Pure Blood

Pure Blood

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Diana Charlotte is a strange and mysterious woman who was forced to be brought by Albert Valentino to serve as food for his Master, Raizel Harrison de Haltz who is a leader of a vampire clan named Haltz. Diana is a brave girl and is not afraid of anything, even if it is Raizel who is the strongest vampire. When the moment of her death was about to arrive, Diana remained calm, and still had time to stare at Raizel's blood-red irises with her blue irises. After her blood was sucked out, Diana should be dead. However, whether this was called a miracle or an oddity, Diana's heart was still beating even though it was very weak.

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245 Chapters
P r o l o g u e
Haltz is the name of one of the three vampire clans in the world. They are the strongest vampire clan with the percentage of pure vampire blood reaching fifty percent in the main family.Located in the south, Haltz is surrounded by an area of pine-dominated forests called the Silver Forest, a humid area. This area is also one of the three areas that are strictly forbidden to enter for humans.Each vampire clan is led by one of the strongest vampires in the main family or is determined by the rules of a vampire committee called the Harawaltz. But in the unique case belonging to the Haltz clan, the first child chosen becomes the leader.The leader of each clan is addressed by the title "Your Majesty", having almost the same status as "King". It follows the same governance procedures as the Aima Kingdom, a kingdom that collapsed ten centuries ago.Just like the Aima Kingdom, the Majesty of each clan has a confidant or what is often called Hi
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Chapter 1.1 - Raizel Harrison de Haltz
The sound of footsteps echoed through the long corridor which was dominated by black. Slowly, this sound grew dimmer and turned into the sound of a gust of wind.A black shadow moved swiftly across the passageway to somewhere. Keep on going until reach a room where there is a throne chair dominated by dark red velvet with some parts covered with gold and decorated with some sparkling diamonds. This decoration is in contrast to this black-dominated room.Slowly, the figure of a human form formed from the shadow that now occupied the throne chair. This shadow further emphasizes his form as a man who looks like a human.His appearance is indeed not much different from humans, only his skin is slightly paler, his eyes are sharper, and also two fangs that adorn the row of his upper teeth.This figure, a man who had a "human" appearance, he is a vampire.Several rows of figures that resembled him were in front of the throne, put one knee
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Chapter 1.2 - Raizel Harrison de Haltz
This woman swallowed her saliva, she knew very well about the legend. But he never expected that this legend was real. This woman thought this legend was just a typical legend that was always told from generation to generation. A story for children not to play too far from their home."Hearing your silence, surely you know this legend. Then why did you even dare to come here?" Rai asked while gently caressing this woman's cheek.Frightened and shocked, this woman immediately brushed him off violently, "Don't touch me!" she screamed."Okay," Rai replied slightly, "Playtime is up. Now I'm hungry," and this woman looked at Rai with increasing fear."Ohh... have you managed to come back to your senses?" He noticed this woman's pupils were getting bigger and her brows were pressed more deeply."You're in the Silver Forest with its vampire legend, and you're in a castle not that little human house of yours, and one more thing, I don't th
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Chapter 1.3 - Raizel Harrison de Haltz
Even though it is very taboo to be done by a vampire. Vampires can't kill humans. If this incident was discovered by the human side, their existence would be threatened.They will be hunted down and destroyed. The power of vampires is certainly much stronger than humans, but humans still can't be underestimated. They have a variety of sophisticated weapons that can match the power of vampires, and don't forget that humans are very cunning creatures.However, apart from that. Ray doesn't care. To him, letting his victims live was tantamount to tarnishing his name as the leader of the Haltz Clan, the strongest vampire clan. This of course will make him look weak because compassion gives the victim a chance to live. *** The next morning, Al had stepped into the room where the woman was. The door opened slowly. This woman's body was seen lying stiff, the bite wound on her neck had disappeared.Al then smooth
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Chapter 1.4 - Raizel Harrison de Haltz
[Flashback] "Are you crying or screaming? Why are you so loud?" asked little Rai who was thirteen years old. Albert was surprised to find a small vampire figure in front of him. "W-who are you?" His crying immediately stopped. "How dare you not answer and instead ask me! You don't know who I am?!?" he shouted and Al just shook his head guiltily. "I'm Raizel Harrison de Haltz! I'm the leader of a vampire clan called Haltz! You're presumptuous of asking without my permission!!" Rai explained arrogantly. "Sorry—" he said dryly, "—I don't know anything about the Haltz Clan is because I live in the human world. My name is Albert... Albert Valentino. I'm also a vampire, to be precise—" "—a hybrid vampire, huh?" cut Rai. "How do you know?" asked Al confused. Rai raised his index finger and pointed it at Al, "Your skin… is too red." "Too... red...?" and Al immediately saw the color of his skin.
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Chapter 2.1 – Albert's Past
Al's body is now covered with black bloody wounds due to the attacks that the vampires continue to launch on him and Rai. He could have won because even though Albert was a hybrid vampire, he still had immense power.For some reason, his strength was almost on par with the leaders of the clans, and he was also mentally and physically strong. This is what causes Al to still be able to survive in the midst of the insults, bullying, and attacks he has received so far.However, in this fight, he prefers to protect Rai. This little vampire knows nothing. He would feel very guilty if something happened to him. Therefore, Al protected him desperately, making his strength decrease significantly.As for Rai, he still stood quietly in his place, observing the fight that was taking place. Al had asked him to leave many times, but suddenly he was deaf and disobeyed his words. *** "Shit! Why haven't you gone too!?" c
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Chapter 2.2 - Albert's Past
"Are you back to your senses now? Yes, he is indeed disgusting, that's why I'm going to kill him now," the vampire then tightened his grip."You are disgusting!" shouted Ray."What...? You mean I'm disgusting?" asked the vampire."You are all disgusting!" he replied fearlessly."Calm down, little vampire. You'll get your turn after this," said another vampire."Let go of the kid!" Rai orders."Ah... you're so annoying. Well, if you want to be the first, I'll comply with your last request HAHAHA," said this vampire while throwing Albert's body in a random direction, making Al's body hit a big tree. Al groaned in pain.This vampire runs straight towards little Rai with a horrifying smile and his arms outstretched ready to separate the little vampire's head from his body."ARRRGGGHHHH!!!" shouted the vampire afterward.Black blood splattered on Rai's face and clothes, while his left hand held a large circle
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Chapter 2.3 - Albert's Past
"I'm sorry, Your Majesty," replied Vero bowing respectfully followed by his soldiers who also seemed to tremble."I lost my appetite to play," said Rai."Tsk! Why do I have to meet him at a time like this," Vero thought, realizing that his life was in danger."Can you fix this, Vero?" Rai pointed at the two headless vampire bodies.Vero lifted his face, but suddenly he was immediately surprised. "What is this Your Majesty, why is there...? Were you attacked, Your Majesty!?" he asked frantically."Me? Attacked? Seriously?" he retorted arrogantly. "This kid was attacked. I was just playing," he added, pointing at Al.Vero immediately looked around and saw Albert's figure with a body full of injuries."That kid!" he yelled. "Your Majesty, don't go near that kid! He's a hybrid vampire! He's disgusting! He's a disgrace to the vampire nation! Your Majesty must kill him! This hybrid vampire deserves to die—"Read more
Chapter 2.4 - Albert's Past
"W-who is that little vampire? Why is he...?" asked one of the vampires being captured."Stupid! You don't know him?" asked Vero and this vampire just shook his head. "He is His Majesty Harrison. Raizel Harrison de Haltz. He is the leader of the Haltz Clan.""WHAT!? His Majesty Harrison!? You said he's His Majesty Harrison? The strongest vampire who leads the Haltz Clan!?"Al who heard it turned his head, "The strongest vampire? That kid...?""You are very stupid to have dealt with him. You and your family will be crushed to the core. In fact, I almost lost my head just now. He is very cruel. You're so stupid dealing with him."These vampires could only be silent, they knew they would experience a terrible thing later because Rai would not forgive them. Meanwhile, Al kept thinking about the strange little vampire who had now turned into a scary vampire. *** "Welcome, Your Majesty H
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Chapter 3.1 - Ignored
In this world, there are only three vampire clans which are Haltz, Raltz, and Waltz. They are in different areas with the limits of the power of their respective territories. The first clan was the Haltz clan.Haltz is a clan that has fifty percent pure vampire blood in their main family. The strength of their descendants was extraordinary and was the most feared clan.The leader of this clan was a very influential person, and Haltz had territorial power in the south. Although there is a law enforcement or vampire committee called Harawaltz, which consists of representatives of the senior vampires proposed from each clan. But still, the leader of the Haltz Clan has his own influence, because the pure vampire blood he has is the greatest.Next, the second clan is Raltz. A clan that has thirty percent pure vampire blood in their main family. Their descendants had power below the descendants of the Haltz Clan. They have territory in the western reg
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