My Rich Billionaire Is Dumb.

My Rich Billionaire Is Dumb.

By:  Lili Drea  Completed
Language: English
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Hey mister, can I ask you for a favor? A lady asked with her sweet and intoxicating voice, causing the man who was walking, to turn around and stare at the young lady.Can you be my boyfriend for just one month, and I promise to pay you handsomely. Cecelia said smiling. Her parents had threatened to choose a suitor for her if she didn't hasten her steps and find one for herself... Chen Edward, founder of Charles diamond company, agreed to be her fake boyfriend for a month not because he feels like... but because his parents were also planning on looking for a lady for him. Cecelia is an upcoming actress, while Edward is the founder of Charles's diamond company. Edward has had a traumatic experience during his childhood, which causes him to shut his mouth, as he goes through different attacks, unaware that it would lead to him being unable to talk. 'When their plans start to unravel will Cecelia fall in with her parents' plans?'. 'When feelings get involved will things still work out as they planned?'. ***A vampire/ billionaire/ Werewolves and witches Novel..... Don't miss out.

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    Can you be my boyfriend?.
    "Hey mister, can I ask you for a favor". A lady asked with her sweet and intoxicating voice, causing the man who was walking to turn around and stare at the young lady. The lady wore a pair of blue short tight trousers, and a pink belly top, that has a tiny hand that exposes her shoulder. Her brown short hair rested on her elegant fair skin, causing the lady to look more attractive. Her brown emerald eyes were as attractive as the sun, causing the man who had turned around to fix his gaze on her without blinking. The lady's round face brought out the beauty of her small eyes, which had long lashes above them.Her flat stomach could make any man who sees her droll on himself, but not him. He can't droll because of how pretty the lady is. " I was expecting you to ask for the reason why I stopped you, but since you don't care, you can kindly go ". The lady said while adjusting her blue shot. He raised his brow whi
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    Don't talk to me.
    "Let me just quit being surprised, because it's obvious he can't talk because he doesn't want to. Sorry, Mister Edward for saying this in front of you, and please I know that I'm desperately looking for a boyfriend, but I still need to know where you guys are taking me to ". Cecilia said.She was surprised at first when she heard what that man had said, but then she just removed the words from her head, because the man who is sitting at the front seat is just trying to scare her away, and likewise this handsome Edward sitting beside me. "We are going to a court". The driver said while focusing his gaze on the road. "Did I do something wrong, because I can still remember that I didn't, so stop driving so that I come down, before I get accused of yelling at him, and would be asked to spend some few days in prison ". Cecelia said while giving everyone in the car the command to stop whatever they have already had in mind so that she can peacefully go back to
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    Immediately Cecilia saw the inscription, she hung her mouth wide open in surprise. " Hun.... what do you mean by this ?". She asked surprised.Edward took the laptop again and wrote something on the screen before giving it back to her. She took the laptop and stared at it intensely. ' I SAID DON'T TALK TO ME '. was written on the screen of the laptop. " Huh... so really do mean it ?". She asked but as usual, she didn't receive any response. " Ohh!! I understand now, and would surely keep it in mind Chen Edward ". Cecelia said while nodding her head like a reptile. Edward took the laptop from her and wrote something on it again. ' CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND, I MEAN NO TAKING '. " But how are you even going to...... sorry, I'm going to keep my mouth shut, so no worries, and it's also going to be as easy as a piece of cake, so I can handle it ". Cecelia said. She couldn't complete her ea
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    "You mean heartbeat right?". She asked without typing it, causing Edward to ignore her question. When she realized that she had talked to him she quickly typed something that would at least make him not to get mad at her. " I'm sorry, I will try to be more careful when using my mouth ". Cecelia texted as she showed it to him. Edward shoveled the phone away from his front as he kept on staring outside the window. " I'm sorry". Cecelia typed as she showed it to him again.' I already saw what you wrote '. Edward typed on his laptop while rolling his eyes. Cecelia felt like snacking his head, but she dared not do that right now, because she doesn't want to lose this so-called boyfriend of hers. The car became quiet once again, as no one was even in the mood to light up the quiet atmosphere. Cecelia started laying curses on each of them that were inside the car, because of how boring they both are. 
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    Edward Chen.
    'Chen Edward POV'.Since going to work would be stressful today, because I was busy yesterday at my parent's place.They were both nagging me about finding a girl because all the girls that do stay with me couldn't last up to a month before breaking up.I'm not strict with them, but the problem is... I don't talk to them.Talking has always been a difficult thing for me since I was a kid, so talking to someone was very difficult, but the good thing about it is that I can hear but I can't talk.After telling my parents that I would introduce them to my current girlfriend, who has already lasted more than a month, they both insisted on coming to visit my girlfriend.When those words left their mouth, I instantly regretted lying to them, but what else can I do since the deed has been done.The next morning I decided to cancel all my schedule because I'm going to hunt for a girl.A simple girl, and someone who doesn't like talking, because the p
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    Is your body ugly.
    "Why do you have to smash the laptop into pieces...... because you have more than enough money to buy a laptop doesn't mean that you have to waste it". Cecelia yelled while rolling her eyes."Young lady, don't raise your voice at me!". Edward typed with the laptop which he brought from under his pillow, only God knows how many laptops that this guy has."Ohh! I don't know what made you get annoyed like that, but trust me I didn't mean to offend you". Cecelia said while trying to make the young handsome guy in front of her smile, even though it's a bit."I know you aren't aware of why I'm annoyed, but I don't want you to talk to me, as per the contract we agreed on!". Edward typed on his laptop and showed it to Cecelia."Hey! Mister handsome........ I would like to be sincere with you. I can't stay a day without talking and since you are my pattern, I would love to share every hour with you. Do you want me to die because of boredness and please try to cooperate wi
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    Whose property are you standing on?.
    Edward's eyes became in full display, as replace his hands on his cheek while trying to accumulate what had just happened.He couldn't believe that she had to slap someone like him for a simple request, and there is nothing bad if she dresses in front of him, she's already my girlfriend on paper.After he had finished feeling his cheek several times, he removed his hands from his cheek and uses them to grab Cecelia as he pinned her on the wall.Edward raises both of Cecelia's hands and raised them above her head, with his left hand.He uses his right hand to type something on his laptop and showed it to Cecelia."I can sue you for this if I want to". Edward typed."Well! why don't you go ahead, I bet you will succeed. And here's the thing mister Man. I'm not your real girlfriend.... so you are expected to get as many as many girls that you please to have. And don't you ever try to harass me again. Don't pin me.... because I can do things to you". Ceceli
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    Lucky soul mate.
    Edward nodded his head as he allowed Cecelia to lead the way.Cecelia opened the exit and started walking towards the stairs because she had intended to leave the same way she came."What are you doing?". Edward typed as he showed it to her."Don't tell me you changed your mind, because I will have to drag you down if you dare change your mind". Cecelia typed as she showed it to him while frowning."Come!". Edward typed and Cecelia followed behind.Edward walked back inside his room and opened a door, which was wide as the type of door that is usually in a palace.The door is brown, while behind that door, lies a whole different world entirely.At first, I thought Edward's room was quite stunning, but seeing the room in front of me, I just couldn't help but swallow hard, because I suddenly found it so difficult to breathe."So this is my room, and that room is for you". Edward typed before walking fully inside the room.I stare at Edward
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    I need a friend.
    "Huh!".Both Mr. and Mrs. Ben asked in surprise."What, or can't I have a boyfriend again?". Cecelia asked while playing with Edward's finger."You ..... just tell us the truth, he's your friend right?". Mrs. Janet asked."Mum! why are you asking such a weird question, you are embarrassing me". Cecelia said while blushing as she faced the floor."Wow! so he's really your father and I were planning to..... well you know the next compound beside our house. Their son is single and responsible......"."Mom!". Cecelia cut her mother off as she shifted her gaze from her mother to Edward."Sorry!". Mrs. Janet said smiling."So hmm! babe, this is my Mom Mrs. Janet, while this is my Dad, Mr. Ben. They're the founder of 'Drea production company'. Cecelia said as she introduced Edward to her parents.Mr. and Mrs. Ben blink a few times as they hear their daughter calling someone else 'BABE'.If someone had told them that their daughter was holdi
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    First kiss.
    Edward didn't know why but he somewhat became affected that he found himself lying down on the bed while pondering on what Cecelia said."So you don't need money from me.... what about position..... you don't need anything that would make you rich?". Edward typed while raising his brow."Well! I'm rich in my own way.... but I don't need money, all I need right now is a friend. A friend who would always be there for me whenever I need him the most!". Cecelia said smiling."Don't you have friends?". Edward asked through the laptop on his lap."Well!..... Let's leave that topic for now, and have some fun. So I have been meaning to ask you something..... do you mind if I mutter it out?". Cecelia typed as she showed it to Edward."What do you want to ask..... you can fire it right away, but I appreciate you using the laptop in saying it". Edward typed."Oh, thanks!". Cecelia said as she slowly sat down beside Edward."Why haven't you used your voice to
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