The Alpha Rejected Mate Is A True Lycan

The Alpha Rejected Mate Is A True Lycan

By:  Venzy  Completed
Language: English
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Do you think you're worthy of me?" Maverick spat out ruthlessly, "You're just a weak human, and you're not worthy of being my future Luna. You should just go and die!" —- Jolene had always been eager for her chosen mate until she discovered that her mate was Maverick, the alpha's son. He rejected her because she was a weak human, unlike the other strong females. As if that wasn't enough, Jolene also discovered that her parents weren't her real parents. Discovering that everything about her life was a lie, Jolene decided to commit suicide. Maybe if she died she would find comfort, but what if there was a new turn of fate after she opened her eyes? Why are they calling her princess? Did they just reveal to her that she'd be the next Lycan King?

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Stacy Kalin
love the story but the last 8 chapters make zero sense. the closer to get the the end the worse the editing gets too. mixing up names and he/she as well as wife/husband. I liked the story but was disappointed with the end. please edit and fix this
2023-08-12 16:39:01
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Torera Boba
This book is really interesting and I enjoyed the storyline
2023-06-08 00:27:59
default avatar
Excellent, romantic a true love story
2023-04-28 02:11:44
default avatar
damfamily shopping
Couldn’t even get past the first page. Grammar is horrible.
2023-05-02 11:27:20
116 Chapters
Jolene Pov"Listen carefully… I, Maverick of SharpEdges Pack, rejected you Jolene as my mate!" Maverick's face was cold and filled with disgust and loathing when he stared at me. My happy expression immediately paled in shock and disappointment and I could feel deep searing pain and tightness in my heart which made me clutch my chest and gasp loudly in pain. "I don't agree." I bit my lips and fought back the tears from dripping. I have just celebrated my seventeenth birthday two days ago, and I've been eager to have my mate. But I never thought that my mate would be Maverick the Alpha's son nor do I believe that I'd be rejected fiercely by him before I could even acknowledge it. Maverick took a step toward me, his handsome face which always made me blush a deep red now seems to send me to hell. My breath was caught in my throat as he towered over me, his eyes boring down to me as if I was just an insignificant thing, "Do you think you're worthy of me?" Maverick spat out ruthlessl
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Mavericks POV The day I turned 16 - three years ago - was the day I discovered that Jolene was the mate the moon goddess bestowed upon me. I was on my way to pack some important documents my father asked me to fetch when the most beautiful scent I have ever smelled drifted into my nose.'Mate!' Killian hollered loudly in my head due to excitement when we saw Jolene. Jolene was beautiful like she has always been and she looked at my face with a shy smile that revealed her dimples, "Hi." She waved at me which made me stop in my track'Mate!' Killian growled in my head as a response that made the excitement of finding my mate vanish, immediately. I have always longed for a strong Alpha female wolf but I never expected it to be someone like Jolene; Jolene is a weak human compared to the strong person I planned for my Luna position. Jolene is weak, she doesn't know how to fight, she doesn't have courage, she couldn't keep up with the pack training, and several times the pack had to p
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Jolene's POV It was unbearable, it was as if my body was submerged in a fire. My whole body was uncomfortable and I couldn't help gasping in pain. I've always thought that one wouldn't feel pain once one dies but it seems to be a lie. It hurts, it hurts so much. My whole body was as heavy as a lead, I tried to lift my arms but I couldn't, and no matter how much I struggled, my eyes seem to be shut with glue making me unable to open my eyes. After what felt like centuries, I was finally able to open my eyes to see a beautiful space, 'It's so beautiful. Heaven is so beautiful.' I thought as my green eyes darted around in curiosity. I tried to look around without straining my painful neck and soon I realized that I was in space. I was in a room; a very big and beautiful room. The room was painted and decorated in white, and I suddenly realized that I was lying on the bed. This is crazy, is there a bed in heaven? I thought in bewilderment."Princess, you're finally awake!" Two women
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"Stop crying please." Mother comforted me when the tears continually poured down from my eyes. A man suddenly strode into the room with an anxious expression. He had green eyes, I guess I must have taken that eye trait from him, considering that mom's eyes were black."Is anything wrong?" My real father asked with a pained expression and pulled mother into his embrace. The other woman quietly left us. I shook my head after getting a hold of my emotions, "No, I'm fine. It's just that I've always thought that I was just a weak human living among the werewolves." I explained and cleaned my tears."Did they reject or bully you because of that?" Father asked with a frown that perfectly shows that he won't hesitate to raze Sharpedges Pack to the ground if I nod and say yes. I slowly shook my head and said, "They didn't. I have a mother and father who always took care of me. The whole pack treated me well." I explained truthfully Mother frowned in confusion, "But why did you fall from t
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Maverick's POV "Your highness, I'm sorry but we couldn't find young Miss Jolene no matter how we search." A man told me when I leaned on the tree smoking cigarettes to get my mind off the thoughts. The four teams that father dispatched - which consisted of 7 people each to look for Jolene in different parts of the cliff - finally came back after 3-4 hours telling me they found no trace of Jolene. Maybe because I was used to the disappointment all day, I was numbed to the report."Your highness, I found a jacket." A man ran over holding a green jacket. I recognized it as the one Jolene hung when she was in the practice room. The feelings I've been trying to hold all unbottled themselves and unite to suppress me. All of it seemed to tighten its hand around my throat. The hand that held the cigarettes immediately went closer to my mouth, choosing to concentrate on how the cigarettes felt and tasted instead of letting the emotions overwhelm me. Before I could say a word, another ma
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One year later
“Again, Jolene do it again” my father yells at me. I just finished sparring with one of the wolves in the pack and he won. I was getting better but this was one of the best I have performed. I got in my fighting stance and prepared to go again. This time I managed to knock him down and I could not help but shout for joy. “Good job baby girl, you did well in training today. I have good news. We are announcing your status as the next Lycan ruler tonight at a ball” my father tells me. I instantly become nervous and I think what if the pack refuse to accept me as their ruler? All these thoughts were rolling around in my head as my father and I were walking back to the royal house. “I know you were worried that the pack would not accept you but I promise you they will. You are the rightful heir and the pack has been waiting years for their princess to return home.” I nod “Father I know, I am just worried, I won’t be good enough. I do not want to disappoint you or mother.”…“I am proud
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At the Sharpedges PackThe wedding of Maverick and Cynthia was beautiful. The pack was happy, they finally had a Luna. The newlyweds looked happy, though both were happy for different reasons. Maverick could not believe he had actually married someone that was not Jolene.The celebrations lasted the whole day, everyone was laughing, eating, and dancing, ignorant of the troubles soon to come. When it was time for the couple to consummate their love, they went inside.They undressed each other and made love for most of the night. Maverick looked down at his wife, he did not want what happened to Jolene to happen to her so he promised to try and love her the same way he has loved Jolene these past years.At the edge of the packTwo figures can be seen in the woods, they seem like they are celebrating their success, at least on of them looks like they are happy. “The wedding went on without a problem ad now you have a direct tie to the pack” “Yes, you have done an amazing job my love. Was
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She sent a message to her mate through their mind link, “Why did you attack today? I told you not to attack until I was giving birth, then he would be with me and distracted.” She says angrily, “I saw an opportunity and I saw it, Cynthia. Do not scold me or you will regret it. She sighed, she knew she was trapped and if she spoke more, she would be punished. “We need to see tonight” he tells her. At the edge of the pack borders, Cynthia walks to meet her mate, Oliver. “Olly, where are you?” she whispers, “I am right here. What is the update on the pack right now? I heard there was an issue with the Lycan King, what did he want?” he asks. “It is a she actually, the Lycan King is a girl that we thought was dead.”“She was Maverick’s mate before I met him, now she is back, he laughed and hugged her and kissed her cheek when he saw her, although she slapped him. He has always loved her and I do not know what this means for me and the baby.” She tells him. He looks at her, she cannot rea
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After Jolene and her parents left the pack, it was relatively peaceful, two weeks had passed and the sharpedges pack had let down their guard. Cynthia was one week away from her due date and was getting cranky. She was tired of the pregnancy and wanted the baby out of her so she could enact her plan.During the last week of her pregnancy, the guards reported sightings of rogues around the pack. “Rogues have broken past our defenses. They are more than last time Alpha. What do we do?” one of the guards asked. Maverick was ready for this, he had been angry for three weeks now.He had found out that Collin was in love with Jolene and that was why he punched him and told him to stay away from her, because he wanted her for himself. He was annoyed that someone would dare look at his mate and he wanted to rip him apart.Collin was still his beta but only spoke to him when it was pack business, he even refused to train with Maverick. The pack noticed something was wrong between the Alpha and
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 Jolene and her pack sneak up on the guards at each of their posts and kill them quickly to avoid them alerting anyone. They were sneaking into the pack so Oliver would not be alerted. By the time they had reached the training grounds, most of the rogues had been killed. Oliver heard the commotion and came to check what was going on, when he saw Jolene standing alone, he laughed. He thought she was just some stupid girl who tried to be brave, he would show her the error of her ways. He tried to attack her but she shifted to her Lycan, she was faster and stronger than him. It did not take long before she had subdued him. Her pack members had separated to deal with the rogues and rescue the prisoners. “Would you like me to show you mercy?” she asked him, “Yes, please. Who are you?” he pleaded like the coward he was. “I am the Jolene, Ruler of the Lycans, the Lycan King. Rightful Mate of Alpha Maverick
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