An Alpha for the Alpha

An Alpha for the Alpha

By:  Lost in love  Ongoing
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Jonas Whitepaw has always felt a little different, and he has accepted people commenting on his size and teasingly calling him a pretty boy. For despite being a future Alpha, he isn’t big or burly. Luckily for him, his handsome face and charms more than make up for his lack of size, at least with the ladies. Without really being prepared, he is thrown into the job as Alpha when his father is killed by the feared rogue king Typhon Bloodclaw, also known as Cerberus. Pushed by the pack and especially the Beta, Jonas decides to go and negotiate alone with the rogues when they abduct 4 Young girls, one of them Jonas' baby sister. To his surprise, the rogue King is willing to let the girls go on one condition: Jonas takes their place. What does the rogue King want with Jonas? Will he abuse him like the young Alpha fears? And what is the weird feeling Jonas gets when he is near Typhon? He can’t be attracted to a man, or can he?

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33 Chapters
1: Prologue
  *Jonas* I slow from a run to a walk in a part of the woods, which is eerily silent, even for my wolf Cana’s ears.   Fear knots up my stomach as I shift into my human form at the edge of the forest, breathing in the scent of pine, earth, the nearby river, and something else, something feral and dangerous.   I open the backpack, which my wolf Cana has carried in his mouth, and pull out the simple clothes inside … sweatpants and a t-shirt. I really have no desire to do this naked, but I am not exactly going to a party here either.  ‘No, we are going to certain death.’ Cana whimpers inside my head. &
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2: A bored future Alpha
  Three weeks earlier  *Jonas* I slowly open my eyes as the warm light shines through the window. And like every morning, my first thought is, so this is it, this is what it's like being the future alpha. I stretch and yawn as I sit up in the giant bed. It is made from the finest oak wood and draped in blue silk.   The room is big and lavish. There is nothing I really want for. Yup, life is pretty sweet.  "Don't go, Jonas.”  A soft sleepy voice sounds from my left side, and a slim hand slides up my chest as the cute brunette leans over, tangling her legs with mine. "Stay a little longer."  What was her name again ? She
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3: Death of an Alpha
  One week later *Jonas* I am out running with a couple of other guys when I pick up a cry for help over the pack's mind link. And instantly know it is my father. ‘Rogues …. Anyone … help.’  ‘This way,’ Cana instantly tells the other wolves, and we turn, falling into formations as we speed through the forest towards the river.  My heart is pumping, and cold flashes are running down our spine. As I have already pointed out, my father is not really my favorite person, but I wish no harm upon him, and I know how dangerous these rogues are. We need to get there fast.  All I get from my father are incomprehe
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4: Abduction
  12 days later *Jonas* The meeting with the other alphas went okay, even if I felt they were talking a bit over my head at times. It might just be that I am still young and not an experienced Alpha, and that most of them don't really know me. At least I am trying no to read too much into it. I just really wish my father would have let me participate more.   But at least they want to do something about the rogues. Everyone is outraged about what they did to my father. And personally I want revenge, not that I had the biggest love for him but he was after all my dad and my Alpha. We are having another meeting next week.   “Damn numbers,” I mumble. Read more
5: An offer
Next day *Typhon* “Your highness ?” One of the young women asks, as she comes into the cave. She looks timid, but it’s very clearly an act, everything else about her tells me that.  What was her name, something flowery I think. I breathe in, she smells faintly of roses, mint and female arousal. No it was no Rose. “What is it, Peony ?”  “I was wondering if there is something I could do for you, to make sure you are kind to us,” She bites her lip, as her eyes scan over me. “Anything at all”.  “Anything at all ?” I ask, giving her a cheeky smile and leaning forward in my seat. So she thinks she can sleep her way to special treatment.<
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6: Chained to the bed
  *Typhon* “Jones no, you can't stay here,” His sister says, as he hugs her goodbye. She is giving me a sideways glare. “You never know what he will do to you”.  “It can’t be worse than whatnhe might do to you,” He says softly, touching her cheek.  ‘If only he knew right,’ Cerberus chuckles with a weird wolfish sound.  I smile to myself. ‘He will, but on that account we are not gonna do anything he doesn't want.’  ‘But he is gonna want it, right ?’ Cerberus says. ‘Cause I like his scent, and the way he looks … Oh and that perky ass too.&r
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7: What to do ?
  *Jonas* I breathe in, calming my anger and telling myself that I should not be too sassy, it is probably best if I stay on his good side.  The man looks dangerous, and even if he had clearly felt bad about searching me against my will, I am not really doubting that he might hurt me if he feels it is needed to protect his pack.  ‘I bet his wolf is dangerous too … and huge,’ Cana whispers in a weird tone I can’t really read.  I shake my head internally. ‘What does that even matter ?’  ‘Just saying,’ He chuckles like it is somehow fun, like I have time for his shenanigans.  If you can call this a pack, I mean they are rogues, rejected by their own p
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8: A red throat
  *Jonas* So, I cough all through the night.  And when the sun starts rising, sending reddish light into my cell, I am still coughing.  Dawn turns to morning and the sky turns bright blue, which I notice when I check on my water collected. It is still there on the ledge but empty, too bad my sore throat could really have used some water. On the other hand it would have soothed it, so probably better for my plan this way.  Upside, it has worked just as intended. My voice is completely gone, all I can produce is tiny squeaks.  So with a croak that would make any frog jealous the so called King can ask me anything he wants, in my
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9: Do Kings drink tea ?
 *Typhon*  I am stomping down to the kitchen, huffing with annoyance. Damn, I am getting too old for this. Okay, so thirty-five might not really be old, but going through the things I have, the heartbreak I have suffered, and living as a rogue, it makes you feel ancient.    Closing my eyes for a moment I remind myself that it is in the past. I had a mate, he is no longer my mate, he is no longer anything to me but a painful memory. I do not want a repeat, I do not want a new mate, and especially not this little annoying Alpha.    Part of me regrets making the exchange, the girls would not have had my emotions in an uproar and my body reeling like this. On the other hand, I can’t help but … what? I am not even really sure.   Read more
10: An annoying little alpha
 *Jonas* Okay, so I am enjoying this a bit too much, but so far my plan is working. The arrogant rogue believes that I can’t talk, so for now I can’t really see what he can do.   ‘I think there is a lot he can do’. Cana mumbles.  ‘I wish my sore throat and lost voice was passed on to you’. I tell him.  I hear my captor’s heavy footsteps move down the hallway and I swallow any trace of my smile, getting ready, so as soon as he unlocks the door I am back to coughing.  “I have something for you little Alpha,” His voice is a little too chee
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