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WOLFBANE SERIES BOOK 2 ***It is highly recommended you read book 1, Wolfbane, before starting this one for context and to avoid spoilers.*** "We both spoke at the same time, 'Mate!' I quickly covered my mouth and came to, realizing the situation before me. I had just killed his father, and he knew. Overwhelmed, I shifted into my wolf, tearing all the clothes I was wearing, and jumped out of the window, running into the dark night." For twenty years, Talia didn't know a life outside of the brothel where she was raised by her mother, the only family she has, living as a human and hiding as a werewolf in plain sight. After finally saving enough money to escape and restart their lives together, her mother is found dead, killed by one of her johns, the former alpha of the Pine Forest Pack. Distraught by the murder, Talia sneaks into his house to avenge her mother's death, only to discover that she is mated to his son. *Content Warning: This is a romance with dark themes including explicit adult content, graphic violence, offensive language, and other content some may find offensive. Read at your own risk.*

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110 chapters
Chapter 1
TALIA Dead. Killed in cold blood. The only person in the world I loved was taken from me, her heart ripped from her chest, leaving a gaping hole behind. The red splatter staining the wall of the bedroom indicated it had subsequently been thrown as if it were nothing more than a rotten fruit. Even through the acrid smell of blood, I could still smell him. He was the one who did it. He came almost every week, sometimes several times a week, going back years. In fact, I could not recall a time when he did not exist in my consciousness. He had always been obsessed with my mother. Now his smell invaded her bedroom; he couldn’t have left long ago as his rancid stench lingered, burning my nostrils and poisoning my stomach. I crawled over to my mom, tears pouring from my eyes, blurring my vision. I clutched her cold, soft hand in mine, unable to let go. Maybe if I held it long enough, she would just wake from this nightmare, her vibrant brown eyes showing themselves again. Even as I thought
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Chapter 2
TALIA The following day, Madam Coco summoned me to her office. As soon as I entered, I was met with the familiar scent of old lady perfume and cigarettes, the smell now more nauseating than it ever had been in the past. I tried not to breathe it in too much, becoming enraged with each breath. I forced myself to stay calm, digging my nails into my palms, barely able to look at her. She was a tiny woman, petite and always sporing a tan—her skin taking on a leathery appearance from spending so much time in tanning beds over the years. I wasn't sure of her exact age. If I had to guess—I'd say late fifties or early sixties. She gestured to a chair in front of her desk, barely looking up at me, flipping her long, platinum blonde hair behind her shoulders as I entered. I took a seat. She casually played with thick rings on her fingers. She loved jewelry and was always draped in it. Bought using my mom’s body and desperation. After dragging the silence out for far too long, she said, “Tali
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Chapter 3
TALIA Upon finally succeeding in taking every last penny from me, Madam Coco came through and handed me a box with four darts inside. I’d deliberated on it for a while but eventually concluded that the darts were a much more efficient tool for infiltration and worth the extra cost. I didn’t even bother thanking her or saying goodbye, relieved that I’d never have to smell the disgusting mix of old lady perfume and cigarettes, or hear her raspy smoker’s voice, again. A few days later, on a warm Thursday in mid-August, Hugo drove me to his pack. We stopped at the entrance and exited the car, then we were brought to a small room. The werewolves who escorted us there wrinkled their noses at the sight of me, and I realized it must be my rogue smell. I let out a deep sigh. When we were waiting alone, I asked Hugo, “Is the smell really that bad?” He rubbed the back of his neck and said, “No, they’re exaggerating. It’s just a little unpleasant.” I nodded and wondered if he was just being po
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Chapter 4
BLAKE One afternoon, well into September, a mindlink for Luke and me came in while we were in the office together. “I smell a rogue in my patrol area.” Jack’s voice said in our minds. Luke and I both looked up at each other and instantly got to our feet. “Be right there,” I mindlinked Jack back. We both rushed outside, quickly shifted into our wolf forms, and sprinted over. When we got to him, Jack led the group in tracking the scent, inhaling the unpleasant aroma that had clung to the dirt and ferns just outside our territory. Rogues usually weren’t a big problem. It was just a matter of making it clear to them that this was pack land and that they should move away from the area. Every once in a while, we’d encounter a problematic rogue, one that had spent so much time in its wolf form that it became feral and refused to shift, occasionally attacking us. Those rogues were dealt with differently. But hopefully, this would just be the standard, run-of-the-mill, confused rogue. We fo
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Chapter 5
ALEXANDER Well, that was an interesting way to meet my mate, to say the least. It almost wasn’t surprising when it happened. Okay, it was very unexpected and shocking, but I’m also one of those people who attracts drama and crazy situations. Needless to say, it is never a dull day in my life, and I never run out of stories to tell at parties. So, it was almost expected that I wouldn’t meet my mate the normal way. Most people meet their mates at a party or a café, they lock eyes from across a room, they go to the same park one day. You get the picture—there are hundreds of normal ways to meet a mate. Of course, I’m the one that meets my mate at my father’s murder scene, my mate being the number one and only suspect. If it weren’t so disturbing, I’d laugh about it. The Moon Goddess clearly has a sick sense of humor. Granted, my father was not exactly in the running for father or, heck, person of the year. But I’m not quite sure what crime he committed that deserved murder. Okay, okay,
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Chapter 6
TALIA After feeling so hot and desperate, I woke up late the next morning and found myself back to normal again. I recalled in agonizing, anxiety-inducing shame to everything that had happened the day prior. What had come over me? Thinking back, I couldn’t lie. The man who approached me on that mountain was very hot. He was even better built than Hugo, and Hugo was very fit. He was the type of man you only ever saw on a fitness magazine cover, and half the time they were probably airbrushed anyway. But ugh, the shame. I’d totally come on to him and he completely rejected me. I’d never experienced something like that before. Most of the men I approached were more than willing to take me up on my offers. Then after he shoved me in the back of the car, I realized that the blond man who drove me here was actually quite attractive as well, being so tall and muscular. He rejected me too. He told me he was gay, so I suppose it made sense. He brought me into a bedroom, and I stayed there the
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Chapter 7
TALIA Blake looked at Tyler, shook his head, and sighed. “No, I can’t put this on you and Jack. I’ve already asked Jack for too many favors. Talia, why don’t you come stay at the packhouse for now? We have plenty of room. Do you know anything about babies? Maybe you can help my beta’s mate out with her pup. She’s having a hard time. The baby had colic for three months and she’s apparently still not sleeping through the entire night now.” “I don’t know anything about babies, but I can try to help,” I replied, unsure of the idea but also with no place to go. At least it seemed he’d left everything that happened the previous day in the past. I didn’t know if I’d ever stop feeling ashamed of what had happened. “Okay. Do you have anything that you need to take with you?” I shook my head. “Okay, well, let’s go then,” he said, getting up. I followed him out to his SUV. He opened the door for me and helped me into the car. He was very polite. We drove in silence. I looked around as we dr
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Chapter 8
JASMINE As soon as the bell signaled the end of training for the day, I caught the girls in my group snickering together. I looked up to catch them whispering with their heads turned toward the bleachers, where I spotted Blake sitting, waiting for me. “Daddy’s here,” I overheard one of the girls say. I rolled my eyes at the jab, telling myself how childish they were. But, in reality, it stung—my transition to warrior had not exactly been easy. It felt like high school all over again, maybe even worse. I mean, we all try to pretend we’re past that whole “need to fit in” thing once we become adults, but then when you don’t, it’s like you’re back there all over again. Even my old high school nickname, PJ, that my classmates would use to taunt me for being “Perfect Jasmine” had been resurrected. Salt in the wound. It all started because Blake wanted our training schedules to be identical, making the argument that I was going to be his luna and therefore I should train with the alpha. I
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Chapter 9
JASMINE When my parents and I finally arrived at the packhouse, everyone else was already there. Blake greeted us at the door, shaking both my parents’ hands and leading them inside. He then turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. “You look stunning tonight, Miss Alpha. I can tell you’ve been working out.” He winked at me. It was true—I had become much more toned than I ever was before from all of the training. He asked my parents what he could get them to drink, leading them over to where a drink station was set up. I grinned to myself at how adorable he looked showcasing all the soft drinks available. I had no idea how he did it, but Blake had completely charmed my parents, and they had actually lightened up a lot since Blake and I started seriously dating. I mean, they weren’t exactly at the same level of relaxed as Lucy’s parents, but they had come a long way from how they’d been a year earlier. “Hey, Jaz.” Tyler came over and pulled me in for a hug. “Nice to see you,” Jack sa
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Chapter 10
JASMINE When we were well into dinner, Blake’s mom came in wearing her scrubs. She waved hello to everyone and walked over to Blake, kissing him on his head. She then looked up, locking eyes with Talia. Our side of the table went quiet as she began to lose color from her face. “Bianca,” she gasped. “Mom!” Blake got up pushing his chair back. “Shit, I should have told you.” “You didn’t tell your mom?” Beta Alfred, who was normally calm, suddenly stood, puffing his chest and glaring at Blake. The entire table was now quiet, staring at the scene unfolding. He got up and took Luna Sienna’s arm, leading her out of the room. “That was really stupid, Blake,” Robin snapped at him, getting up to follow. Lucy’s baby started crying. This set off Luke’s sister, Lauren’s, baby as well. They both got up, trying to comfort them and walking into the living room. “Fuck,” Blake said and followed Robin. The rest of the table was left in shock, not saying anything. Breaking the silence, Peyton’s mat
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