My Savior is a Devil

My Savior is a Devil

By:  ClaynelJ  Completed
Language: English
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“Pleasure me, and I will help you.” Will a woman seeking freedom find it in another’s embrace, or will her fate be worse? *** Alexa Morgan curled herself into a ball at the corner of her room. They tied her foot to her bed with a long chain. Bruises cover her whole body, and every time she moves, she feels the pain. She couldn’t stop crying as she remembered what had happened earlier. Her Dad got mad when he found out she defied his instructions of staying in her room. All she did was pick flowers from the garden, but he still found fault in that. He slapped her so hard her lips had split. Months later, after thinking her father had finally felt love for her, he turns around again and sells her to the person he owes the most, Max Willies. Will she suffer in his hands or will someone else come and save her?

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106 chapters
Chapter 1
Bang!Alexa’s attention got jolted from the book she was reading. She had been locked in her bedroom the past few days, and by now she knew that sound meant her father was home. Every time he pushed the doors too hard, it jangled her nerves. Why did he have to announce he was home, anyway? It’s not like she welcomed his sight or vice versa. These actions were a forewarning that something bad was going to happen and Alexa should brace herself because she was going to be his target.“D-dad,” stuttering, she tried to step back from her father’s ominous presence. He had rope and duct tape and this was cause for alarm.“What… What are you doing here?” She asked nervously as her eyes darted to his hands“You’re coming with me. Sit down, I need to tie you up.” He answered before she tried to get away.“No!” Alexa tried to run on top of the bed to get her closer to the door. But
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Chapter 2
Out of the shadows, another man appeared, holding a much stronger flashlight, rendering her blind. She could not see his face. “Ahh… Alexa… There you are…” he said excitedly.Max’s eyes ignited with lust as he slowly walked in Alexa’s direction. She was wearing a very well-worn white, lace, flowy nightgown with long sleeves that reached to her knees, making her look wraithlike and her milky skin glow in the dark. In her struggle, the neckline of her gown slipped, exposing her right shoulder, showing the lace of her bra. Her skirt hitched up higher on her waist when she struggled to sit up, giving him a glimpse of her creamy white thighs.Alexa felt mortified the second he got closer, the large scar running across his right eye had always scared her, but the rest of him looked like any normal guy, he was not that fit, the bulge of his tummy showed underneath the black suit and pants he was wearing. With his tie loose around t
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Chapter 3
A man wearing a three-piece black suit got out of the private plane, followed by his right-hand man. “Clear my schedule for today. I’m visiting the hideout for a surprise inspection.” The right-hand man nodded at his instruction, contacting the people who had appointments with the CEO while he guided them to the car waiting beside the plane.Ethan Reed, CEO of the top Luxury Car Company in the world, Elite Motors. Aside from selling top-of-the-line, unique cars, he also established a foundation for the victims of physical and sexual abuse, which he called Savior’s Foundation. Because of this institution, he received multiple awards, such as the Novel Awardee of this generation, the Most Successful CEO in the country and around the world, the Most Influential Young Bachelor, and the Most Powerful Young Man in the country. Even the President of the country bows to him. Aside from all that, Ethan is a gorgeous man and has an angelic face. He
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Chapter 4
Alexa woke up with a heavy feeling, her whole body was in pain. And when she opened her eyes… She saw an unfamiliar environment. ‘Where am I? What’s this place?’ She turned her head to the source of light. The room had big picturesque windows that covered the portion of the room from floor to ceiling, showing her a panoramic view of the gardens outside. The room was decorated with a warm brown theme where the sheets covering her were cream-colored, and the duvet was chocolate brown, like a vanilla sundae. It made her hungry. When her eyes veered to the left, she got frightened and pulled the blankets closer to shield her. A man was sleeping in a chair alongside her, holding her left hand. She immediately pulled the hand he was holding, and this awakened him.‘Stop! Don’t be frightened.’ He called in a soothing voice.Trembling, Alexa hugged her knees and crawled towards the corner of the bed, ignorin
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Chapter 5
It has been two weeks since Alexa woke up. All her wounds and scrapes were healing gradually under the care of doctor Ethan assigned to her. From the minute she stepped into the door, Ethan had never left her side. He didn’t leave for the office just to make sure she was alright, and he could give her what she needed. And whenever she went to the hospital, he was there to accompany her. On the days he couldn’t be there, Ina and Maxime waited on her hand and foot.Alexa got used to their routine, so when Ethan failed to come home for 3 consecutive days, she wondered what he was up to. Every time the door of her room opened, she got excited in anticipation, expecting it to be Ethan, but each time, it was someone else.Her shoulders hunched in disappointment when it was Ina and Maxime who entered.“Good evening, Young Lady,” Maxime greeted her with a smile plastered on her face. She placed Alexa’s food on the bedside table.Ina
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Chapter 6
As soon as Ethan arrived, he went straight to Alexa’s room, expecting her to be awake. But when he came in, Alexa was already sleeping. She was curled in a fetal position, kicking the blankets off earlier, so now she was shaking. Her brows knitted, and sweat dotted her forehead. ‘Is she having a bad dream again?’ Ethan wondered. He pulled the blanket over Alexa’s body and caressed her hair. Alexa’s body eased up, her knitted brows and body relaxed. Each time Ethan visits her at night, he notices Alexa tossing in her dreams. For some unexplained reason, his heart clenches whenever he witnesses her struggling from her nightmares.  He looked at Alexa one last time before he walked out of her room and into his. Their rooms were side so he could easily hear her at night. He was there to change his clothes and wait for Austin’s arrival. After two hours, Austin had finally arrived. “Tell me what you found?” Ethan commanded without looking at th
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Chapter 7
“Do you happen to know him?” He asked again. Alexa nodded. “Yes, he is Max Willies, my father’s business partner. I always see him come to our house to talk about their business. My dad told me that he owed him an enormous debt, so he wanted me to marry that old guy in exchange. I did not agree, but he forced me by shoving me at the back of his car, with my hands and feet tied up and my eyes blindfolded.” Alexa sobbed as she told Ethan her sad tale. “He brought me to this creepy place and said that if I marry Max, I will have the freedom that I wanted. Then he left me alone in that abandoned house, tied up to the post to wait for Max. As soon as he arrived, the harassment started.” She became furious. Ethan could see her eyes were full of anger. “I was ready to give up hope, let him get what he wants, and just kill myself after.” Gritting her teeth, she clutched the lower part of her dress as she remembered how Max kissed her. Alexa couldn’t help but resent M
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Chapter 8
That night, after he ended the call with Austin, Ethan went to the wine bar and opened a bottle of whiskey, not bothering with a glass, he drank straight from the bottle. ‘Damn that bastard, is he trying to annoy me? Well, I’m pissed now.’ He thought as he drank again. ‘I was controlling myself here… And why is that Alexa taunting my mind? Damn…’ Remembering Alexa’s innocent face while kneeling between his thighs had him aroused again. “Damn it. Cool down, boy… Cool down.” He rubbed his member, willing it to soften, but it had the opposite effect. Never in his life had he felt this kind of affection towards other women. Though sometimes he bought women to give him pleasure, none of them made a lasting memory. They were always forgettable, there to satisfy his needs and nothing more. But with Alexa, she just had to be in the same room, and his cock saluted her presenc
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Chapter 9
“What the hell are you doing here, Ina?!” Ethan’s voice thundered inside his room.He woke up with a nasty headache not remembering what happened last night. And as soon as he got up he realized, that there was a naked woman sleeping in his bed. ‘What the fuck, Ethan? What the hell happened last night?’ He lifted the sheets and saw he was naked too. ‘Fuck! I drank too much!’ He frowned in confusion, trying to remember what had happened last night.“Out! Get out of my room!” He stood up and pointed his finger at the door, not minding that he was fully naked. He walked towards his closet and got a  new pair of clothes.“But master I can’t stand up. My legs are still sore. You were so rough last night.,” Ina wept, pretending something happened between them last night. “I said out!” He yelled while he dragged Ina out of bed. “You
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Chapter 10
“Pleasure me, and I will help you.” Alexa’s mouth was agape as she tried to understand what Ethan said. ‘What does he mean… Pleasure him? How will I do that? Will I be his servant? I guess that’s okay?!?’ Her innocent mind deduced she would be part of the household staff. “Follow me!” Ethan said a little too abruptly as he walked to the villa. There was a sense of urgency in his pace, and Alexa had to scramble to keep up due to his long strides.“Sit!” He commanded as they entered his office, then handed her the folder containing Max’s information. Alexa frowned.“What is this?”“See for yourself.” Alexa opened the folder, and it contained all of Max’s information. From his legal businesses down to his illegal doings: drug deals, human trafficking, and illegal firearm sales. Ethan had everything listed, and she was surprised&helli
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