Ruined(Eternal Monarch)

Ruined(Eternal Monarch)

By:  Favor V April  Ongoing
Language: English
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An orphan raised by the omegas of the pack, her mate took a chosen luna and left her pregnant. After she had lost everything, they threw her back out on the streets. The streets were where she came from in the first place. Every time a car passed, she would hurl herself into the streets. She yearned to die and be with her dear ones, but no one had ever stepped in to aid her. Will the moon goddess have mercy on her? What would happen if her true identity was discovered?

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    58 chapters
    Chapter 1
    Author’s note: Ruined(Eternal Monarch) contains details of the following subjects: Abuse, loss, trauma, suicide. Recovery from trauma and emotional relapse. If you are easily triggered by any of the following mentioned subjects. Do not read ahead for your mental health. Throughout the novel, there are a lot of strong languages. If you are not comfortable with all the foregoing, please do not enter. This is not a novel for the faint of heart. There are numerous triggers in the book. Those of you who have decided to read the book: This book is full of emotions, yet it ends on a positive note. You’re going to cry. You will be enraged. You will sympathise. You will hate Finally, you will be at ease knowing that everything will fall into place. As you read, keep in mind that no condition is permanent. I hope you’ll stick around until the end to see how Juno discovers who she is after years of torment at the hands of her mate, or rather (whom she thought was her true des
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    Chapter 2
    ~Juno’s POV~ I dragged my a$$ to my truck, knowing that anything might happen today, even the rejection of the golden-eyed wolf. ‘No, he will not; he desires us.’ “How do you know that?” ‘Last night, he followed us home. He was probably expecting us to show up at the ball today. We look stunning. He could not possibly reject us.’ “You’re exuding confidence right now.” ‘Juno, we are stunning. He can’t stand up to us.’ My Wolf’s statements made me chuckle. In my brain, she was like a lecture. It makes me think of the obvious. “How come you didn’t give me your name?” ‘Because I don’t have a name. ’ “Would you want me to give you a name?” ‘As soon as we meet our soulmate, we’ll have a name. Only our mate knows what we’re called. He is the only one who knows our name, just as his wolf does not know his. He’s waiting for us to name his wolf.’ “What if his wolf has a name already?” ‘I’m uncertain. I’ll have to look into that. Let’s go.’ Everyone was dressed to the nines
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    Chapter 3
    ~Juno’s POV~ He hurried up to me and claimed my lips once again, saying, “I want you. I want what is mine”. I did not respond to him. Everything was happening at a breakneck pace, and I wanted to stop. “Alex, may we perhaps start by getting to know each other?” “We still have our whole lives ahead of us to get to know one another. You are my mate, and it’s difficult for me to maintain self-control while I’m in front of you. Please don’t turn me down. I need you. I’m sure you need me as well. Your arousal is palpable to me.” I cross my legs to prevent the liquid between my legs from spilling. Alex tore my dress and dragged me across the bed once again. “Alex, What are you doing?” I desired him, but I was aware that this was improper. We have just recently met. I’m not sure how powerful my arousal is, but this cannot go on. As I prepared to speak, I felt the rubbing of a dick on my entrance. “Alex, please, we need to take things slowly, I replied hurriedly, as I turned to face hi
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    Chapter 4
    ~Juno’s POV~ I’m still unsure of what’s going on. Every day, Alex has been having sex with me. It’s pointless to say no to him. To him, I’m more like a sex slave than a mate. When I leave the castle these days, I have acute aches all over my body. I don’t trust Cynthia when she claims Alex has been sleeping with his girlfriend, Bridget. He said he and Bridget had been over since he found out I was his mate. Alex has been more of a mate than a lover of sex these days. Outside, he joins me for a stroll. I simply don’t like how he makes me have sex with him. I’ve been sick recently, and I informed Alex about it a long time ago, yet he opted to have me leave the castle today. People were hustling and bustling all over the place. I’m not sure what the occasion is, and I’m not in a good mood today. I drove to the pack’s hospital, which was a short distance
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    Chapter 5
    Juno’s POVLife has taken a heavy toll on me. Everything appeared to be conspiring against me. The environment had an awful odor. This is not healthy for a pregnant woman. Oily rags were handed to me to use as blankets. I can’t say I’m disappointed. I would be beaten if I complained. It smelt like pee, feces, and moldy water dripping from who knows where. The walls were blood-splattered, and there was a metallic iron odor in the air. I took a glance around, rubbed my stomach, and muttered,“We’ll have to flee from this horror, baby. Mommy will see to it that it happens.”I took a look at the rag my mate had given me as a blanket. It was really greasy and smelled strongly of grease. I didn’t have much of a choice. I sought a better hiding s
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    Chapter 6
    JUNO’S POVLilian informed me of the escape plot, and I waited for her in the stench-filled prison that had been assigned to me as a sleeping quarter. There was a knock. I was certain it was Lilian. I’m now four months pregnant, and the last three months have been awful. I’ve been thrashed. I’m only expressing gratitude to the moon goddess that no pack member has attempted to rape me. The last one who tried, Alex, killed the guy. He was the omega. No one has attempted to rape me since then. He is not interested in me being his Luna, but he will murder anybody who attempts to sleep with me. I’m still perplexed as to why he was so fixated on me, yet didn’t want me. I opened the door when I heard Lilian whispering outside. We began racing into the woods, towards the pack’s perimeter.
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    Chapter 7
    Lilian’s POVI stared at the girl who was formerly despised by the pack because of her human nature. I was standing at her prison’s entrance when I saw my brother sexually assault her.  To whom should I report an alpha? Why did he feel compelled to mate with her and ruin her life in this manner? I am aware that he will punish me for assisting her, but I am unconcerned. Although he is my brother, he is a monster. Juno is only a girl. Although an 18-year-old girl orphan, no one deserves to be abused in this
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    Chapter 8
    Juno’s POVI’ve returned to my hell, the prison I built for myself. Why have I returned to this pack? Why did I expect things to change now that I’m a werewolf? What kind of wolf do I think I am? I’m unable to even shift. To be honest, I am quite certain I now smell like a human. Is being human such a negative thing? Why didn’t I perish on that fateful day? As if my life wasn’t absurd enough already. My prison do
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    Chapter 9
    Lilian’s POV It’s not a horrible thing to use a child to persuade my brother to change his ways. As he appears to have desired the child ever when he realized Juno was pregnant with a boy. He seemed to be after the boy. Therefore, I might as well employ the boy to defend Juno against his ways. I wish there were a mechanism for reporting alphas. My brother should be investigated. Juno deserves more. I wish she could learn to love someone else other than my brother. If she forgives my brother for what he did, she is a fool, and I will never help her in the future if she has problems. I want her to deliver the boy and flee. Bridget has a 98 percent chance of delivering offspring for this pack, as we both know. My brother is unaware of this, or perhaps he is aware that he is being foolish. Bridget is not his mate, and she has a 2% chance of her bearing him a ki
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    Chapter 10
    Marcus’ POV We were waiting for the king in the throne room. I grew tired of him since I realized he was not accomplishing anything significant. He’s probably fucking one of those pointless women as these unfortunate souls wait. They have no say. In the end, he chose them to be on the council, and thus they followed his orders. They will lose their heads if they oppose him.  He has grown frigid ever since he was informed he would meet his mate 600 years ago and did not. I gazed around the room at the men seated. I could see how impatient they were, but there was nothing they could do. He embodied the law.

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