Corrupted Priest Revenge

Corrupted Priest Revenge

By:  Selwyn Ballares Soguilon  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Power of Light which is the Kingdom's most valuable treasure a catastrophic level that can easily destroy a kingdom was given to the kind hearted Priest Luci. This power can only be obtained by the faith, trust, and love of the people of the Kingdom of Alvarez, with Luci's kindness, bravery, and love for the people, it was obvious that he will be the chosen one. But what's this? He was was actually not a priest but a prince! He was not Luci but Prince Lucido the last remaining member of the royal family from the Kingdom of Agura. The Kingdom that was destroyed by the Kingdom of Alvarez in the past! The last remaining member of the royal family of Agura that was massacred by the King of Alvarez himself! After Luci obtained the power, he will start his revenge, HIS MASSACRE!

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7 Chapters
It was a very special day, the sun was out, the weather was great, and holy dendelions with the hint fragrance of vanilla was scattered all over the Kingdom of Alvarez. It was the coronation day, for the one and only, the chosen priest who will inherit the Power of Light .Everyone is celebrating, the Kingdom is covered with the people's smile. Noise filled the Kingdom, as people were enjoying the celebration. Today is the day, the Kingdom will now have its new protector. The Power of Light that have been in silence for thousand of years is now active and have chosen its new owner. The Power of Light is a sacred power that have been protected by the church of this Kingdom for thousand of years. It was a power bestowed by the God of light, it was a power made to protect the people of this Kingdom. This is a sacred power that can only be obtained by the faith of the people in this Kingdom. A prophecy was made by the first pope of this King
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After the Beginning
The massacre started! A being that is covered by light, the supposedly power of hope began to kill people mercilessly. The same being who the people of this Kingdom looked up to. Nobles, knights, commoners, and even innocent children were no exception. He was smiling along with tears of rage as he slaughtered the innocent people of this Kingdom. The massacre continued for hours, the Kingdom was painted by blood of the innocent people trying to flee from their corrupted Priest. He was unstoppable, a monster, a pyscho, a devil. But, Merlin the Sage of the Kingdom who disappeared for hundreds of years miraculously appeared and confronted the psychotic Priest. Merlin's seclusion was hindered by the people's voices. He heard his people, he heard their suffering. As the Kingdom's Sage, he could not bare to ignore the cry of his people. He must save them, put an end to the entity that made them suffer. The Sage appeared infront of the entity. He thoug
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Finally, the massacre was stopped. The pyschotic Priest is dead. Merlin the great, saved everyone. However, dead bodies were scattered over the Kingdom, blood painted the street, but the people did not feel any grief but rather relief. Relief of surviving from the terror braught by Luci. The massacre was so terrifying that grief did not reached the people, even with the bodies of their loved ones, they did not feel any sadness. The only emotion that they felt was relief, relief of surviving from that hellish situation. After Luci's death, Merlin started to undo his spell, as his life is continously being taken away every moment the spell is casted. The spell of darkness that covered the whole Kingdom. The darkness started to fade, the light of the sun started to touch the people's skin. As the light reaches the people, so is Luci's remains. Luci's remains started to glow, it was bright that even Merlin's eyes could not bare to stare. As the light continued to glow brigh
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Merged with the Goddess
300 years ago, Elves were one. There was no variation of elves, they weren't divided. All these beautiful creatures were united and one. They were a powerful race that even the Demons could not ignore. These beautiful creatures were guarding the sacred tree of life. The root of all life, the heart of the Goddess of life.  In that time, there was a war happening between demons and humans. A fight between the Hero and the Demon Lord,but the elves did not participate, they chose to be not involved. After the war, the humans won. The Demon Lord died by the hands of the Hero, and so came peace. Apparently, the fight between the Demon Lord and the Hero was so phenomenal that it resulted in something dangerous. The excess magic of the two powerful beings poisoned the land, the richness of the soil. Plants withered, the forest was dying. Everything started to wither, a forests that are full of life became barren. Luckily, the sacred tree of life healed the for
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Sword of the Broken Hero
Long ago, where demons are attacking humanity and trying to surpass Gods and Goddesses, a magical sword was created by the Gods. His name was Excalibur, he was a sword with a spirit, a sword that can grew with its master, a sword with an ego. Excalibur was made by the combined powers of the Gods, he possesses a power that can even threaten the life of the immortals. In that time, Demon Lord Daimonas was growing in an unimaginable rate, he was reaching the power of the Gods. He was beginning to be like them. But, it was obvious that Daimonas will never be contented and will do everything to gain more power, even if he needs to kill the Gods. The Gods feared  the Demon Lord Daimonas. They feared that one day he will obtain a power that none of them could handle. They were afraid that the Demon Lord will one day be the reason of their extinction. The Gods know that they need to interfere,  so they have to do something to stop this ambitious being. So
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Hello everyone! I don't know if anyone is really reading my story since I haven't updated it for a month now euehueuwuw. I've been really busy about my school works this last few weeks and I apologize for that. Anyways, I'll start writing CHAPTERS NEXT WEEK and update atleast once every week, I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND. I'LL ALSO REMOVE CHAPTER 5 SINCE EXCALIBUR SHOULDN'T APPEAR YET HEHEHEHE. But don't worry, THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE REALLY THRILLING! PLUS, THERE ARE STILL IMPORTANT CHARACTERS THAT I'LL BE INTRODUCING! CHARACTERS THAT HAVE THRILLING BACKGROUND STORY LIKE DEBERIA AND EXCALIBUR! THANK YOUU FOR THE PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING!!!
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The First Pawn
The maiden could not let this opportunity go, she needs this human to avenge her father, her people. Even if she have to leave the Sacred Tree of Life. The maiden's decision is final, she already concluded that she will use this human to act her revenge."Merlin? You know the infamous Sage of the Kingdom of Alvarez? The friend of the Hero, Morgana's brother?" Luci immediately catched the situation. He saw the sparkle of curiosity in the maiden's eyes, he saw something similar, the eye of someone who wants retribution. This is it, an ally, someone that could help him in his goal. But, Elves are righteous beings, they are known for their upright personalities. Therefore, he needs to lie, to sugar coat his words in order to obtain this powerful maiden."Merlin isn't just someone that I know, he is someone that I need to dispose, someone indebted to me." Luci acted as if Merlin did something so horrible to him, something unforgivable, some
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