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The sacred alliance brings down a family in a night and only a survivor becomes the enemy of this alliance. Would she let the alliance of the vampires, pack of wolves and zombies to reign over them? She is Raven but who then is Mia Carson whom School savage hottie, Luca Tartal fell in love with? Just a dare! The beast and his minion forms a love bond but secrets and pasts would end up being an obstacle. Would there be a solution to the upcoming problems and pure hatred?

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57 chapters
Chapter 1 Calming sweets
"Mia Carson" the fat cleaner stopped Mia on her way back to the classroom. A groan escaped her lips as she walked back the few steps to see why she was called."Yes ma'am Rosalyn" Mia responded with her nails digging deep into her right palms. Something was off with her and ma'am Rosalyn knew what it was. Just a little inquiry would prove her right.The woman beckoned on her to sit beside her on the pavement while Mia reluctantly obeyed. She had wanted to refuse the woman's need to talk with her but they've always done this each passing day. The woman was like a mom to her and irrespective of her status, Mia still let her come around her.Other students detest seeing the cleaner being nice or kind towards them as they hated associating with people of low standards. They are the wealthy types and could crush anyone with money and power."Are you dejected because they never showed up as promised?" Ma'am Rosalyn asked and she looked at her.
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Chapter 2 Weird smell coming from there
Mia woke up pretty late than usual with her body aching badly. She had no one to blame except her stupidity for over stressing herself the past three days just for a nonsense presentation which her parents never came for. Her mates had their parents with them and they took so much photos unlike her who seemed like an orphan.Ever since she got transferred to Meadowlark academy, her parents had never set foot in there. No wonder, the other kids bullied her with that. They made sure to see she cried in front of everyone before they could end it with her. She was a piece of trash too. Sometimes, she wondered why Valentino had walked up to her on that ugly day.24 months prior.....Mia was all alone sitting quietly near the dump. Earlier she was seated in class reading newspapers when the queen bee of the academy 'Carly' banged her boots on her desk.Distracted by the sound, she looked up from the newspaper and sighed in worry.There was a lot com
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Chapter 3 Luca Tartal
The day was not so much bright though but Mia had totally put the incident of yesterday behind her. Yesterday, she also got a call from her mother. They would be returning home in two weeks. She grabbed her packed lunch and called out for the nanny.Nanny Penelope was to see her off to the bus station. The road was not busy and everywhere looked almost deserted.Nanny bade her goodbye once she had got into one of the buses. She clutched her bag while the bus driver soon got in and off they went.The school was very noisy when she arrived. She got to class, dropped her bag and rushed over to the library.She was still heading to the library but suddenly fell. Something was in the way and she had not seen.She looked to her front and saw a pair of green sneakers facing her. "Hahahaha" Students around mocked and she felt ashamed for being looked at as a clumsy girl.She knew she had been tripped purposely. She stood and adjusted her hair but the sight before made her choke on her saliva.
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Chapter 4 Bring me Raven Alive
By night, the leaves in the forest swept off from the grounds. The night was chilly and very windy. The night hunt was on very early than usual. Although the boss had not given a go ahead for all of them to attack the residents in their home.They had to settle for the careless of them all. Some of the residents would be arriving home from their work places today and its going to some fresh entertainment.Soon, a woman and her husband alighted from the taxi. The man tried to help the woman out but something dug into his sides. He yelped and turned around meeting two wolf eyes starring back at him.Another creature emerged and just when he was about to scared, his wife's blood flowed through from the taxi. The driver was dead and so was his wife."Join us for this night" the dirty whisper cursed him to stuck his index fingers into his ears. He was in pain.He felt his blood been sucked and then life was out of him and something controlled him."What did you do to him?" One of them asked
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Chapter 5 The dare
As son as she left the restroom, a man yelled. She giggled and made haste out of there.Everyone panicked. Were they gonna be attacked in broad day now? They may all die soon.Mr Tartal heard the news and went bizarre over it. His daughter had done her own wish neglecting what he had stated out.She came home abruptly and made to walk past him like a sly fox. He halted her quickly."What have you done?" he asked, standing to his feet with his left hand on his tinted brown goatee rubbing it with his thoughts running crazy."I just walked in here" she said and had her two hands into her coat pocket. He grabbed her by the neck while she struggled for breath."Who gave you the order?" he asked her. She yelped and managed to say a word: "please" He let go of her and she ended up falling to the floor."He pissed me off and I couldn't help it" She said coughing deeply. Luca walked in with some books in his hands. He feigned ignorance to what was amiss and continued climbing the stairs.It was
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Chapter 6 Roughly two
She shrieked and jolted back when he finally let go of her. The clear confusion trapped on his face was obviously the first thing that took her mind off the fact that he had just bitten hard into her skin. Her eyes darted to his bloody canine. He had sucked from her. She noticed this since the blood couldn't have appeared from nowhere. He was still dumbstruck with whatever guilt on his face and It never even bothered her. She was only surprised seeing a vampire in reality. "You sucked my blood" She said in a calm voice. He moved back immediately to avoid what she was about to do. She was about to touch his fangs. He retracted it and it was just like it were never there before. This pest of his was not scared of seeing a vampire. Even Mia could not tell why she never wanted to do something bad to him. He might have been the one that killed her cat. So he probably might have felt hungry and snucked out her innocent cat. "Why are you not scared?" He frowned. She was even quiet not sc
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Chapter 7 His Visit
Luca groaned within. This was unlike him, being in such an immature game but knowing she was his mate had totally changed things.He was seriously wondering why she just ran off in tears. It was not as if he hit her this time around. He stood up angrily the same time with Nate.For some unknown reason, he felt Nate wasn't just doing all these goody for a mere dare. He's being suspicious of."What did you guys do to Mia?" Someone popped up before them. He was looking very much angrier than Luca was."Are you talking to us?" Nate fumed. He knew this guy. Mia's friend. Nate walked up to him with a smirk dancing on his face."Where have you hidden her?" Nate asked staring at him suspiciously while Luca watched with keen interest."I don't know what you two are planning but I must say its bad for you to involve Mia. She has suffered enough of your bullying. At least leave her to breath in enough air while in school" Valentino fumed.He had gone to the principal's office for something impor
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Chapter 8 He likes her
She quickly rose up to get him the napkin on the other end of the table while he frowned in disgust.She wiped the water off his face with a grin plastered at the corner of her face. Somehow he got a little torture, same way she gets numerous tortures from him.He gaped at the looks of things, she was seated smiling like a player who had won a bet. He felt like throwing up immediately which made him to stand to head to her toilet."Don't run from the question please" She pouted. With that he sat back to drown himself in another round of questions. Had she totally forgotten what he had said just now? Dude was crazy for spilling such nonsense to a human."So I'm your mate? Like age mates? Tsk! Such a cruel world, you punished me and made me feel like I was a nobody. I took you for...""Do you know the meaning of mate?" He made to ask but she continued with her nonstop talking"...I took you for my senior in school enduring all those tortures. I just wish there's a way you could change f
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Chapter 9 Cursed gene
"No" She responded with her index finger scheming through her hair as she talked. He started unpacking the clothes he had put in his school bag. It was just his pajamas with his underwear."Its not like I'm throwing a sleepover party." She yawned. He chuckled and continued bringing out everything in his bag."I brought us the CD of Riverdale""I've watched it already. Old movie. See? This sleepover would be as boring as hell" She frowned pretentiously with the hope that he could just change his mind."You haven't seen hell before and I don't think hell is boring. From the stories about hell, I presume it's lively due to the screams and pains of the offenders that find themselves there. Don't you think the devil would even be very much entertained""If you are going to discuss devil over here, I suggest you leave already. Tomorrow is school, don't worry I will wake early""Nice try. I definitely I'm sure that you are hiding something over here. Maybe in your..."he looked around trying
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Chapter 10 blood hunt
He moved his butt off the grass dusting himself afterwards. He had to join the others, he was supposed to join them else the latest news amongst the two clans would be that the sole heir of Tartal had gone immobile.They would surely sweep the truth off them. He doesn't transform normally except luck was on his side and he has to take just one form, vampire.Transforming into the three would arouse enormous suspicion that it would even be impossible to deal with. He rubbed his new haircut which his friend in the clan had helped him with.Speaking about his friend, he emerged in his best outfit. "Rex" he's the only one that happens to be non human out of his friends. The rest were oblivious as to their dirty secrets."I'm taking the west with the rest or do you want me to tag along with you?""What's going on today?""We are attacking houses tonight. No more hideous games. Boss is on with a big plan you know?""He didn't inform me." He sighed "Won't that be selfish of us? We can't wip
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