Flawed Resolutions

Flawed Resolutions

By:  Ray  Completed
Language: English
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Stella ran away from an arranged marriage to accidently meet the CEO of the most famous company in America. Matt Garcia was married, but he ended up falling in love with Stella, the girl that showed him the real meaning of true love. They fought for their forbidden love to make it possible. However, it almost costed the life of their beloved ones. It all started from Stella's flawed resolutions. Will her wrong decisions save them or destroy them?

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Dolly Espinosa
interesting story
2021-04-02 04:45:29
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Judith O.
Nice story!
2020-10-27 18:19:33
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Sheraline Austin
It's not a very well-defined storyline.
2022-03-01 12:24:06
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2022-01-19 12:48:19
60 Chapters
Chapter one: Unexpected Encounter
3ᴿᴰ person’s POVMatt Garcia, CEO of a well-known company in New Jersey, was known for his sheer professionalism and dedication towards his work, and most importantly, known for being the youngest businessman in the country. The 25 year old man took the responsibility to manage his father’s company after he died 2 years ago. “Hey Matt.” John said as he walked inside Matt’s office. “It is 11 pm dude. Why are you still here?” he looked at his friend with heavy eyes “I didn’t realize the time flying fast.” He checked his hand watch. “Thank god you still here to remind me.”“That’s why I am your best friend” John said and Matt’s mouth curved into a smile. “I admit, I’m lucky to have you.” He said. “And I am also lucky to have a handsome friend like you, who is loved by all women.”“John, I am married.” His jaw tightened. “Married to a woman you never ever loved?” he commented sarcastically. “This explains why you don’t want to go home.” He continued. “I love Emma.” Matt looked outside the
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Chapter two: The Truth
7:10 pmMatt finally finished his meeting. He called Emma to let her know about his plan. “I won’t be home tonight. John and I are having a party with some other friends.” He heard a moment of silence before she finally spoke. “You wore your most expensive suit for a meeting and a night with friends?” She barked. “Stop acting jealous for no reason, okay. I got to go now. Night, sweetie.” He sighed.
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Chapter three: New Feelings
“Did your wife call you to go home?” She raised an eyebrow when he suddenly took off his shirt. “I don’t want to sleep at home tonight. I already told her that. I want to stay here.” She looked around the room. “There is only one bed. How is that possible?” She asked. “We share it.” He smirked.He built a wall of pillows between them. Her heart pounded out of her chest as she lay back on bed. “D-don’t touch me. Is that clear?” She cleared out. “Why are you stumbling over words?” He joked. She turned back to his side. “Will you shut the fuck up?” She raged. &ldquo
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Chapter four: Jealous
Two weeks ago,“I’m still confused whether Matt likes me for real or not.” She planted the last flower in the backyard. “I’m also uncertain about my feelings for him.” She stood up satisfied with her job. “You love nature, huh?” Mia said as Stella turned to her direction. “You are the only good person to me in this big house, including Matt and Sam.”
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Chapter five: Their First Time
Matt found Emma waiting for him, wearing nothing but her panties. “Where were you?” She asked him while he took off his tie. “In the backyard.” She walked to him and then played with his belt. “I missed you.” She kissed him. “I’m exhausted. I’ll take a quick shower then sleep.” He put her hands away, and then headed to the bathroom. “Damn it.” She whispered.“Can I come in?” Olivia asked. “Yes.&rdq
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Chapter six: Pregnant
“I’ll buy that damn pregnancy test.” She changed her outfit and headed to the front door. Her eyes popped out once she came face to face with a familiar face. “Leila!” She murmured. “You! What are you doing here?” She asked her, as surprised as Stella.“Please, don’t tell them.” She begged her. However, Leila ignored her and walked past her. Stella ran back to her room to call Matt. her hands was shaking as she put her phone near her ear. “Matt, Leila is here. She saw me and I’m afraid she tells your mother the truth.” She paced back a
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Chapter seven: Troubles
Matt took Stella’s phone. He then packed her clothes inside a backpack and headed outside her room. Emma came face to face with him with a weird grin on her face. “You chose to go, huh?” She noticed the backpack in his hand. “Do you think you are going to have a happy life with her?” She continued.“Be careful, Matt.” His mother shouted. She was uncertain whether she should tell him about the ‘plan’ or not. “Get off my way.” He pushed Emma’s shoulder as he walked past her.
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Chapter eight: John's Feelings
“How is he?” Stella and John asked the doctor as he left Matt’s room. “He is getting better. Soon, he will gain his consciousness.” He informed them with a comforting smile. “Can I see him now?” She asked him. All she wanted at that time was holding his hand. “Yes, sure.” She held her tears back as she entered the room. Her tears finally escaped from her eyes when she grabbed his hand and placed it on her heart. “We are waiting for you, my hero.” She then travelled his hand down to her belly. “When are we going to pick a name for our baby?
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Chapter nine: Lies
Her popping eyes remained fixed on the phone as she tried to process what she just heard. “What’s going on?” Matt asked her as he looked back and forth at her and then at the road.“H-he told me that he is in p-pain.”She stuttered before finally looking back at him. “We have to see him.” He suggested.  “I’m exhausted baby, let’s go home first.” She threw her hair back as she closed her eyes. “Why is he acting like that? I don’t want to meet his weird gazes for now.” She wondered why Jo
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Chapter ten: Lies 2
The ride home was pretty silent. “How did you meet each other?” Stella finally broke the awkward atmosphere. She looked at Sara who was sitting near her in the backseat. “We have been chatting online for a period of time and then we started developing feelings for each other.” Whenever she pronounced a word, Sara would look at John as if she was waiting for him to help her finish the sentence. “Oh, that’s so lovely.” She reacted with a smile. &
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