The Werewolf's Human Mate

The Werewolf's Human Mate

By:  osemudiamensandra5  Ongoing
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Kayla Mac moves to a new city with her parents and started a new school where she met Lucas Gray; a dashingly handsome and very rich guy. From the moment Kayla met him, she knew there was something not quite right about him. Combined with rumors of werewolves being present in the school, Kayla was yet to find out that she had been mated to Lucas by the moon goddess. Lucas, a werewolf who was to become the next Alpha of the Lucent pack, will do anything possible to claim his mate. What will Kayla do when she realizes that she had fallen in love with a werewolf?

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29 Chapters
Chapter 1, Bad Dreams
Kayla The werewolf jumped from the high fence and landed softly on the grass, just a few inches away from the girl. The panic in her eyes was palpable. She moved backward slowly and then with a sudden turn, attempted to make a run for it but she stumbled and fell to the ground. She was panting heavily and her eyes were so wide with panic they were almost popping out of her head. Her long blond hair was wild all over her and some stray strands stuck to her face in sweaty patches. The werewolf started to circle around her, slow purposely strolls. It's huge black eyes was staring down at her as it moved around, assessing her. It looked like it was performing some kind of ritual. The werewolf was huge with black brown fur and from the light coming from the moon behind it, it looked menacing. It's eyes were deep and dark and a scar ran from it's eyebrow to the corner of its eyes. The girl's breathing came rapidly as her heart beat fearfully hard inside her chest. The werewolf stopped mo
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Chapter 2, New Girl
"Morning mom" Kayla said and walked up to Mitchel. Mitchel gave her a smile. "Ready for the big day?" Mitchel asked Kayla stopped herself from rolling her eyes. Her parents seemed to think she was pumped about going to the new school. "Hmm mmm" Kayla said and picked up a toast. She leaned on the dining table and ate slowly. "You should get ready, we're leaving in 30 minutes" Michel said, glancing at her. "Why so early?" Kayla asked disinterestedly. "It's your first day, you want to make a good impression," Mitchel said. Kayla hesitated. She wanted to tell Mitchel what she really thought about going to 'The Hills' which she thought was a lame name for a school anyway. But she knew she shouldn't really. Her parents were happy. There was no need to make things difficult. Kayla moved away from the table and was walking up towards the stairs when she saw her dad coming down. "Morning Dad" she said "Hi Honey" Mac said. He was still in his pyjamas but with a jacket on top. Kayla wa
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Chapter 3, His Mate
Lucas Lucas Gray could not concentrate on his history class. He had just found his mate. His wolf had sensed her immediately he entered the class and it had leaped for excitement. It was magical. He had been told what it felt like when a wolf finds its mate but experiencing it himself was a whole different matter. His parents were going to be so glad when they heard this, he thought to himself. But there was only one problem. He couldn't smell any wolf on her. Wasn't she a werewolf? Or was she a latent submissive? But he knew that wasn't the case. He would be able to smell her even if she was latent. Also, everything he said seemed to surprise her like she had never heard such terms being used before. At one point, she was even looking at him like he was crazy. There was only one explanation for all this, he thought to himself. She was a human. He had suspected it the moment he saw her but chose not to believe it. It was all just denial. She didn't seem to have the depth of a werewolf
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Chapter 4, Love Struck
Kayla Kayla made a new friend. Her name was Charlotte Jackson and she was editor of the school paper. She had sat with her in her last class which was Chemistry. They had to miss some liquids in some tubes. Apparently they had done it before but Kayla had no idea what was going on. Luckily for her, Charlotte came to her rescue and they missed their samples together. Charlotte was an African American with shiny skin and black curly hair. She laughed loudly and easily and Kayla felt drawn to the charm of her laugh. She told Kayla that she had been attending 'The Hills' all her life which basically meant since high school. She had a lot to tell Kayla about the hills she said. It was an interesting place to be. Kayla was excited about making Charlotte acquainted. After Chemistry which was her last class, she walked out of the classroom with Charlotte. Charlotte told her her mother was already on her way to pick her up and Kayla walked her to the road. Charlotte's mom pulled up after a
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Chapter 5, Alpha Duke
Lucas Lucas was beyond excited when Kayla agreed that he could drive her home. He had felt blighted when she refused initially but then her mother called her to say she couldn't make it. It was like the universe was helping to get them together. She was the quiet type, Lucas thought as Kayla sat quietly in the passenger's seat close to him. After she came down and thanked him, they both stared at each other for some time. It was like some sort of magnetic force was pulling them together but Lucas resisted. Not yet, he told himself. He still had to deal with the issue of her being a human. He still had to talk to his father, the Alpha, about her. She was all he thought about as he drove home. His house was located in a community partially hidden in a groove and surrounded by trees.but not a lot of people knew that. By the time he drove to the end of the road leading out of Hillcity, there was usually no one going that direction. He thought about Kayla as he drove through the famil
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Chapter 6, The Big Fight
The punch landed on Derrick's jaw and he staggered back and growled not like a man but like a wolf. His werewolf must be so pissed. Derrick turned red with anger immediately. He drew back and clenched his first to land a blow on Lucas but Lucas saw it coming and he was fast. He moved out of Derrick's reach before his first could hit him. He stepped back gracefully like a cat and crouched down ready to defend himself. Derrick clenched his jaw and Lucas could see a vein popping out of his forehead. He gritted his teeth and faced Lucas squarely ready to launch himself upon him. But before he could make the leap, a voice came from behind him "Stop it"! The voice said. Both Lucas and Derrick turned back to see the Alpha standing at the entrance of the hall. Derrick growled again out of anger but he withdrew his punch His black eyes burned as he walked by Lucas' side. "Tomorrow, at lake Maine, 6pm" he said in Lucas's ear as he walked away. Derrick had set a date and place for their f
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Chapter 7, Perfect Prince
Kayla Kayla could not stop thinking about Lucas after he dropped her home from school. She could not stop thinking of his beautiful green eyes and golden brown hair. Gosh,the guy was perfect. Maybe this city wasn't so bad afterall, she thought to herself. There was something so special about Lucas but she couldn't quite place her hands on it. He had the grace of a prince and the character of someone who knows that not everything needs to be said. There was something just so mysterious about him. Was it his air or just the way he looks at her like he held the secret of the universe in those perfect green eyes? And the scar in his face, Kayla couldn't just really get past it. She wanted to know how he got the scar. Infact, she wanted to know everything about him and more. She was looking forward to seeing him in school the next day. She hoped he was still going to offer her a ride. She wouldn't think twice before saying yes. Maybe they could even sit together at lunch, Kayla thought but
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Chapter 8, Cold Shoulders
When Kayla arrived at school the next day, she immediately started searching Lucas out with her eyes. She was so excited and couldn't wait to see him but she told herself that she was not going to show him all of the excitement that she was feeling about him when she saw him. Where did her pride go? Of course she wasn't going to let him know that she had been thinking of him all through the night and that he was the reason she could barely sleep last night and also why she was so excited about getting up from the bed this morning. Kayla scanned the car park with her eyes immediately Mitchel dropped her off and drove away. She couldn't see Lucas's car. Maybe he wasn't in school yet. After all, she was early. He'll probably drive in any moment from now, Kayla thought as she strolled towards the school building. It wasn't like she wanted him to catch her just standing there in the car park waiting for him. She saw Charlotte coming from a distance as she was about to enter the building. Sh
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Chapter 9, Ditched
Kayla had hoped that she would go to him and just say a friendly hi but then he rushed out immediately after the class. If Kayla did not know any better, she would have said that he was avoiding her. But why would he be avoiding her? It wasn't like she had done anything to him. They had ended their last encounter on a smiling note. Kayla walked to her next class and luckily Lucas was not in this class so she was able to concentrate better. She was looking forward to her next class which she was going to be having with Charlotte. After the class ended, Natalie moved to her next class. Her last class had run a bit late and so she was amongst the last people to enter the class. She sighted Charlotte immediately talking with a girl. Her bubbly energy could just not be missed. Charlotte beckoned her over and Kayla walked to where she was sitting and sat in the chair beside her. "How have your classes been?" Charlotte asked her. Up close, Kayla could see that Charlotte had light brown eye
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Chapter 10, Kiss Dreams
Lucas Lucas had been avoiding Kayla. He was doing it to protect her but he was sure she didn't know that. It hurt him to do what he did because he really did like her. But he didn't want to put her in danger of Derrick. She must think he's an asshole right now. She must be thinking the worst of him. He had seen her in history class. Their eyes had met for a moment and then he had looked away but he didn't miss the look of surprise in her face when he later stole a glance at her. He was crestfallen. He really did like her and it was not fair that he couldn't have her just because she was a human. Lucas clenched his fist angrily as he entered inside his car. It was the close of school and he was preparing to go home. But he didn't drive off. He sat down and locked the door to the car. His car was parked in a way that it was overseeing the entrance of the school. Perhaps if he stayed put, he could catch a glance of Kayla before she leaves for home. It wasn't like he could offer her
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