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Jennifer Miller was supposed to pass another year in Italy as an international student but found herself in chaos when she discovered a sinful mafia leader aimed to break her for himself. She didn’t realise her one interaction would change her life and force her into becoming a submissive. While Luciano Bernardi never wanted to fall in love but was bound by it when he saw Jennifer for the first time. He was considered asexual even when he was married for business purposes. Falling in love was never been a plan of the killer freak but one fell in love so hard that he was ready to go to any extent to make sure she stays with him. Will Jennifer submit to him or challenge his power by risking her life?

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81 chapters
Point Of Views
Luciano's POV.In my world, women are seen as the property of men. Someone made to satisfy, act weak, and be owned by those who think power can buy any human. I'm among one of them who think this world could fall on its knees if we have enough of its weaknesses to use against. Born for one reason—to be powerful men and have women under our hold who bear grow our never-ending legacy.At least, that's the only definition people around me believe in. While I don't.This is the reason I never wanted to be married, yet I am, but it does not define me as a happily married man. Because I wasn't in love.Until I see her. I know I have to get her and love her the way I was taught because that's everything that makes me different from them.Jennifer's POV.Do we really have to submit to powerful, ruthless people in order to stay out of danger?&nbs
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Chapter 1
1 Jennifer *Bell Rang* "Alright, students, the class is over. I hope you have understood today's topic. If any of you have questions, feel free to ask till I'm here. Once I'm out, you will not be able to reach me easily," Professor Richard stated, pausing for a while to detect any raised hand but finding none, as if no one had attended the lecture. I doubted if anyone was interested in today's topic of common drawbacks of criminals' mentality. Although it was an interesting topic for me and I could discuss it for hours, I didn't feel like having any questions for him, nor any energy to speak. "Okay, then, looks like there's no question. Then see you all in the next class, folks. You can all leave," The professor announced and I heaved out a sigh, stuffing books in my backpack. I was internally pleased for my day to finally be over and now, I could go home and get enough sleep because I couldn't get a chance to close my eyes even once last night. These assi
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Chapter 2
Jennifer2It took us half an hour to reach there because the restaurant was above the hills and I can't describe what a pleasant sight it was to witness. The greenery was cherry on top of the beauty of the hills. Andrea parked the car in front of the restaurant and a fancy valet came to open my door. I stepped out of the car and my eyes roamed over my outfit. I was dressed as an average druggie nerd who looked like she hadn't got coke for the past 24 hours, that thought was surely going to eat out my inners, I never liked feeling inferior, but it seemed like everything in that restaurant would make me feel like one. I jogged towards Andrea, "Andy, do I look acceptable here?" I asked her, tugging my strand behind my ear due to nervousness. Her eyes scanned me and a smile came on her face, the exact smile that I failed to decode, "You look fabulous except for your eyes, they look like someone punched you in the fac
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Chapter 3
3JenniferCalm down, calm down, Jenny. He won’t hurt you, he is someone powerful, but he also seems a nice man. Why would he hurt a stranger in a lift? You didn’t do anything, right?The lift chimed a ticking sound and slid the doors open, I internally thanked the Lord and let my adrenaline hormones dash me inside the lift. I made sure to stand at the corner and act composed from outside. As I forwarded my index finger to hit the ‘3’ button, our fingers collided. I immediately backed off as the spark circulated by the touch froze the blood in my veins. Relax, Jennifer.My breath got shorter. I tried hard to distract myself from the intensity this man had brought in the lift. I kept circling my thumbs and entangled myself thinking about the night I had with my old friends, the last dinner in England before coming to Italy. That thought surely always brought a distraction to my anxiety. I was so lost in
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Chapter 4
4Jennifer“Jennifer?” I heard my name and instantly averted my head from the tall man. Thank God, there was Andrea standing, absorbed, witnessing everything going on here. “Hey, ah, umm…” I stepped back and still couldn’t find perfect words to rectify the situation. Not wasting any second, I jogged towards her and we started going back to the lift. I sensed Andrea coming closer to my ear and whispered, “What was that?” She asked, cluelessly. “What?” I moved my mouth but didn’t voice the word. We walked inside the lift, “Everything that was going on there,” She stated. Once she observed he wasn’t behind us, her eyes holding sparks. I scoffed at her. The doors of the lift were about to close but a hand stopped them and that same anonymous man went in, making Andrea's eyes wide open. We stepped back and he went inside.&
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Chapter 5
5JenniferYesterday was strange. So many things happened and I couldn’t forget any of them, instead, they rewinded in my mind like a movie. from The moment when I entered the restaurant till the moment Andrea enlightened me he was a mafia leader—a dangerous, pathetic man who loved to kill people for fun—I quote such words for men who’re involved in the mafia. I hated controlling men. They never respected women and always treated them like an object. I still couldn't get over my grandmother’s story, her tale of assault. How can humans hurt other humans just to gain pleasure—what was pleasurable in inflicting yourself on a person or torturing them by any means? Grandma was brutally gang-raped and abused by a few drunkards in her youth. She explained how they captured her in a tunnel and fucked the life out of her and left her to bleed and die. I never had the courage to imagine her pain, it’s someth
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Chapter 6
6JenniferI reached the mall and went to the Apple store that was on the second floor. I went inside the store and was welcomed by a lady holding a clipboard, “Hello, miss, how may I help you today?” The Philippine lady asked me with a broad grin. I smiled back, my hands in my pockets and my eyes wandered. “I was looking for a used phone. Actually, mine got broken yesterday and now I want a normal phone for some time till I'll be able to buy a brand new one,” I told her, and she nodded, taking me to the ‘used-phone section’“Here’re some phones that you can check,” She showed me various devices and I was confused about which one I should be selecting for temporary use. She kept explaining to me their specifications, and I was holding two phones now. At least, I decided to go for an iPhone 7. “Here, you can pack this one,” I handed her the black device an
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Chapter 7
7Luciano“Non avresti dovuto ucciderlo, stava per sputare fuori dove si trovasse Jose, (You shouldn’t have killed him, he was about to spit out Jose’s whereabouts),” Nikola lashed out at me while rolling in circles, my eyes were stoned at him with fury.I tried my best not to punch him in the face, he never spared a chance to test my patience, his presence always disturbed me, although he came second after me in the sibling race, I never thought of allocating him my position once I died. I planned to pass down my legacy to our third heir; Massimo. I rolled my eyes over him and concentrated on the document displayed on my laptop. I had other important things to attend to than bearing the tantrums of a well-grown 31-year-old man.If I had followed his thinking pattern, I would have lost half of my control over the business that I had that day and also, in future, I’d make sure to keep ignorin
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Chapter 8
8*** Next Day In The Evening I was attending a conference meeting with my men. The marketing analysts were giving a presentation on our annual budget and its outcome while I was focusing hard. I was busy processing the details when my eyes shifted to Domenico as he took out his phone and then looked at me. I was curious to know if some of his men under him got any good news, informing him that they had successfully abducted my lady. I gulped down a lump in my throat at this thought. Domenico looked at me and lightly nodded his head, followed by a small smile, which was a sign. A positive one. Maybe he either got Jennifer or three men who tried to keep tabs on our ships. Yes, I got the name a few hours ago. I gave her friend’s details to my security men through the intern appointment list and asked them out to investigate her circle. They made a report and sent me. And from there I got to know Jennifer lived in southern Italy with that girl named Andrea Roman
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Chapter 9
9LucianoI reached the room and opened the door. Walking in, I heard a few feminine voices. I passed the corridor and walked to the bedside that was on my right, before stepping in there, I cleared my throat and enlightened them with my presence. Some hitched but all of them jogged out of the room in the next blink. The room was empty now and I walked in to see my lady laying on my bed, her limbs tied with ropes so hard that I could see slight marks around the clutched skin. Her legs spread for me and her creamy, flawlessly gorgeous skin in front of my gaze as she was naked before my eyes. Her pussy called out to me and I gulped, looking at the tightness it held as if nobody ever touched that stretch of forbidden land—not even herself. Instantly, I was convinced she was a virgin and I can’t describe the peace it brought within me. I walked near the footboard of the bed and took enough time to memorise each part of her body. My hands died for touching her and I cou
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