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Exclusively Mine

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What happens when an Alpha meets a stubborn rogue as his mate? What happens when the rogue turn out to be a Royal? What happens when a Royal meets a possessive Alpha as her mate? Join me in this journey of finding out the odds when two souls destined to be together finally meets when they least expected it. They both live their lives in a polar opposite. One is leading his pack with pride and joy, another living in her past seeking to claim her birth right. Sophia Camille never expected to have the Alpha of Moon River, Sebastian Alexander as her mate. The bond that they have for each other is stronger that they can imagine. The desire, the lust, the attraction was too strong to fight. They are unable to help it. But with the personalities they have the two always clash. How can they be together when there are tons of secrets that Sophia refuses to reveal? When she refuse to trust anyone with her true identity. Get ready to find out all this mystery and secrets that needs to be revealed and most of all let's enjoy the clash between the two before they finally admit that they belong exclusively to each other...

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84 Chapters
Life is cruel. I live my life as a rogue for more than fifty years. I was a princess before I lost everything I had. I was spoiled and was given everything I ever wanted.My father is the Alpha King of Blue Moon Pack. Everyone bows down to us. Every pack pays respect to the royal family. We were the leader of the entire packs of werewolf all over the world. Even though there was a group of rouge that wanted to bring us down we continue to reign. They declared war against my father but they never won.My father was victorious and no one was able to defeat him. He was the most powerful werewolf to ever live yet he got one weakness, my mother, his Luna, his mate. My mom w
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Chapter One
~Sofia’s POV~I woke up in a cell chained to the wall. I was wearing a skimpy robe to cover my naked body. After everything I've been through I ended up being caught. My life really sucks. I looked around the place and notice other rogues were chained and dead bodies were around us.My body is still too weak and some of my deep wounds on my back and thighs are still bleeding. I needed something to drink or eat; my body would soon give up if no one tries to help me. I heard people speaking but couldn't decipher the words they were saying. A bucket of cold water was splashed over to me.
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Chapter Two
~Sebastian's POV~I was trying my best to control my anger. My beta, Andrew informed me that the warriors that were training in the forest discovered another filthy rogue that went over our boarder. I hate rogues. Those good for nothing rogues want nothing than to steal and kill. They just don't learn their lessons. It has been a month since I killed a group of rogues that trespassed on our territory. I don't know what the hell was up with those stupid rogues and they can't seem to get the message that I don't welcome them in my land. I wanted him to dispose of the rogue but Andrew insisted that I see her and that she seems to be in trouble."Andrew, I am the Alpha
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Chapter Three
~Sophia’s POV~The next time, I open my eyes I was in a meadow. I saw my parents happily talking with each other. I run to them and embraced them tightly. We had laughed and shared stories. I felt so happy but something felt wrong. Like a piece of me is missing.We went back to the palace and a ball was being held, a ball to celebrate my coronation. Everyone was present and I felt great. I was wearing a sky blue gown and would be crowned Queen and Luna of the Blue Moon Pack. Then I realized that I can't be Luna yet I haven't found my mate. What's going on? I screamed but nothing come out of my mouth.
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Chapter Four
~Sebastian POV~I was furious. I wanted to punch or kill someone. How can my mate ask me to reject her? I have finally found the missing piece of my life but she wanted me to let her go. I am not going to give in to what she wants that easily. I would find a way to convince her to stay by my side. I would never let her go no matter what.The moment I got to the training ground, I started throwing everything that was beyond my reach. I trash down the whole place in a matter of minutes. No one tried to stop me or calm me down. They left the moment they saw my appearance. After, destroying everything at the training ground I shifted to my wolf and went for a run.
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Chapter Five
~Sophia’s POV~I had been staring at the ceiling for hours. My stomach kept on growling and I can't think straight. The son of a bitch had me locked up. I was getting frustrated me and my wolf, Selena had been in an argument for hours. She refused to help me escape. So I lay on the floor helpless. That's the thing with Royals, our wolf is like a different person within us. If they refuse to cooperate we can't do anything. I am not strong enough to escape and my wolf decided that she wants to stay. Crazy bitch…'Come on, Selena. You got to help me. We have to get out of here.' I argue with her.
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Chapter Six
~Sebastian’s POV~I stormed out my room with Andrew right behind my tail. I run into the forest and went into the clearing at the cliff. I sat down and stare at the moon."What happened?" Andrew ask sitting beside me."I fuck up. I swear. She was responding to my kisses then suddenly she freaked out." I stated angrily.I told Andrew what happened. And he listened to me intently. He patted my back when I started crying. Never before have had I felt so damn
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Chapter Seven
~Sophia’s POV~I know I was playing with fire. The stunt I pulled earlier almost made me lose my own control. And now here I am offering sex for my freedom. The fact that he was staring at me with pure lust motivated me to tease him further. I mean he was a sight to die for. The glorious Alpha of Moon River standing in front of me with just a towel wrap around his torso. One move and I’d be seeing him in his naked glory. "Come on, Alpha. Think of all the fun we can have." I moved closer to him and whispered seductively. "I know you want me. And I am giving you the chance to take me."
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Chapter Eight
~Sophia’s POV~I tried to ignore any snide remarks from Sebastian. I focused on eating the breakfast Anna made. I guess he was right there was a part of me that wanted to just be with him forever. Even Selena was already head over heels for the Alpha. But I wanted to more. I don’t just be the Luna of an Alpha. I want to be in my rightful place as a Royal. "You okay?" Fiona asked."Uh huh." I said nodding. "I just missed someone.""Family?" Fiona as
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Chapter Nine
~Sebastian’s POV~I was getting frustrated with my mate. I know she was hurt and it pains me that she doesn't trust me and was pushing me away. Every time I felt that we were making a progress she would push me away."Love, you have to calm down. Stop crying." I said embracing her tightly. "Please stop it." I was doing my best to control my temper."You have to let me go." She said as she started hitting me when I refuse to let her go. "I need to leave."
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