The Billionaire Playboy's Bride

The Billionaire Playboy's Bride

By:  Meghana_N_S  Completed
Language: English
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"Sign!" He demanded. A signature. Just a signature's going to change both our lives. My decision might make OR ruin both our lives.... *** Nicholas Perkins, the most wealthiest and ruthless businessman, and the city's No.1 Playboy who wants nothing more than his selfish needs to be fulfilled at any cost. But there is one condition that is required to be satisfied. Evelyn Katherine Linard, just a simple girl enjoying her father's money under his care. All she finally wants is to be free like a bird and live her life. Though enjoying all the luxuries of life, both have had a past which presents itself in front of them playing with their minds. They have no choice but to stick together. What could be their final decision? The playboy is finally in search of his bride. But is this arrangement going to work out? Is the Bride ready to be tied down? Read to find out!

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45 chapters
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this story's author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.Before 5 years EVELYN KATHERINE LINARD'S POV"Mom, will you just stop this? I've had enough! All you want is your son, other than that you don't find happiness in anything. I'm just so done with you.""Why? Why should I? All you do is sit at home and enjoy your father's money. You just want to go to some university in NYC, against all our wishes for what? Just to sit at home like this or to live with your Dad's money like always?" My said bitterly, like
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Chapter 1: First Meeting
Current timeEvelyn's POV"Hey Carr.. come on girl cheer up!" I said to my best friend. Uncle Roger died in a mysterious accident. I don't know how. Of course, we all know that it's not just an accident. But then it's been a month. She was the one who brought me out of that shitty life. It's my duty to bring her back to life. Why does God have to do this to all good people.She has always been the lonely girl since that guy left her and now this. I seriously don't know how aunt Sophie is coping with it. After I ran away from home, I came straight to Carr's house hoping that she'd help me. We both got into the same business schools together. Of course, it was Uncle Roger who helped me through out. I have a house now all because of this family. And now that they don't have one, they don't want to stay in this house. It's not mine but their house. I agree I paid for my university myself, had to take up multiple jobs but without the
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Chapter 2: The Proposition
Evelyn's POVShit! Yupp... that's my first word! That's my first word after I saw Nick's text for the umpteenth time on my cell. First, he gave me a missed call and I foolishly let him know that it's me. I never told him my name. How the hell did he even find out. And then call after call. And here I'm trying to solve Carr's problem. God! She met with this asshole's friend and he got her to sign some stupid papers. Such a cheat! No.. poor guy. Why should I blame him? This woman didn't even take a look at it.'Meet me at the Barista near your house sweetie. Otherwise..... I already know where you live ;-) 'WTF! That's just pure invasion of my privacy. This man is going to get it from me. When he was supposed to marry me, he just pushed me away with his hurtful words and now he wants me back! I can't even remind him of the past.I was busy typing a reply when I heard Carr scream "KATHERINE!" Obviously annoyed by my lack of interes
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Chapter 3: Her Plot!
Evelyn's POV"Oh yes! I forgot. Will you marry me?" He asked.What the.....?"I'm sorry what?" I asked. I think I misheard."You heard me right. Will you marry me?" Man! Has he gone crazy?"What in the hell possessed you to say that?!" I asked with disbelief. Is he for real?"Look just hear me out. Come on you can't just reject me right away" he said with puppy dog eyes! Doesn't suit him."But you did" I seriously didn't mean to say it out so loud."What?" He asked as I got him confused. Silly me! He doesn't remember me. Well I'm sure not even my parents would recognize me with the way I look now. Actually..... he might recognize but definitely not my parents."Hmph.... whatever! Nothing you say will make me agree to this shit you're trying to convince me about" I said rolling my eyes."I said just hear me out. For once!" He said almost on the verge of pleading. I didn't say anything, but I just s
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Chapter 4: Shock! Not a Surprise.
Evelyn's POV "You do know how to be right? How to behave, how to talk... I mean they are very particular about it... wait.. uhm... Linard.... you too are a Greek..." he said.Yes... he showed me videos and pictures of his parents. Their likes dislikes. Well I don't know why he hates them. Cause when I was young, and when they used to come to home, I felt like they were good people. And even now I feel that they're kinda cool.....And we did this for almost two weeks. He kept me in disguise for those days. Wait. What Greek?"Uhm.. yaa... why is that a problem?" I asked confused."No-no... actually it's great. Well my parents are traditional Greek. Soo... it's good that you are Greek too. It's not going to take much to convince them" he said pretty excited. What is he excited to marry me? Is he happy so much?This man sitting beside me is so damn hot! Why oh why! Yes, I've had my fair share of guys, but none have got the
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Chapter 5: The Contract!
Nicholas's POVShe just fooled me. Bitch! I thought she was different. Different! Damn! She's like a witch from a different world."Mom? Dad? What are you all doing here?" She asked clueless."It was me dear." My mom said excitedly clapping her hands together. "I recognized you the moment I saw you that day. Your parents were so worried when you ran away five years back. We thought we scared you with the marriage proposal, so you ran away. But now everything's fine. You and my son have fallen in love. Finally! Our dreams have come true. We don't have to change our plans now. Me and Elena are so going to enjoy shopping for the wedding" My mom started rambling."Mom there's not going to be a wedding anytime soon" I interrupted."What?" My mom asked with a shocked face. But she was trying to be hopeful. Nope... I'm not going to cancel the marriage. I will go through this marriage with the same cunning women. "Oh my God" I heard my Mom
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Chapter 6: Wedding Shopping!
Evelyn's POV"Hey! Nick here. Come down." I heard Nick."I'm sorry what? You call me and-" I wanted to give him a nice tongue lash but he had to interrupt."Mom and Elena are here with me. And they were hoping to go wedding shopping" he said in a bored tone."What?" I screamed and got up from my bed."When is our wedding?" I asked annoyed that he might have already chosen a date just as a part of his revenge."I have no idea. You should ask them. And get ready. We'll be there soon." He said."What?!" And he cut the call....This man is getting on my nerves. I'm damn sure he would've suggested. And it's going to take 15 minutes for him to arrive here. But I need at least one and a half hour to get ready.Huh! I'm going to take my own time. I don't care what they think. I'm not the old Ev to get ready in 5minutes. Glasses and a lip balm. Now it's time to show them what I am. I got into the showe
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Chapter 7: Negotiation!
Evelyn's POV"Katherine.... your dad and I are serious. What happened? You were very much in love with him" my mom said teasingly, on phone!Shit! I'm letting them on my secret. They cannot know that it was all just an act. I don't know why Nick is continuing with this drama but I have to. Because I can't let Rose and Peter insult me. I have never managed to get a guy for myself. Ever."Katherine!" I heard my evil Mom scream again. "Why do you not want to marry Nick? He's such a sweetheart. I wish he was in love with my dear Rosie. She wouldn't embarass us like you-" that's it! I cut the call and threw it in the floor. Thankfully it didn't break.I stood there alone in my living room about how I'd stop this marriage from happening. There's nothing I don't like about Nick. He's hot. He's rich. I know how much ever he may torture me, he will never hurt me and he'll never insult me. I already trust him enough that he'd not even spare a glanc
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Chapter 8: Life with Him?
Evelyn's POV"Ok guys... so we'll be closed for tomorrow. It's my wedding and I want all of you to be there..... and Christine.... I have to ask you something... ok wait. Come with me" I said pulling her out of the door. I'm taking her to my house which is just a few blocks away from my restaurant, I'm going to surprise her. Yes, I have my own restaurant, Uncle Roger, you know Caroline's dad gave it me as a present, but he said it depends on me, how I'll run it.And since I majored in hotel management.... hmm... I managed it fine, I guess. It was Uncle Roger's first restaurant and then he managed to open his big business, and this had to shut down for years. He thought I deserve to have this part of his life. That's really kind of him. He's the perfect father figure I got. I always asked him why he never gifted it to Cara. He never answered but just gave me a smile saying, am I not his daughter too? I so wished for Cara to be present on my wedding. I a
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Chapter 9: Wedding Ceremony & Reception!
Evelyn's POV "Oh, sweetheart you look so pretty. That's a beautiful gown you've chosen" Nina said with a huge smile. "I can't believe you're finally going to be my daughter-in-law just as I always wished for" she said holding my hand looking me up and down with a bright gleam in her eyes. Wow! I didn't know someone would he this happy to see me as a bride. Her eyes filled with tears and she turned away from me going out of the room. Okaaaay... too emotional. I'm too excited and nervous all at together. It's going to be a Sunday wedding at sunset. Well we've decided at six and the ceremony will take place for an hour and it will be the perfect dinner time at our reception.I looked at myself in the mirror again. I hope nothing's missing. "Something old I said looking at my cute yet simple bridal hair crown with a veil attached to it. It seems it belonged to Nick's Mom. This was her wedding hair crown. I guess I only have 'something old', no someth
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