Her husbands

Her husbands

By:  Reginadelinferno  Completed
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incalculable wealth but their cruel and malicious acts also. I wondered what they held behind their cold exteriors when I was spared by them after they massacred my whole kingdom. I should hate them, I should loathe them but I couldn't when I learned the answer when they claimed me as theirs. An eternity of suffering and pain until I discovered lies my husbands kept to themselves. Truths revealed and they craved their names in my heart. And I was craved in theirs. Until I realised they were deadly.

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I sat at the corner of the small place that brought immense prosperity whenever I visit here. This small garden waters several blossoming flowers, filled with affluent and sweet aromas of the last remainings of my mother, whom she loved more than anything. My eyes twinkled with bliss as flowers danced with touches of breeze."Hazel!" I sighed. Why does this precious moment have to be ruined?I gently caressed the tulips with the soft touch of my fingers as I felt the velvety texture of their petals caressing my skin. "Hazel! There you are. I've been looking-hey! Is that dirt? What're you doing in the mud?""For God's sake-" "Anyways, I don't have time to quarrel with you. Mother is calling you, she'll get more frustrated, the longer you'll make her wait..." I looked behind me to find her standing a few feet away from me, on the stone-made path with her hands over her waist as she looked down at me with a deep frown. Her caramel skin gleamed with sun rays as her dark long hairs flow
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The dinner had just begun, Irene sat next to their father who was sitting next to Cassius, the handsome guest of my father who seemed to look quite intimidating sitting next to Irene. The long and full table was covered with all kinds of dishes and desserts, the only thing that kept me here. Irene was sitting on other side while her daughter was on the opposite. I was sitting at the far end of the table and it surprised me when I caught Liana giggling at something Cassius said.Isabella had gotten quite comfortable with him as her hands brushed against his now and then. She batted her eyelashes and flipped her long blonde hairs as a soft chuckle escaped her lips to every little word he uttered. The man hardly spoke. What was she even laughing at? I stabbed a piece of salad with my fork and shoved it in my mouth, praying this night to be over soon. We were all having light conversations except me, my eyes were roaming all around looking or Dominic but I could barely catch the sight of
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I could hardly concentrate anymore, not that I was not attentive but my attention was solely stolen by the dark-haired man sitting across me with a prosaic look of boredness on his face. Despite his attractive features and arctic blue orbs that held depths deeper than an ocean, his attractiveness evoked a wave of anxiousness inside me. This man had succeeded in attaining my notoriety with the stunt he pulled in the garden earlier. Liana had somehow convinced me to join the family and give some time to our father, whom she still believe would make everything better. Even though, I knew it was near impossible. Even after giving him time, the time I had lost waiting for him would never come back. Also, there was one other problem. I would not call it a problem but it was closer to one. Cassius's brothers.It took me a long minute to recognise them. Veles was the complete opposite of his brothers. His icy white, shoulder-length hairs, twisted in a low bun, just above his neck, spoke fo
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The heaviness of sorrow in my heart made me ponder over the memories, be it good ones or worse ones, neither my heart cared nor my mind but I could feel a void of nothingness in my chest, which seemed to enlarge with passing breath escaping my mouth. The trivial thought of only me being alive made me swim in the ocean of guilt. It wasn't my fault, but I couldn't battle with my heart and head, at this moment, I only found myself the culprit. A shiver danced down my spine as a cold mid-night breeze touched my bare arms. The upper including lower regions of my dress seemed to be torn off by Cassius. Humiliation, fear, anger, and worse, the truth clawed my soul. Wrapping my arms around myself, I tried to remain still, trying not to get their attention on me but it wasn't working a bit. From the corner of my eyes, I could feel Veles's grin, which was indirectly telling me to run for hills, the man dared to make me cower away in fear. On
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Every action had it's reaction.Their intimidation was their action followed by fear, my reaction. Several undeniable horrific thoughts ran wild in my mind, like thousands of red ants were dropped down on me. Though I looked serene superficially, my heart was hammering against my ribcage, with a slight shake of my hands now and then. The tightness in my chest reminded me how much of myself I was going to lose. A slight hiss escaped my trembling lips as the corset over my chest tightened slightly. Though I wanted to pry her hands off of me, I knew the consequences. Her hands harshly pulled the strings attached to corset, the tightness felt suffocating, I held back my yelp. It wasn't like she would listen me. She was given straight order to get me ready, presentable for them, so that I could perfectly fit the role of their wife-to-be.Wife.The word left bitter taste in my mind. I wasn't sure if I grateful for being alive. The things they
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Zooming into thoughts.I sat in the warm pool of water, scent of roses and lavender infilterated my nostrils. I watched the maid placing few oils and a silk white fabric on chair nearby. It was supposed to calm me as she said but the problem was-It wasn't.Every muscle of my body was trembling with newfound fear. My hands instinctively slapped on my neck as again sharp stinging sensation rippled through the fibre of my skin. It had been half-an hour since the unrealistic, drastic wedding took place and I was immediately escorted back to the room, which my tormentors had decided to bless me with. The maid, whose name I came to learn was Ria, helped me out of my bloody dress. What was the purpose of getting me ready if in the end all I was going to get was humiliation, embarrassment with loads of terror. I hadn't seen any of them since the time they tore my dignity apart, claimed my soul in front of strangers, humiliated me in name of pure bond as ma
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Claus looked down with mix of startelment and confusion. His forest-green eyes couldn't understand, the sparks of confusion ingnited when his looked over her naked unconscious body. The once soft skin of hers turned red mimicking his hairs, her soft mounds he was eager to ravish covered with red marks, like something had burned her. "W-what happened?" Veles asked as confused as him. His dark eyes raked over her body, the lust surfaced with astonishment. He blinked once, then twice as he patted her cheek. "Hey! Wake up." He mumbled. Hazel's lifeless body didn't moved, Veles forrowed his brows as he again repeated his actions. ***"Her blood, it repels the bond." "What does that mean?"The healer sighed."Never in our Nithilorc history, a warrior had marked a human as their mate. I don't know much but it is believed that immortals are meant to mark one of their own kind as their mate. And since, you've already ma
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I again followed her, but this time our destination was unknown to me. The pain was still there but it was bearable. Ria had filled me with everything, which she thought was relevant of me to know. Like I had been unconscious for three days now, like how I get burn marks all over my torso and arms. I was somehow familiar with their race, Nithilorc was a kingdom of masters. Masters, who rule this sinful world with their one flick of finger. I had heard hundreds of stories, myths, unjustified sagas, and all of them led to one ending, sons of Nithilorc. Their tales of bloodshed were no new either, at first I just imagined them as men of courage, who would do anything for their kingdom, the chevalier, who would flip this world only for sake of their own. The thought sounded as brave as chaotic storm. But little did I knew I would witness this barbaric act, this madness, the bloodshed of my own people, of my own family. And now, I suddenly didn't kn
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Cold hands pressed against my thighs, the touch tingling and soft even as light sparks erupted from point of contact.Silk brushed against my mellow skin, as his fingers dig in, making me almost choked on my food. My eyes followed his hand immediately, his whole palm was spread all over my thigh, his long fingers caressed my flesh. I could hardly swallow the bite.I panicked.But I tried not to show it on my face. My reaction would only fuel their amusement. They would never miss the opportunity to see me at my worst, to make me suffer. Sometimes I couldn't understand why my pain stimulate them that much. It further made me wonder, how long I would be able to survive them until I plan something productive. In this little amount of time I had with them, I was sure about some things. Theh wouldn't hold back before ripping my head off. But why take one as bride when my father was their rival? I held back a scream as Veles moved his hand North. Though m
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I might had freedom to roam around the castle but I couldn't step one foot without acknowledgement of two bulky guards following closely behind me. There was this one second my mind pondered over to distract them and explore the castle by myself but their sharp gazes and horror-stricken looks forbid me to do so. I rolled my eyes. How could I be so dense to even wonder that Claus would let me roam around all by myself, when in harshest reality I was his rival's daughter, the spoil of his war.The tired sun was just about to hide in the heart of distant hill. The cascading air carried wave of fragrance with tunt of sweet roses and lavender, bight blue sky was replacing with bright hues of red and orange. I always loved sunsets though my only wish was to see one over horizon. I remembered when me and Dominic used to sneak past guards to back of the castle, on top of distant hill, where the beauty of sunsets were other wordly, the smiles on our faces nev
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