowed as I stared at the stupid general who was at the moment also glaring sharply at me. It was a clear warning but he ignored it instead he looked squarely at me. Hatred filled his eyes. Good! He was about to burst in anger!   He was fantasizing about my woman by the looks he was giving her. And damn! He's even licking his lips! I wouldn't give him the chance to do that. He looked so mad at the moment and I want to make him angrier! I would love to stimulate his emotions until he finally lost his compos
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    ERICK   "Let the duel begin!"   As the king's declaration was thrown out, Alton Vogue, their kingdom general, began to get himself ready. He began warming up. Oh, how confident! I arched my brows wearing an innocent smile that made him smirk smugly at me.   'Alpha, I know you could beat him up!' Zed mind-linked to me and I spotted him seated in a wooden bench a couple of steps away from me.    We are now currently in a vast garden where newly trimmed grasses covered every corner of it. Huge trees surround us with benches underneath. Ah, those benches… I would soon let my price lay down there as I made her moan my name under the moonlight. Soon…    'Of course! He's such a bastard to think that he could compete over me!' I mind-linked back at him conf
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